• Budgeting, living debt free, managing credit, saving for personal goals, investing, and planning for retirement each play a part in personal finance. Our blogs offer tips, tricks, and best practices offered from a variety of perspectives.

  • We get it. Mortgage is about as exciting as a trip to the DMV. But you know what is exciting? Owning a home. And a home loan can help you get there. The Motto Mortgage blog shares mortgage and homeownership information — but without all that boring finance mumbo jumbo. It’s to-the-point home finance content that you’ll actually enjoy reading.

    Dividends Diversify is a personal finance website with an emphasis on building passive income by investing in dividend stocks.

    The content on Dividends Diversify promises to entertain and educate you about the following areas:

    1. Building your wealth
    2. Money management & personal finance
    3. Investing principles and techniques
    4. Dividend investing, dividend stocks and dividend-paying ETFs
    5. Financial independence

    If you can manage these areas effectively, you are on your own path to financial freedom. And once you get there, they have a few tips on how to make the most of it.

    Savebly exists because Michael, founder of Savebly, believes that all can live a freer life. A life that is full of choices, not one tied down to a paycheck from a job you hate. What he wants for you is a life that allows you to focus on what makes you happy, not one constricted due to financial limitations.

    Freedom, not money, is why Savebly exists.

    Those who join the Savebly family are able to live a freer life by taking control of their money to buy back their time (AKA: Freedom) and focus on what truly makes them happy. You can do the same!

    Helen is a founder of Budgeting is a Challenge. Saving money and getting value for money has always been important to her life. This blog came about because she wanted to share her experiences with all of you that are in the same situation. Normal people with the desire to squeeze value out of every penny in life.

    Clint Haynes, a founder of NextGen Wealth, is a financial advisor and has worked for big Wall Street firms all the way to smaller regional firms. Through the Financial Freedom Blueprint, they provide the solutions so you can take complete control of your financial life. They cover investing, and they also show you how to earn more interest on your savings, save on insurance, find the best rewards credit cards and so much more.

    Benzinga is a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content.

    Rimuut enables freelancers to easily invoice their corporate clients, get paid and protect their work by contracts without the financial and mental burden of starting and running their own companies. Since it's a pay-as-you-go system, you can sign-up and take a closer look without any costs. In addition to their main product, they create free-forever tools like invoice generator and hourly rate calculator for freelancers, too.

    Founded in 2012, Invezz is an online platform that aims to make investing easy and effortless for everyone. Their team of experts publish a range of content, from beginner-friendly guides to breaking news across many different industries. The areas covered by Invezz range from forex and stocks, to commodities and cryptocurrencies.

    Today, Invezz attracts millions of users a year, and is fast establishing a place for itself among the biggest names in the online investing space. Their team is united in the belief that investing wisely can help everyone achieve financial freedom, which is what pushes them to keep reaching for new heights when producing simple-to-understand, unbiased information, tools and services suited to all skill and knowledge levels.

    Another focus of the Invezz team is to provide information about more niche assets, as well as widely traded stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. This means that users of the platform can learn how to diversify their investments – learning how to buy shares in established companies such as Tesla and Amazon, while also finding opportunities to invest in smaller assets that could see growth in the future.

    Ever had a question on your mind in regards to your financial well-being, but didn't know who to ask?

    Mission Statement

    FangWallet is a personal finance community-driven blog designed to make those types of questions obsolete in the 21st century with helpful curated responses from everyday personal finance regulars within the community. FangWallet was created to make financial knowledge easy to read and accessible to the masses.

    Not everyone needs to major in finance or accounting in order to learn the best practices for building wealth. FangWallet was designed to be inclusive and offer advice ranging from all skill levels, beginner, intermediate, and expert, for any questions regarding personal finance.

    No personal finance question should go unanswered.

    Personal finance. Understood.

    My Money Chronicles is a website that focuses on personal finance, side hustles, and travel. The goal is to show you that you can still live life even if you are in debt.

    My Money Chronicles is a website that focuses on personal finance, side hustles, and travel. The goal is to show you that you can still live life even if you are in debt.


    Rick Pendykoski is the owner of Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC, a retirement planning firm based in Goodyear, AZ. He regularly writes for his own blog of Self Directed Retirement Plans and as a guest blogger to many sites in the niche of finance. If you need help and guidance with traditional or alternative investments, email him at or visit

    The Indy Invoice Tool uses the industry’s most trusted online payment solutions, and clients are one click away from paying using the method of their choice. Indy is an all-in-one management software that helps self-employed people and small businesses easily manage their invoices. Invoice templates include all the info your clients need and give you the ability to add your personal branding. You can link working hours directly to an invoice using the Time Tracker tool and save yourself time.

