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  • AUTOMOTIVES BLOG is the #1 automotive blog that serves to deliver the
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    Our focus is to create content that’s unique, meaningful, exciting, and
    a pleasure to read.

    AutoTribute pays tribute to your car. We are a free resource platform for expert, well-researched information on all types of vehicles, providing practical car-buying advice, vehicle maintenance and repair tips, product reviews and guides, and everything automotive."

    Clearsurance is dedicated to helping customers save on insurance. Clearsurance was founded in 2016 to simplify insurance shopping with customer-generated reviews, ratings, and other customer-focused data. Clearsurance aggregates and analyzes reviews and ratings of insurance companies and policies posted online by shoppers. In fact, recommendations are based on over 150,000 authentic reviews by insurance buyers and use big-data analysis to rank the companies. In addition to that, Clearsurance has a blog that covers a wide range of topics across all insurance types. The Clearsurance blog aims to help people find answers to their insurance questions. Whether you’re wondering what type of life insurance to buy or what companies offer safe driver discounts, the Clearsurance blog can help.

    Insurance Panda is an auto insurance quotes provider based out of New York City. In business since 2012, Insurance Panda has provided more than one million free auto insurance quotes to American drivers. Insurance Panda offers all types of auto insurance including high-risk driver insurance, SR-22 insurance, non-owners insurance, and one-day car insurance. Please visit our website for a free insurance quote today.

    We are FactoryTwoFour, and we write about the original lifestyle for modern gentlemen. We believe that the modern man has a unique outlook on life compared to what we accept in the past. Our writers and vocal community celebrate taste and effort more than the price tag. We collect all the best in travel, style, rides, and food & drink. If you’re ready to upgrade your brand or product, we would love to work with you.

    Is your brand interested in working with FactoryTwoFour? We’re always on the hunt for new show products, movies, books, food, and any other truly innovative items you might have. If you have a product and are looking for an honest and open review, we’d love to hear about it. We are a team that maintains a strong sense of journalistic integrity. What does this mean? We review everything we talk about, from the recipes to hotels. We live the experience to the fullest to stay true to our ideals. Since 2014, our growth has been incredible; the first year, we had 30,000 unique visitors, and in 2015, we climbed to over 2.5 million unique readers and have not slowed down since.

    Hedges & Company publishes one of the automotive industry's most popular B2B blogs, filled with industry statistics, trends and analysis. Hedges & Company, headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, is a full-service digital marketing agency serving the automotive parts aftermarket, motorsports and powersports industries since 2004. Automotive digital marketing capabilities include auto parts SEO and PPC, email marketing, automotive market research and mailing lists. Hedges & Company was the first Google Premier Partner agency and Microsoft Partner agency dedicated to the performance parts and accessories, and OEM parts aftermarket.

    Founded by Jay Khan, Daily Car Blog was set up to become a fully enabled digital publisher focused on the automotive world, from car news, opinions and reviews. The motivation to set up DCB was taken as it became clear the old print media industry was beginning to decline due to the rise in the use of smartphones and tablet devices. DCB is made up of a small group of contributors, from across the globe each with their own take and interests within the automotive world. Ther individual team members do not seek personal publicity to propel a specific career agenda, they simply prefer to put the news first.

    Let be your online guide into the world of today’s newest cars, trucks and motorcycles. They bring you the automotive news you need to know straight from the people who make it! For concise, hard-hitting news and auto reviews that will keep you informed, enlightened and maybe even entertained, visit today and experience a revolutionary difference in the way you get your auto industry news.

    Bryan Mark is the founder of Bryan's Garage. He owns a small garage in IOWA town and spend a lot of time on study all technique both hardware and software of car. His mission is to contribute the best car knowledge and experience to the automotive community. It is the most meaningful way to express his passion.

    Roberts Paint Care has everything you need to paint and repair your vehicle. With our exact match paint products, informative blog articles, and easy-to-follow DIY videos, we can help you keep your car in top shape. Roberts Paint Care is a family business founded in 1962 to supply professional auto body shops. In time, they decided to offer the same quality products for DIY car owners to get professional results while saving money. Use the Roberts Paint Care color search tool to find the exact paint color match for your vehicle by year, make, and model. Our automotive touch-up paint and body repair kits are available in the US and Canada and are shipped to your door.

