How Often You Need to Change a Baby’s Diaper?


One of the most joyous aspects that a family can experience is the arrival of a baby. As soon as the baby enters your house, the entire aura of the house changes. However, most new parents are not prepared for the constant need for diaper changes during the day and night. To help keep your baby clean and comfortable try to keep baby diapers near you when possible.

  • You will probably agree that changing your baby’s diapers during the day is not a problem. What if you have to change the diapers at night? Changing diapers at night tends to wake up the baby. Once the baby is up, it isn’t easy to settle him down to sleep. 

So, what should you do? Well, we have you covered. Read the blog till the end. 

Changing baby diapers at night  

If you do not change your baby’s diaper at night, neither you nor your baby can sleep in peace as your baby will be uncomfortable and may cry throughout the night. In addition, wearing a soiled and wet diaper all night can cause detrimental rashes on your baby’s skin. As a result, his bottom may become itchy, red, and painful. Therefore changing the diaper at night can reduce the tendency of causing painful rashes on the skin. 

However, one downside of changing diapers at night is that your and your baby’s sleep is interrupted. So, even though it hampers your sleep, changing the baby’s diapers at night is a must to prevent skin rashes. 

How often should you change diapers? 

With a newborn baby, you will have to change the diaper at least once or twice at night. However, you should consider changing the diaper only when thoroughly soaked completely with urine or poop. How frequently you should change the diaper,  entirely depends on the type you are using. 

Super-absorbent diapers are better for overnight purposes than regular ones. One of the greatest benefits of super-absorbent diapers is you do not have to change them often. Instead, their extreme absorbing power allows them to keep the diaper intact unless they are entirely soaked or soiled. In this category, you can find baby diapers made from plant based materials that can help to prevent infection and rashes. 

Since Super-absorbent biodegradable diapers can be expensive, save them for nighttime usage. 

Steps to change the diaper without disrupting your baby’s sleep 

Different color kinds of diapers are displayed

If you want to change the diapers of your baby at night without waking him up, this is what you can do: 

1. Fix a routine 

Establishing a routine will ensure that you and your baby get enough rest throughout the night. Also, the baby will get used to the routine. Do not take much time to change the diaper and avoid any eye contact and playfulness. 

2. Put a fresh diaper before sleeping 

Before your baby goes to bed, put on a fresh diaper. This will ensure that your baby will remain dry for a longer time. Hence, you and your baby get a chance to enjoy better sleep. 

3. Invest in extra-absorbent diapers 

Using extra-absorbent diapers reduces the need for changing diapers often. Even though they can be more expensive they will offer your baby a better good night’s sleep. 

4. Apply diaper rash cream 

Using a natural diaper rash cream will help to prevent your baby from developing diaper rash. Apply the cream evenly on the baby’s bottom, then apply a small amount to the diaper. 


Every baby has different sleep patterns so with time and patience you will develop a sleep schedule for you and your baby. By finding a routine and using super-absorbent diapers you can give your baby and yourself a more restful and better night’s sleep.


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