    Finance Bazaar Online is a personal finance blog in India that aims to spread financial literacy. Check out Finance Bazaar Online now.

    More than 50,000 businesses across the UK use bOnline, from fast-growing startups, high street heroes and family-run businesses. bOnline is creating the small business telecoms provider of tomorrow – 100% digital HD quality with smart features, award-winning support and fair prices. Find out information more at

    A Dime Saved is the personal finance blog to turn to if you are a millennial mom on a budget! Robyn is an unabashedly poor mother who is raising a family on a dime. Follow her for ideas on how to raise your kids and create a  happy home on a very tight budget.

    Qube Money is a fintech startup company located at the base of silicon slopes in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

    Qube Money’s new app combines its digital cash envelope budgeting method with a full banking suite. This unique banking experience puts intention at the core of each transaction making it easy for Americans to make purposeful decisions about their budgets in real-time.

    The Qube Money Card is issued by Choice Financial Group, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa.


    Savology is a venture-backed startup on a mission to improve the financial well-being of millions of American households by making financial planning more accessible, actionable, and effective than ever before. In addition to their powerful consumer-facing financial planning platform, Savology enables employers to affordably provide employees with effective financial planning.

    OnJuno is a neobanking platform designed to help people grow their savings and reach their financial goals fast. On a mission to make banking fair and transparent for all, OnJuno offers a powerful checking account with 5% cashback for users to redeem at their favorite brands. 

    The OnJuno blog aims to provide readers with a reliable repository of guides on personal finance and life in the US, as well as advice on navigating the US immigration system.

    Credito is a Canadian company dedicated to the financial health of fellow Canadians. We know your time is limited. We dig into the most reliable sources, researching the latest trends and outcomes to produce quality blogs each week, addressing the top needs of our readers. Our articles focus on realistic goals, everyday living, and achieving the life you deserve without breaking the bank. 

    From saving to spending to everyday-living, Credito is your source for financial advice.

    Piggy is a top-notch tool for finding coupons and earning cashback, allowing users to automatically save money every time they shop online. Along with their desktop chrome extension, Piggy also has a brand new mobile app, as well as tools to help you compare prices on Amazon with ease and book the best hotel rates too. If you're an avid online shopper, then Piggy is ready and waiting to help you save money and earn cashback.


    Surgent is not exactly an app for finance. But it is probably the most complete resource if you ever want to study accounting & finance. You can also find more information about average salary of EA vs CPA and determine which path you want to take if you ever want to be certified.

    At StockEdge, our objective is to influence retail investors to participate in the rising Indian economy. We do this by channelling raw data into quality information for our users. We realized to engage our users and increase awareness towards the stock market and different financial products we need to interact with them through different platforms. So, with the huge motivation, we started to pen down our quality information through written communication.
    We at StockEdge publish weekly blogs on Mutual Funds, Business Houses and Stock Insights which have a high value of information which helps to enrich our audience to get deeper knowledge from our content.

    We have a collection of quality written blogs which adds value to our readers. We have divided the content into various sections which makes it easy to read relevant blogs in which the reader is interested. Sections like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, mutual funds, insights, and StockEdge Tutorials which helps our Stock Edge application users to make the best out of it.

    Each section has different topics which have a plethora of information on that subject. A lot of topics are explained through our blog and also through videos with the help of practical and relevant information which helps to shape the mind of our readers.

    We feel proud and happy to participate with you in this journey of learning in the world of finance which is evolving rapidly.

    Business is a construct highly volatile to the decisions of the market place. Gauging yourself with the latest events happening will enable you to adapt to these changes sooner, rather than later.

    We cover various spheres in professional life that are influenced by business. Whether you’re a consumer, business owner, or working professional; with Calculator you empower yourself with access to essential tax calculators and informative business news.


    Universe News Network is an independent online financial news service. Key employees of our company are professionals in the field of business, finance, and stock markets. Our writing team works diligently to cover breaking financial news stories and provide a unique analysis of important financial events that you can’t find anywhere else.


    CalendarBudget is a personal finance app that runs on your browser or mobile device (and stays sync’d everywhere). It allows you to both TRACK and PLAN your money on a calendar day-by-day, in the past, present, and future. CalendarBudget is the single point of consult to determine whether or not you can afford your next and future purchases.

    ABC Money is a site dedicated to bringing you the latest stories, research and break-throughs in Business, Finance and World News. Our team are committed to keeping you up-to-date with progress wherever you are in the world, across a variety of different sectors from Economics and Property to Finance Technology and Trading.  The aim of the team at ABC Money is to help give better understanding on current and complex global business and Finance issues. We hope this clarity will help charge conversation and discussion on the topics that really need dissecting.