    Safe2Drive is a leading provider of online driver safety courses. We offer traffic school and defensive driving courses for those looking to dismiss a ticket or fulfill a court order, driver education courses for first-time drivers looking to qualify for their driver's license, and insurance discount courses for drivers of all ages. Our courses can be taken on any device (phone, tablet, or desktop) anywhere you have an internet connection, so you can take the course with you on the go! We make driver safety fun and convenient.

    Interstate Car Transport is a blog for all car transport know-hows such as traveling, insurance, shipping, leasing, and so much more. Interstate Car Transport provides a guide for shipping mistakes as well as the importance of taking out insurance for your vehicle. And this is just not your ordinary automobile blog. Everything you ever want to know about your car can be found here too. is a one-stop automotive site that provides car news, reviews, with tools to help you compare different models. 

    All you need to find your next perfect car is here.

    At Industrial Protective Paints Ltd, they have been manufacturing floor paints, metal paints, wood paints, and masonry paints for over 30 years at our UK factory. They are the registered owners of the ‘Regal’ trademark and are the only UK company licensed to sell paints and coatings under this brand name. They have an established team that is experienced in the manufacture and application of our products, some of whom have worked for multinational coatings companies and out in the application sector.

    Here you’ll find an awesome amount of free high-res car pictures. Wallpapers for your desktop and your passion. Take a look at their marketplace for classic, luxury, and sports cars. is a website dedicated to pure electric vehicles and the full range of consumer information and tools about electric cars, green technology energy, and the environment. Started in January 2010, is a place where like-minded people convene to observe, discuss, analyze, and empower the electric car revolution.

    CarSpiritPK aims to bring all the information including news updates, reviews, comparisons, maintenance, car histories, and forecasting of the automobile market in Pakistan. With a prime focus on cars available in Pakistan, or the cars they believe should be in Pakistan. Created for auto enthusiasts, CarSpiritPK strives to give its readers the most interesting automotive related material on the internet.

    Final Scope is your destination to find all about the best tools and products that you’ve been looking for throughout the internet. They do their best for the people who search here and there for the best gardening tools, cleaning tools, backyard maintenance, gadgets, machinery, and much more. Final Scope is based on hours of hard work and research for products that make shopping for everyone to be so easy. They make sure that the products you choose after checking their reviews give you values in return.

    CarSwitch is the UAE’s top-rated service to buy or sell any car. To provide an unmatched experience to both sellers and buyers of used cars for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, the experts at CarSwitch do all the heavy lifting. All second hand cars are certified and inspected to make sure you can trust them. CarSwitch has made the process of buying and selling used cars in UAE quicker, hassle-free, and more transparent than ever before.

    Carpathy is changing the way people take care of their cars. They provide a better and easy way for you to book various services for your car with just a few clicks. Focussed on providing the best services, they are now available throughout Delhi NCR. Quality and reliability are the key drivers of their products and service. They believe your car deserves to be as healthy and toned as you are. They deserve the same love and affection as you do. They strive to make their service more accessible so anyone can free up their time to do what they love. carries one of the largest selections of genuine spare parts, aftermarket upgrades, and quality lubricants for various European car brands. If you got a BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, or VW, eEuroparts will hook you up with great prices on quality parts. They also run occasional flash deals where you can grab original components at bargain rates. Take a gander into their blog section and find a plethora of useful guides, how-to tutorials, and DIY articles. This growing online community fosters a do-it-yourself attitude, catering its services to those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! Definitely give them a visit if you like wrenching on your own ride. got started by a couple of car enthusiasts back in 2008. The website initially revolved around the topic of 0-60 and quarter-mile times, allowing users to compare the acceleration power of different vehicles. Later on, the editors added in-depth technical specs for wheels and tires fitment along with the mods from real people. You can browse through the exciting projects and see how car enthusiasts customize their wheels and tires, check out the brands and products used, and read tons of information about wheel fitment.

