• The world of education is going at an unstoppable speed. We can daily learn about cutting-edge technologies changing the schools and how students spend their time in them. If we don’t follow the trends, we will miss out on the opportunity these changes offer us at improving the education. It was probably never this important to make sure to stay up-to-speed on all the trends, for both teachers and parents, and learn about the best new methods, programs, devices and literature in the education field.

  • You want to provide an effective and enjoyable educational experience for your kids, right? You don’t want to stifle creativity and curiosity! And you don’t want to overwhelm and stress to weigh you down. You will find resources and support here on Rock Your Homeschool to help you along your journey

    Dr. Robert Muller is an experienced, and well-published author, teacher, and researcher who has been teaching and conducting research in Sociology, Criminology, Politics and Public Health in the university sector since 1993. In addition, Robert has been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) since 1984 in a range of different cultures, including Turkey, Italy, England, and Australia. Robert has been operating the GAMSAT Essay Secrets Coaching Program since 2007.

    At Home Science Tools, their purpose and focus are summed up in two simple words: Inspired Learning.  Their company was created to help homeschooling families get the resources they need to create meaningful, hands-on science opportunities. This allows you to inspire your kids to learn more about the world around us. That effort has since expanded to help meet the needs of teachers and schools. They also serve science enthusiasts or those looking to buy gifts for kids with an interest in science.

    The Prepper Journal is a daily survival blog devoted to a wide variety of preparedness, survival, self-reliance and personal defense topics for readers who want to protect themselves and their family from seen and unseen disasters in our future. The Prepper  Journal was started in January of 2013, with the goal of helping people become more prepared for life’s curve-balls. It is our belief that anyone can take steps to be more prepared for natural or man-made disasters regardless of your age or physical ability.

    Course Suggest is one of the leading education reviews and comparison provider worldwide. They have listed more than 30,000 institutes in 360+ course categories. They are helping you to enhance your career with the best courses and corporate training.

    Polite On Society is a blog of political and social commentary primarily aimed at the African-American community. It is purposely named to play on the idea that certain issues are not meant to be discussed in the context of society at large.

    This website contains various articles relating to our impending doom, and hopefully will improve your chances for surviving the coming apocalypse

    Discover The Best AI Websites & Tools 8984 AIs and 233 categories in the best AI tools directory. AI tools list & GPTs store are updated daily by ChatGPT.

    DoTEFL is a global TEFL course directory where you can search hundreds of TEFL courses to find the ideal TEFL course for you. They also provide great information on teaching English online and abroad, along with English teaching tips and TEFL job opportunities.

    UniAcco is a premium cross-border housing platform for students who aspire to study abroad. We offer all rounded solutions to international students in terms of accommodation, education loan and applying to universities with scholarships. At UniAcco, the journey of a student staying abroad is dealt with transparency and simplicity, ensuring a hassle-free study abroad experience. 

    CollegeXpress is a free college planning website used by millions of college-bound students, parents, and counselors—basically anyone who needs help learning about the college search and application process, financial aid opportunities, and more. You’ll find tons of articles and advice written by college admission experts, school counselors, and real students. CX also offers college and grad school search tools, a huge scholarship database, unique lists and rankings, and other resources to help you navigate high school, college, and beyond.


    Cannabis Life Network gives voice to the growers, entrepreneurs, and consumers who live and breathe cannabis, and not just when they’re smoking it. Through its partnerships with Craig Ex of Expert Joints and #Studio710, CLN creates entertaining and educational content that shines a spotlight on those who continue to push the culture and movement forward, while providing a much-needed counterpoint to the often negative coverage in the mainstream media.

    Online Masters Getting your Masters degree online is highly convenient and can be completed at a pace which suits you best. Online Masters degrees awarded by accredited online colleges and universities have the same respect and prestige as those from traditional educational institutions.

    Current School News is a subsidiary school news portal with an aim of providing useful and valuable information about Higher Institutions, Scholarships, Study-abroad, Jobs, Sport, Tech, Health, and much more to students at all levels of education – Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, and Post-doctoral levels

    Pixorize creates easy-to-remember visual stories for the most difficult MCAT and USMLE Step 1 topic so that you can recall more and score higher on test day.

    Employing only specialists, this site provides the best services to English-speaking students in universities and schools. Regardless of the place of study, faculty, and assignment, this service will provide high-quality assistance in a short time. You can also be sure of the absence of plagiarism

    It is the one-stop destination for NCERT solutions for class 6 to class 12 for all subjects. Here you will get detailed chapter-wise solutions for each subject. You can read these solutions online or can download the solutions in a PDF file.