    KindGeek is a Ukrainian full-cycle software outsourcing company with business expertise. Besides providing UI/UX design, software development, and QA services, KindGeek offers discovery phase and business consulting as a part of our Business Analysis proficiency. KindGeek work is to help entrepreneurs re-imagine the world of finance and make it a more convenient and user-friendly place to be. is one of the best accounting software reviews and comparison providers worldwide with more than 30000+ listing from 350 business software categories. Their website provides detailed reviews, comparisons, and research to help organizations choose the right software. They aim to consolidate the best software by comparing different features, customer reviews, the size of business, and suitable scenarios.

    GenTwenty is the ultimate resource for twenty-somethings providing financial, career, and self-development advice for ambitious twenty-somethings. GenTwenty has a free resource library full of worksheets, workbooks, and spreadsheets available for downloading. The GenTwenty Podcast covers career, self-development, financial, and life advice from a real twenty-something perspective. is a passion project between Jim and Will, started in 2015. We built this website to document our journey into the world of automated investing and help you decide if robo advisors are for you, and if so, which choices are best for your situation. We cover news, reviews, and guides around the world of automated investing and robo advisors.

    aha insurance has made getting home and auto insurance in Ontario way less insurancey. It’s a brokerage that believes the price you’re quoted is the price you pay. There’ll be no mumbo jumbo and no jargon—just great rates. Get a guaranteed quote in just 3 minutes.

    Since 1997, CASH 1 has provided hassle-free Installment Loans to people denied by traditional banks and other installment loan lenders. They have many convenient locations throughout Arizona and Nevada. CASH 1 focuses on the financial needs of customers in the community by offering Title Loans, Personal Loans, Installment Loans, Smart Loans, and of course, great customer service. The CASH 1 team consists of over 200 specialized and highly trained employees.

    I combine stoicism with street smarts to help people realize their potential, let go of resentment, and live life with purpose. My style is straightforward, practical, and sure to give you a chuckle.

    Empower Your Mind – Empower Your Money

    Financial knowledge and the right mindset are the two main ingredients of financial success.  We love to write about the importance of practicing self-discipline to achieve success in life.

    Amanda of My Life, I Guess strives to keep the “person” in personal finance by writing about money, mistakes, and more. She focuses on what it’s like being in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, and surviving unemployment while also offering advice and support for others in similar situations – including a FREE library of career & job search resources.

    Heart-repreneur® helps business owners get more qualified prospects, close more sales, and make more money in less time. We guarantee our clients will double their investment in our consulting services.

    Elearnmarkets is an online platform offering multiple resources to help people learn about the various aspects of finance, trading, and investing.
    Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the site offers a plethora of free resources like blogs, videos, and financial guides to assist people with their learning journey.
    The blogs of Elearnmarkets cover essential topics under the heads of basic finance, financial planning, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis.
    Along with conceptual blogs, the site also focuses on current affairs which can affect us from a financial perspective.
    What’s more, the site also offers free and paid webinars and courses, through which learners can take a deeper dive into various essential topics of finance, investing and trading.
    While the webinars are hosted by various experts about the various topics of trading and investing, the site offers many courses certified by leading authorities like NSE, MCDEX, etc. It also offers courses from leading experts of various topics, in regional languages as well.

    The Wallet Wise Guy provides financial advice for students and millennials. Clint Proctor, founder of the Wallet Wise Guy, is passionate about helping young people win with money. His work has been featured in several major publications including US News and World Report, Business Insider, Credit Karma, Yahoo Finance, and more. Topics covered on the site include how to save money in college, how to pay off student loans faster, how to invest when you’re young, and how to scale a side hustle into a full-time job.

    FinTech Scotland is an independent not for profit body established by the financial services sector, universities and Scottish Government to ensure that Scotland seizes the FinTech opportunities and achieves positive economic and social outcomes by encouraging financial innovation, collaboration and inclusion as part of the country’s broader digital economy objectives.

    The organisation acts as a strategic enabler and cluster management body focused on leveraging the potential economic (i.e. productivity, business creation, employment) and social (i.e. financial inclusion, well-being and accessibility) benefits arising from becoming a leading global centre focused on FinTech innovation.

    FinTech Scotland’s objectives are to develop an innovative community of FinTech firms, generate impactful collaborations between firms of all sizes and foster an inclusive cluster which is globally recognised.

    In January 2020, FinTech Scotland was formally recognised for the development for the FinTech cluster in Scotland and accredited with the bronze label for Cluster Management Excellence by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

    FinTech Scotland was initially founded in January 2018 as a joint initiative by Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, University of Edinburgh, Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise. The organisation is now supported by a broad range of global financial services, technology and professional services firms as well as University of Edinburgh and University of Strathclyde, the Financial Conduct Authority, Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise

    DoubleHike is a blog that shares online tools and resources for small business and bloggers. We cover topics such as make money online, personal finance, save money, WordPress, blogging tips, financial news and business news.