    Aiming to create a platform for sharing knowledge and first-hand experience between the car owners, the website allows people to submit their projects and car parts they used. helps to find out the correct size for the replacement light bulbs of the vehicles. You can check out the light bulb charts for any model, choose the year of production, and the website will pop up the fitment specs for exterior and interior lighting systems. If you do not know the right size of the lamp for headlights, fog lights, side markers, or any other position, it can be found on On top of that, the blog shares useful tips on the aftermarket headlights assemblies.

    Jungle Fender Flares was started by Blake Gratton, a Canadian entrepreneur and is still family-owned and run so you can always expect personal service. Blake has always been interested in fixing and building 4×4 off-road trucks, particularly Toyotas. He always found that fender flares were very over-priced. After living in Asia for several years, Blake was able to source products that were priced more competitively. The business originally started by selling wheel arch extensions made by local automotive accessory companies.

    They do not officially work for Kia Motors Corp., but they are enthusiasts who are head over heels happy to have a Kia in the driveway. covers news about the Kia brand in the United States and around the world. Their job is to help new customers and existing fans find up-to-date Kia dealership information, monthly sales reports and reviews of all the latest and up-and-coming vehicles.

    HyreCar is a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing via its proprietary technology platform. They have established a leading presence in Transportation as a Service (TaaS) with both individual vehicle owners and car dealers and manufacturers, who are being disrupted by automotive asset sharing. By providing a unique opportunity through its safe, secure, and reliable marketplace, HyreCar is transforming the industry by empowering all to profit from TaaS.

    DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly vehicle steam cleaning company offering franchise opportunities. Its patent-pending technology drastically reduces the consumption of water in car washing and detailing services while delivering superior results to clients and their automobiles. Their blog offers a variety of cleaning tips, product reviews, car wash and detailing business guides, and more. A new blog post is published every Monday – check them out.

    BMWCoop is your exclusive online mecca for anything and everything BMW: BMW Blog, BMW News, and BMW Reviews! Since 2008, they have brought the BMW faithful up-to-the-minute news, reviews and spy shots of the cars you dream of. They are the number one BMW blog in the world and BMWCoop just keeps getting better! BMWCoop is the only BMW blog you will ever need; they bring you more BMW Reviews than any other site and their writers own BMW’s themselves so you know you are getting the most accurate information available.

    Low Offset are here to set the record straight on how to modify your car the right way, regardless of your budget. Check their blog for more quality information.

    Free ads platform for Classic Cars and Sports Cars, but also you can find fascinating articles about cars or people who are changing the automotive world. Classic Cars – Our Passion!

    Enzari is the Fast Lane to Italian cars, with the latest Italian car news, reviews, motorsport and more. is a start-up bringing Extended Auto Warranty and GAP Insurance online in Western Canada. It’s transparent, easy to understand, and you save up to 70% by going online and not paying commission. Read our blog for more info and expert advice.

    The Trusted Sale blog covers a wide variety of topics geared toward vehicle owners and enthusiasts. Topics include purchase tips, vehicle maintenance tips, content for vehicle enthusiasts, tips for selling your vehicle and more. If you own a vehicle, this blog is for you!

    Golf Cart Garage offers the best quality batteries, chargers, parts, and accessories! They started by specializing in only the most user-interactive, battery healthy, longest lasting U.S. made golf cart battery chargers. Now they’re the nation’s #1 source for replacing your golf cart battery charger, a reputation earned the hard way: by giving thousands of customers the outstanding service they deserved.

    The Car Spotter brings you the latest car and automobile related content, including blogging, events, and reviews. Ranging from popular cars through to rare classics and exotic supercars, The Car Spotter will share car content with you from around the world. The Car Spotter blog provides unbiased information, covering topics from car spotting, car events, and experiences and anything related to the automobile world.

    LA POLO is an international magazine with its digital space and social platforms actively curating content on the best as well as most luxurious auto-motives while providing the detailed guide about the automobiles with some of the expert’s advice and knowledge.

    The best dreams happen when you are awake. CARSiRENT Blog provides the best tips for travel, road trips, car rental secrets and tricks! It is a reference for all travelers who want to get the most out of their trips. Explore the world with CARSiRENT travel inspirations and hidden gems. a memory with every mile

    The Vasilaros Wagner Personal Injury Blog offers a treasure trove of in depth articles written across the spectrum of legal topics, and are crafted by experienced trial attorneys. Content ranges from deep dives into specific legal topics, to more general legal information, so, whether you are a legal scholar or total novice, the Vasilaros Wagner Personal Injury Blog will have something for you.