    Students can now enhance their knowledge with the most reliable NCERT solutions online. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive explanations with logic on every topic in an easy-to-understand manner, then FullNCERTSolutions is the right place to browse. The ultimate objective of students is to understand the subject matter thoroughly so that they get good marks in examinations. We aim to help students broaden their knowledge with our solutions and also be a ready reckoner during exam time

    This company takes pride in providing the highest level of services to students worldwide. That’s why they hire only proficient ENL experts with degrees and extensive expertise in academic writing. The outstanding academic writers will crack any complex task in any subject of study.

    Created for teachers, by teachers, RobotLAB has developed award-winning, standards-aligned K-12 programs, which use robots, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence to enhance learning, understanding, and information-retention while maximizing schools' investment in curricula. Our innovative and award-winning programs are helping schools across the country to excel in these subjects while using robots, computer science, coding, and programming, helping learns to develop 21st-century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, all while learning core-subjects in a fun and engaging way.

    Mariabruna has been practicing and facilitating SoulCollage® since she first met Seena Frost in 1996.

    Being a curious being, incessantly interested in cultures, the arts, science, psychology, spirituality, healing, anthropology and altered states of consciousness, Mariabruna has participated to countless workshops, lectures, seminars and trainings. She brings well over three decades of practice as a researcher, educator, counselor, mentor, and facilitator to her work with individuals, groups, classes, and conference presentations.

    If you are interested in expanding your capacity to perceive, receive and transmit collective wisdom, to free your own inner artist and sage join her for one workshop or a retreat, and when you feel ready to share with others what you have learnt come to a Training.

    Giving voice to our wounds and suffering that otherwise feel inexpressible can be our greatest catalyst to healing. We do not heal in silence and separateness. Hearing the story of another can help us say, “Perhaps if they can do it, so can I.” While many psychotherapists cloak their past in mystery, my approach is to deliberately share parts of me that can aid in the healing of others. I want to give voice to my story on the slightest possibility that it may break the hold of the shame that keeps so many of us silent. And I believe without a doubt that hearing each other’s stories helps us feel less alone.

    The blog is a collection of parenting and homeschooling articles designed to connect parents with inspiration and resources to navigate their parenting journey with success!

    Native Hope is a resource helping Native communities meet their needs. We talk with community members, listen to their needs, and partner with tribal entities—in a unified effort to dismantle barriers, inspire empowerment, and give hope for a promising tomorrow.

    The Western Michigan Genealogical Society was founded in 1954 with the purpose of preserving and making available for genealogical research the records of our ancestors; encouraging and assisting members in genealogical research; promoting the exchange of knowledge and encouraging the deposit of genealogical records in established libraries and archives.

    Kids World Fun is an online portal with free educational resources for children, teachers and parents. It offers high quality educational, informative, and mentoring support for encouraging creativity, art, academic excellence, and life skill proficiency. The main unique feature of the portal is its prestigious International Short Story Contest for schoolchildren. This contest aims to bring out the best in the youngsters around the world, giving them opportunities to express their creativity and energy in constructive ways. This International Short Story Contest has attracted an overwhelming number of responses from all over the world. Attractive cash prizes are paid to the winners, and all winning, as well as highly commended stories, are published on the website. is an online platform where you can get different kinds of writing help for free. Topic ideas, sample papers, and writing guides are composed of professionals to ease students’ lives at universities. Visit the needed section of the website, or use the search box, and get help in no time. Follow the guides and learn how to work on academic papers in practice.

    Infographic is also called as Information graphics. It’s nothing but a realistic visual representation of information, learning expected to present complex data rapidly & plainly. is an infographic website that gimmicks quality infographics with short outline under various classifications. The main aim of is to rundown infographics which is pertinent to users by ensuring that the infographic contains high quality information and data.

    MyEducationHub is an education portal. Whether you are starting out in the job market, looking to advance your career or simply keeping an eye out for better work, navigating a job search can be tough. Our blog provides advice and tips on growing your career, as well as finding and securing your dream job.

    At we offer high quality academic writing services that specialize in assisting individuals like yourself in creating the well-constructed, professional, eye-catching text you need. Be assured that we maintain only the highest standards in qualifications for our staff, hiring MAs and PhDs with relevant degrees in all academic fields, and with ample experience in writing and editing. With the help of these professionals, your document will be fashioned with the utmost care, using appropriate academic language, while arguing your thesis with sound evidence and pertinent facts.