    Founded in 1999 in Austin, Texas with a goal to impact the financial lives of their customers, RateGenius connects people, products, and technology to find consumers the best auto loan rate. They do this by using their innovative origination platform together with their network of over 150 lending institutions nationwide to shop multiple offers and present the best option for the customer.

    With over 250,000 impressions a month and close to 180,000 unique visitors, is the go-to crypto news site for investors, enthusiasts, crypto influencers, economists, world leaders and top personalities of the crypto and blockchain space. Visit us soon for neutral and authentic news. 

    Borrowell is a Canadian company dedicated to making financial stability possible for everyone. The first to offer free credit scores, Borrowell provides education, monitoring, innovative digital tools and personalized product recommendations to help people feel in control and optimistic about their financial future.

    Business News This Week is a leading news portal that has been focusing on major business, corporate news, financial news, business promotion news stories. Being a news portal, we give prominence to major news stories & corporate releases that matter to your business.

    Founded in January 2009, Iconshots is a design magazine for creative entrepreneurs, designers, and freelancers looking to expand their mind and improve their skills.

    Every week we publish insightful articles about design, travel, fashion, concept design, business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

    We welcome any suggestions to discuss and talk about our content. Most of the content is brought to you by writers, designers and entrepreneurs like you. If you are interested in submitting your content, idea, design, then you can do it right now.

    We hope you will enjoy your stay here and thank you for taking your time to read this.

    If you have any further question or just wish to say hi, feel free to contact us!

    Finance Derivative brings the latest News & Analysis from the finance world and corporate excellence. The magazine targets an audience of finance professionals and corporate and private investors.
    With an accustomed team of professional industry Journalists, we bring a minute coverage on a comprehensive range of topics from the industry.

    FamilyVest is a fee-only, fiduciary registered investment advisory. We utilize comprehensive financial strategies that incorporate a highly focused understanding of each nuance of your particular needs and goals. We serve families at all stages of life including families that have members with special needs.

    Joney Talks is a personal finance blog and podcast aiming at helping people to reach their financial goals. This is done in 3 ways :

    1. Understanding the basics of money (what is a stock? How is money created? What is an interest rate?…)
    2. Talking about it in a healthy way (debates on money and ethics, in which company should you invest? )
    3.  and ultimately reach our financial goals (Real Estate investing, creating passive sources of income, travelling the world for one year, living the life you want, buying those Prada shoes if that is your thing,…)

    FinanceGAB is a pure personal finance and investment blog, Founded and managed by Ajeet Sharma in 2017. This is a best place to share and get ideas about finance, investment, insurance, mutual funds and loans etc. Financegab is an activity begun with the goal of teaching people in dealing with their monetary life. Financegab expects to enable people in dealing with their own cash and making the universe of account available to them, so they can settle on right choices for their budgetary future.

    NYK Daily is an Online News Platform that aims to spread positive news and knowledge around the world, when compared to mainstream media. We have a team of 18 journalists and 60 writers who provide freshly brewed content for Millions of readers in 180 countries. We have a readership of 450,000+ and 1.3 Million page views in the last 45 days alone. Our DA is 39 within just 7 months of establishing the news platform. Our website has a spread of 40+ categories for readers and guest post bloggers to choose from – Finance, World News, technology, science, innovations, business, leadership, entrepreneurship, health, travel, history, wildlife, environment, sports, music, art, food, lifestyle, creativity and many more. We wish to build a community of excellent journalism even higher, to benefit the world with not only unbiased news, but also interesting content in every field.


    The mission of Arrest Your Debt is to provide trustworthy personal finance information to first responders. They are also helping first responders to take control of their money and get out of debt. They are trying to provide valuable resources and references to first responders to help them grow their nest eggs and enjoy the retirement they deserve.

    Climb Credit empowers people to unlock their potential. They evaluate schools for educational value and identify assets and partner with schools offering the knowledge and skills required for jobs with strong earning potential in today’s economy. Their vision is to improve the alignment of school motivations with student career and salary goals to ensure that their students see a tangible, life-changing impact from their education.

    He makes the complex world of financial services easy to understand so that people feel empowered to take control of their financial lives. A recognized authority on financial preparedness – in case of that disaster you did not expect – he advocates for ethics, integrity and consumer protection within the financial industry.