    German Autolabs is building the world’s first digital assistant for drivers, making access to apps and services while on the road safer and more convenient.

    Metromile is revolutionizing car ownership to fit your lifestyle. If you aren’t driving much, you shouldn’t be paying much. With pay-per-mile car insurance and their smart driving app, they aim to make car ownership less expensive, more convenient, and as simple as it can be.

    Car and Driver is the worldwide leader in providing objective test results and expert vehicle reviews. They are constantly working to provide the most interesting content for their readers so be sure to check back each day for interesting news and automotive reviews!

    EricTheCarGuy is a great place for how-to auto repair videos. The blog includes links to videos, newsletters, troubleshooting FAQ, a forum, and more to help people diagnose and maybe even fix their car problems. Eric has more than 225K subscribers and almost 40 million views and this blog contains his first ‘major’ writings concerning automotive help.

    Mark will help you learn more about automobile systems, so you can fix them yourself or apply what you learned when talking to a retail service center. You Fix Cars contains information about DIY auto repairs, test procedures, diagnostic troubleshooting and it offers a mechanics toolbox filled with automotive resources including DIY online service and repair manuals.

    Blog like Jalopnik has become crucial for automotive industry. The best car blogs separate themselves from the pack by giving readers something they can’t get anywhere else – which is exactly what you can expect from Jalopnik. It’s a news and opinion website about cars, the automotive industry, racing, transportation, airplanes, technology, motorcycles and much more.

    Drifted is the international home of drifting, featuring daily content for gaming, tuning guides, car features, event reports, a thriving social community and more Drifted is your one-stop source for everything drift.

    Mechanics Hub is North America’s largest specialty recruiter for diesel machinery professionals, related trade professionals and the companies that employ them. It includes Hub Guest Blog, Life Lessons With an Apprenticing Mechanic, School Bus Mechanic and Rookie in Blue. If heavy-duty mechanics is your niche, Mechanics Hub is the blog spot for you.

    Autoblog features research, news and reviews, videos, a forum, and more for all things automotive. Site visitors can search new or used car by make, model, or style and “read, shop, and share everything on wheels” at this blog.Get up-to-the-minute automotive news along with reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the auto industry.

    German Autolabs is building a digital assistant for drivers, which will make access to apps and services while on the road safer and more convenient. The Berlin-based startup utilizes the latest voice and gesture control technology, alongside Artificial Intelligence. The combination of an interoperable, scalable software platform for cognitive assistance with a retrofit hardware device democratizes the latest connected car technology – making it accessible to everyone. Founders Holger G. Weiss (former CEO, Aupeo) and Patrick Weissert (former Director Consumer) rely on an interdisciplinary team of experts for hardware and software development.

    Car Talk is a must-read for anyone interested in motorsports, racing videos, generalized industry news and aftermarket products used in exotic, classic and muscle cars. Car Talk features blogs and contributors, and it became popular thanks to brothers Tom and Ray Magliozzi, who hosted the show known as “Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”.

    BMW BLOG delivers news to millions of people from around the world, creating one of the largest communities of BMW drivers .Blog categories include models, lifestyle, motorrad, racing and our favorite – rumors. It talks about BMW rumors and speculations. What new BMW cars are coming in the future? Find out now.

    Turbolts might be the new kid on the block, but it has some wonderful tips and articles about making the most out of your DIY, auto care, car repairs, as well as budget and savings. Founded by an expert mechanic whose passion extends even all the way to racing, the team also bring you guidance on buying best tools for your needs

    Popular Mechanics is known for sharing the best information in tech, science, aerospace, DIY, and auto news. This blog offers a rich and varied examination of automobiles, automotive culture and design, and the personalities that shape the industry to inform and entertain consumers who are passionate about cars.

    Visit RVezy’s blog to get new ideas on unique camping destinations, RV tips and hacks. You will find a rich variety of articles that can answer all of your RV-related questions and provide you with inspiration for your next RV getaway! is a Singapore-based automotive platform that helps drivers make smarter vehicle ownership decisions. It boasts a comprehensive suite of motoring tools and services.

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