    The editor began publishing theFinancial Trend Forecasternewsletter in paper form in the year 1995 upon the death of James Moore the creator of the Moore Inflation Predictor. He has continuously published the Moore Inflation Predictor© every month since. TheFinancial Trend Forecasterspecializes in predicting trends and profit opportunities resulting from trends in Inflation, the Stock Market, Gold, and Bonds. In January of 2003, they created to specialize in all forms of information about the nature of Inflation. In 2009 they added Elliott Wave University to help teach you the principles of Elliott Wave analysis.

    HappyNetty is a general blog where you can reach a large audience and get attention to what you have to say. It can be anything from your thoughts and views on any subject, the story of your personal, or entrepreneurial journey, words about business, brands, products, or services, or your experience in your day to day life that you think should be shared with others.

    At Symmetry Financial they realize how important it is to find the right policy for you and your family. They understand policy needs come in all shapes and sizes, and they will take the time to fully understand your family’s needs, budget, and concerns so that they can shop over 30 carriers to find the perfect fit for you. It’s the simple solution for the complex questions surrounding insurance, and at Symmetry Financial Group they are fully committed to protecting your life’s journey.

    Liberated Stock Trader – Professional Stock Market Training

    Liberated Stock Trader was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of training self-driven investors in how to invest their money wisely. Whether you want to Trade Stocks or invest for dividends or long-term growth they have you covered. All educational courses are unbiased an honest, based on the 20+ years of investing experience of the founder Barry D. Moore (CFTE, MSTA) a Certified Financial Technical Analyst.

    With over 10 years of experience assisting thousands of people just like you with debt, Debt Busters can have you back on track with your finances in no time. Their extensive experience in debt relief gives you a unique ability to look at your circumstances and offer a solution that makes sense to you. From debt consolidation and personal loans to debt negotiation and mortgage refinancing, Debt Busters’ blog will offer the perfect solution needed for you to regain financial freedom.

    Your Tribe in Technology, Finance, and Entrepreneurship.
    With over 4000 industry experts worldwide, DDI is a leading source of knowledge.
    We leverage the wisdom of the crowd to minimize the path from information to actionable insights.

    Real Wealth Business is a platform of business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, engaged readers and bloggers to read, write and support stories or ideas and share experiences. Real Wealth Business is the most trending business blog and digital content curated hub spot. It is committed to formulating a business strategy that suits your business career, needs, and requirements. It was founded for the purpose of helping small business owners and entrepreneurs for their expanding globally.

    Australian Debt Solvers is a team of qualified professionals who are finding solutions for people facing financial difficulties. With financial experts located across all major Australian cities, they give understanding advice that takes the pressure off while helping you to implement a strategy to move forward.

    Summit CPA was founded in February of 2002 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They provide Virtual CFO Services, including cash flow management, business tax planning, and financial forecasting. They also perform 401(k) Audits and recently launched a CPA Firm Augmentation program, providing other CPA Firms with accounting outsourcing services and Virtual CFO Consulting from our experienced staff.

    The Mason Group is a leading staffing agency that specializes in the recruitment of accounting, finance and banking professionals in permanent or contract positions, for all levels from Financial Analyst to CFO. With four offices across the Greater Toronto and Vancouver Areas, The Mason Group has one mission: to help organizations recruit the top talent they need to thrive while helping candidates reach their optimal career potential.

    LessAccounting is simple accounting software that caters to small but awesome businesses. With our simple workflows and easy-to-use features, you can quickly get done with accounting tasks in minutes instead of hours. Spend less time hassling with your books and more time running your business, making money. Less Accounting offers Automatic Bank integrations, Manual Recording of business expenses/income, Categorizing expenses, Sending Invoices & Proposals and getting paid, Integration with most popular Payment gateways like Qount, Stripe, PayPal etc., Simple Dashboard analytics, Useful Accounting Reports, Log Mileage, Record & Store Timesheets.

    ConnectCPA is a one-stop-shop to set up systems, provide financial guidance, streamline processes and complete compliance work. Our mission is to delight our customers and improve their operations by providing them with visibility over financial performance, saving them time so they can focus on running their business, leveraging technology to help business owners make better and faster business decisions and by providing unique insights to help improve profitability.

    Financial education is the single, most powerful driver that makes the most significant difference in our lives. Sadly, financial education is sorely lacking in our schools and homes. We need to invest in ourselves to learn, plan and take action for our financial well-being while avoiding the pitfalls of greed and deceitful gains. The true worth of financial freedom is a life focused not on money but on true freedom in time, wealth, and meaningful relationships. MyPF is an award winning personal finance website dedicated to help you simplify and grow your personal finances.

    The Toptal Finance Blog is a hub for in-depth studies and analysis on all facets of finance, ranging from innovative strategies on raising capital to detailed coverage of new finance trends and technologies.

    Personal finance can be a topic that often overwhelms people – Think banking, insurance, saving, investing and just about anything to do with managing money. is changing the way you deal with money! Envisioned as a highly transparent marketplace, empowers consumers to make sound financial decisions by bringing together on one convenient platform all the latest details on more than 3,200 banking, insurance and education products offered by providers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. That’s not all – Through their blog, they help simplify complicated financial topics and help the users stay up-to-date on the latest personal finance news, trends, and regulations.

    Stocktrades is a Canadian investing resource committed to teaching us the in’s and outs of the stock market and investing in general.

    If you’re a freelancer or small business owner, ZipBooks is a great place to learn about managing finances.  From helpful tips on tax planning to data-driven insights on what makes the most well-to-do freelancers and ZipBooks Pros successful, there’s a lot to learn for the current or aspiring entrepreneur.

    One of the biggest excuses WHY people haven’t started investing for retirement is “I don’t have any extra money to invest with“. Even those who have saved/budgeted/pinched every penny. Wallet Squirrel aims to DESTROY that reason! They prove monthly that it’s possible to make extra money (on your free time) to start investing today and how to do it.

    AsheMorgan is a specialized real estate investment and advisory group selectively seeking investment opportunities. Since its foundation 30 years ago, AsheMorgan has navigated through some of the most rewarding and difficult property market cycles – all the time guided by its original principals.

    Money Buffalo shows the amazing benefits of being debt-free and how it can open doors of opportunity that most people never realize exist. Josh draws from his experience of repaying $77,500 of personal debt in five years to inspire his readers to live a financial life they’ve potentially never imagined before was started after Whitney paid off $30,000 in student debt in 10 months and began writing and teaching other’s how to accelerate their debt payoff plan. It has since evolved to include free workshops, a podcast, and YouTube channel helping millennials with their income and expenses.

    Mark Seed is one of Canada’s leading personal finance and investing bloggers; the owner, editor and writer behind My Own Advisor. As his own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) financial advisor, he has grown his portfolio from $100,000 to well over $500,000.  Along with his wife their next big financial goal is to own a $1 million investment portfolio for an early retirement.  Follow along with My Own Advisor for free, for insights about his investing journey, to learn from the financial experts he interviews, to participate in free giveaways on his site and much, much more!

    Miss Millennia Magazine gives big sister advice for millennial women on the rise.

    Stumble Forward is a blog all about help people avoid costly financial mistakes for families and small businesses. Whether you’re looking to save money, pay off debt, invest money, or start your own business Stumble Forward works to provide you the best tips to take your financial life to the next level.

    Unconventional Lifestyle & Dividend Growth Strategy A former private banker that now lives under his own terms.

    Money and productivity. Short, sweet and simple.

    The Reluctant Credit Guy is dedicated to helping navigate the sometimes confusing world of personal finance including mortgages, loans, credit, saving and investing.

    Financial Best Life is the personal finance destination for people who think “outside the box” when it comes to their money. Instead of simply telling you how to budget, spend, and save – they talk about your dreams; how money can be used as a tool to help you live out your “best life.” Created by Lauren Bowling (formerly of L Bee and the Money Tree), their editor has been blogging about money, life, and everything in between since April 2012.

    Cloudwalks is the most trusted and renowned third-party hosting provider with more than 6 years of experience in the industry. With a team of some top talents from the industry and the most updated technology, they provide a seamless cloud hosting service for software like QuickBooks, Sage, Drake, ProSeries, etc. Providing an economical cloud hosting solution with a fanatical support is their specialty.

    Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) is an application hosting provider. Winner of User Favorite Award by Accountex USA 2016 in application hosting category and Great User Experience Award 2018 by FinancesOnline, ACE offers its hosting services for accounting and business applications.

    Ace Cloud Hosting is an Intuit Authorized Hosting Provider for QuickBooks desktop software and provides a wide range of cloud services including managed hosting, dedicated servers, application (such as – Sage, MS Office, ProSeries, Lacerte, Drake, etc.) hosting among others.
    Ace Cloud Hosting blog offers insights on topics like accounting, construction, cloud technology, and small businesses.

    MoneyMow is a personal finance blog by Carl who blogs about financial independence and early retirement while documenting his journey towards early retirement at the age of 33. During the journey, Carl writes about everything from simple money saving tips to more philosophical subjects in a down-to-earth manner and with a practical take on how his readers can apply his ideas.

    If you like talking about saving money, personal finance, early retirement, getting out of debt, improve credit score and side hustling, you will probably like this personal finance blog. The mission is to help you learn how to make, save, Invest and spend money in a way that would help you reach your financial freedom.

    BuddhaMoney prunes the blather all too common among the finance and investing media while helping you find balance and be wealthy.

    Luke1428 is a faith-based personal finance blog that is all about offering hope to the discouraged and motivating people to make lasting change. Brian believes anyone can succeed as long as they develop a winning plan and stick to it with intense focus and discipline. That’s why he spends a lot of time writing about the day-to-day activities that make personal finance work like budgets, getting out of debt and investing for the future.

    The website that shows you how to exercise for money and auto-negotiate your cable bill. Find out how headphones can give you more energy. At MoneyHax, you’ll find unique ways to earn, save, and invest money!

    The goal of the site is to provide the tools and knowledge to fully understand what is happening and how that impacts your financial wellbeing. We want to help you understand the costs associated with buying a new home, why a rewards credit card can be beneficial or explaining why a 401K can help automate your retirement.

    The truth is there’s a lot of good content and resources available to small business owners these days, much of it for free or low-cost, but you really have to dig to get at it.  Frugal Entrepreneur hopes to bridge the gap between these resources and the businesses that need them so that business owners can devote those long, frustrating hours of searching towards other, more productive endeavors.

    Modern millennials in the Philippines need to look no further for a trusted financial comparison website. Besides that, it is also an authoritative resource on personal finance, helping its readers make the most out of their money.

    Money Done Right is a personal finance blog from Logan and Caroline, full-time accountants and part-time bloggers. They are from LA, and their goal is to engage with the readers about doing money right. You can find useful recommendations on earning, saving and growing in order to reach financial independence.

    Hayley managed to pay off $62,000 in debt in less than two years and chronicles her story at Disease Called Debt. Now that she is debt-free, she writes about how she did it, and other money topics like making money, saving, budgeting and life. Hayley features debt success stories occasionally, which are always motivating to read and does Financially Savvy Saturdays, which is a weekly roundup of the best stuff she found on many different topics.

    With lot of experienced contributors, Modest Money is one of the blogs you should follow. They have great old articles on general personal finance topics, but their new model is also really good and much more specific. If you’re looking for advice on a specific stock, it’s probably here. Don’t miss out on breaking investing news that could make or break your portfolio. And read Modest Money personal finance blog to control your finances.

    Grayson from Debt Roundup writes about dumping debt, saving money, making money, investing and practically every other personal finance topic. He started with Debt Roundup after paying off $75,000 in credit card and auto loan debt and he shows you exactly how he did it in his free guide.

    Get Rich Slowly is one of the most famous blogs about finance and it has been around since early 80’s. It is named a best blog by Time magazine and most inspiring money blog by Money magazine is devoted to sensible personal finance.It includes the basic tenets of the Get Rich Slowly philosophy and the ideas that fuel every article we post.

    If you want in-depth discussions on all kinds of finance topics (especially mortgages), then this is your blog. “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything,” is blogger Paula’s personal mantra. From the articles to the discussion in the comments, you will probably learn more than you ever cared to know from Paula’s blog and you will also find lot of worthwhile advice even if you’re not interested in buying real estate, from adjusting your mindset to increasing your productivity and earnings.

    Stefanie O’Connell is a millennial money expert, speaker and author of the book, “The Broke and Beautiful Life.” She primarily focuses on Millennials, but her advice is applicable to anyone who wants to save more and earn more. Her blog is full of story-telling articles about common-sense personal finance. She’s really great at writing engaging articles about money that hold your attention with a good story.

    Paul Vachon started Frugal Toad with a mission to provide readers with practical ways to save money and build wealth. His background in finance and teaching provides a unique perspective to topics such as budgeting, college finance, investing, retirement planning, saving money, travel, and more! Paul provides practical advice that readers can use immediately to save money and build wealth.

    Glen Stephenson’s goal to show you how he is saving money, and how you can save money too. Learn to save money better with hints and tips from Monster Piggy Bank. He shared his debt progress until 2014 when he became debt-free, and now he shows you how to do the same. You can find articles about budgeting, savings, debt and You never know what topic he’ll write about, so it’s always interesting.

    As you can suppose, this blog is about being frugal, but John, the founder of Frugal Rules also has articles on investing, beating debt and utilizing credit cards. This blog has a great variety of writers focusing on how to achieve “freedom through frugality.” They’ll show you how to tackle common setbacks when paying off debt, tax tips, budget tools, investment guides, and more.

    J. Money has unconventional approach to personal finance and Budgets Are Sexy is a money blog trying to spice things up a bit. He gives regular updates on his net worth changes, along with free tools and templates you can use for your finances, while his main focus is on saving money. They rock out budget planning, retirement, credit cards, 401k, templates & becoming a millionaire. offers a little bit of everything from financial articles, discussion forums, blogs (you can even create your own), newsletters, calculators and various other financial related tools. You may have seen us in

    Housing for Seniors connects seniors and their families with quality senior living options and the information necessary to make housing decisions. Our extensive directory has thousands of locations in both the United States and Canada. In addition to our directory, we provide scholarly in-depth articles on everything from gardening to transitioning into a retirement community. Additionally, our innovative question and answer section is one of the first of its kind devoted solely to senior housing issues of all kinds.

    Dream is a free stock newsletter service that provides penny stock alerts and reports OTC Market news to the investing public. They provide frequent updates on microcap investments through their penny stock news blog and curate a selection of well-researched stock picks weekly. is a site that aims to bridge the gap between saving money and investing. We are here to offer solid tips that will make sense regardless of your financial situation, that can be applied to just about anyone who is willing to improve their finances.

    The “Dude” writes about his mistakes in finances and marriage in hopes that you, the reader, can learn just a few nuggets of wisdom and maybe prevent the same mistakes.

    Cash The Checks was founded in 2006 because Edwin – the financial mind behind the blog – never wanted to get a “real job”. He refuses to wake up early, he refuses to commute to work and most importantly he refuses to ever work for someone else.

    My Trading Buddy is a free resource portal for all levels of Traders and Investor.  They boast 3 large Blogs for Trading EducationMarkets Analysis, and a Trading Journals Blog.  A fantastic free resource with literally 1000’s of articles and videos to help traders and investors succeed.

    A blog including advice about saving, investing, business and financial progression. A reference guide for becoming a multi-millionaire. This is not a get quick rich guide but a get rich slowly scheme. Growing finances carefully and intelligently will be proven the best way to becoming rich.

    Sage Intacct delivers powerful and deep functionality to transform your finance operation and unleash the true potential of your organization. On their blog, ideas, advice and news from the Sage Intacct community are geared towards CFO’s and financial leaders so the content focuses on high-level best practices to improve businesses.

    Everybody Loves Your Money is part of the District Media, LLC portfolio of blogs. Our objective is to deliver high-quality personal finance news and advice that informs, empowers, educates and entertains the public. We provide this information free of charge through our portfolio of personal finance websites, with all operating expenses paid through advertising.

    The Dames in Debt are two, millennial sisters working off their debt from coast to coast. Follow along for advice on how to live large on a small budget and a fresh perspective on life with debt.

    Dual Income, No Kids launched in the spring of 2006 and is now part of District Media, LLC. With over 10 million visitors and syndication on Google News, District Media delivers high-quality personal finance news and advice. Our 58 blogs inform, empower, educate and entertain the public — free of charge, with all operating expenses financed by advertising.

    My Wealth Solutions is one of the internet’s finest go-to sites when you’re in need of financial advice. They help everyday families tackle life’s financial challenges. No matter which stage you are at on your financial journey, you’ll surely find the answer to your unique financial circumstance on their website.

    Celebrating Financial Freedom is a personal finance blog based on Christian money principles. Started by Dr. Jason Cabler in 2011, we teach people how to make more money, get out of debt, manage money better, and give more, all from a common sense and Christian perspective. Hundreds of articles on every aspect of personal finance + online courses too!

    Bravias Financial is an independent financial planning firm focused on retirement planning, insurance planning and investment management. On our blog you can read weekly market updates and find countless original articles and weekly videos about a variety of topics relating to the world of finance.

    Don’t let the name fool you – Money Under 30 has a great information for all of you, no matter how old you are. From loan advice to budgeting tips and a little bit of everything in between, this blog keeps up with regular content to keep you in the know. The most popular categories include credit cards, your credit, debt payoff, investing, home buying, and car buying.

    MyMoneySouq blog is one stop for all financial solutions in Dubai, UAE. They provide up to date information on personal loans, credit cards, home loans, insurance, and much more for UAE Nationals and Expats. Their financial blog includes all the information right from credit card offers from several banks in the UAE to the tips and tricks in managing funds.

    Nimble is a simple, stress-free way to borrow money. Get an online decision and once approved, have your money paid within 60mins of confirming your loan. Their blog provides some fantastic articles on topics such as lifestyle, finance and health

    The blog Day to Day Finance provides all kinds of suggestions, tricks, and hacks related to daily finance that can solve day to day money problems. This blog makes boring difficult financial topics interesting and easy to understand. Day to Day Finance presents every possible practical solution to financial issues that are closely connected with our lives.

    Bonsai is the freelancer’s best friend when it comes to getting freelance invoices paid fast and sharing in-depth resources meant to ease your life. You’ll find step by step guides not only for your freelance financials, but for all aspects of a freelance business. Loved, followed, and used by 100,000+ freelance designers, developers, writers, and consultants.

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