    The only independent solution to course topic research and keyword analytics for successful online teaching. Teachinguide helps online instructors with competitive resources to create and sell their online courses and teach online. Helping Udemy instructors with insights and tactics to improve their online course business

    Writing an academic paper requires a lot of efforts and time to search for the information needed to compose just the paper one was assigned. Having all the stuff gathered in one place will make the life much easier;’s blog is just the source you can get the required material from – sample essays on various up-to-date issues, writing tips as well as step-by-step guides, hot topics for essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, and other academic pieces you could be assigned to the college. No need to waste time on searching, it is already done for you. Grab and benefit!

    FULL FABRIC is a higher education solutions and technology company. We help institutions around the world attract and engage the best applicants and streamline existing processes, through our Admissions and CRM software suite.

    Our mission is to advance education by empowering individuals and communities through innovation and technology.

    EDUPUB (EDUPEDIA PUBLICATIONS PVT LTD) is a New Delhi based Publishing Company working towards excellence in the Printing & Publishing space, and believe in pursuing business through innovation and technology. Our team comes with several years of industry experience, and comprise of a highly motivated set of specialists & industry experts. Our goal is to be a leader in the industry by providing enhanced products, services, relationship, and profitability.

    Don L. Price Positive Change Solution Provider, Life Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist Don L. Price… committed to helping people through hypnosis and transformation coaching to reach goals, improve athletic performance, overcome fears, doubt, depression, phobias, anxiety, shyness and procrastination… and more!

    The purpose of this website is to provide you with sewing tips, review the latest products and most importantly, build a community for us to express our love for sewing.

    Bored Teachers is a place for educators of all levels and ages to find humor in the frustration, exhaustion, and complexity that comes with the profession. Bored Teachers is the portal to share laughter, release stress, and inspire teachers all over. It started with a small community of teachers on Instagram and has attracted enough overworked and underpaid teachers to evolve into this site!

    TutorASAP prides itself in providing experienced teachers yielding the best possible results at the lowest prices. Their company offers high-quality service to children and a rewarding and well-paying opportunity for teachers. But they’re more than just a tutoring company. Their blog offers insights into the world of education for both teachers and students.

    New Classrooms was founded by many members of the team that created School of One, an initiative incubated within the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) in 2009. Co-Founders Joel Rose and Chris Rush launched School of One to determine whether it was possible to design a school-based learning model that integrated live, online, and collaborative learning in ways that met the unique needs of each learner each day.

    This blog was started to teach Piano to everyone in a fun and interesting way. Not everyone likes to go through the fundamentals before the start of a piano lesson. My has plenty of songs with easy to follow letter notations so that you can start playing your favorite songs right away.

    StudentTutor was founded under the mission to “Spark Bright Futures” and guide students toward academic and lifetime success. You won’t find a group of professionals more committed to your child’s success. was developed by former tutors – Todd who earned over $85,000 in scholarships and Laura MAED, former AP high school teacher.

    SmileTutor is the leading home tuition agency for parents and students looking for home tutors. It amalgamates the home tuition service for all subjects, levels, & examinations curriculum with personalized teaching style. Smiletutor is perfect for students who don’t have enough time to go to the tutors after school or college.

    nfoSec Institute was founded in 1998 by an expert team of information security instructors. Their goal was to build a business by offering the best possible training experience for students. InfoSec Institute has trained over 50,000 individuals on everything from industry standard certifications as the CISSP to highly technical customized Windows Kernel Reverse Engineering courses. Unlike other training companies that have been founded by non-technical business persons, InfoSec Institute deeply understands the needs of today’s IT professionals and is best positioned to offer world-class training. You also might want to check their scholarship opportunities for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

    GradGuard is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group LLC, the nation’s first comprehensive insurance and benefits solution specifically designed for the collegiate market.

    SAF School Management software is designed to free up more time for teaching, increase interaction in the classroom and help raise the quality of education.

    The Careers and Education News website is provided as a service to everyone involved in Careers Guidance or Education in Ireland.

    The author of ICT in Education, Terry Freedman originally set up this website to provide users, teachers, leaders and managers of educational ICT and Computing high-quality articles that provide both information and food for thought. Most of the articles are written by him, as he tries to make as much of the content here relevant to educationalists wherever they happen to live, especially as the site enjoys visits from all over the world.

    Smartick is a world-class method for learning math for children between 4-14 years old. It consists of 15-minute daily sessions where your child works on arithmetic, logic, and reasoning exercises appropriate to their level and learning pace. Smartick requires hard work and dedication in order to attain results. Students are encouraged to learn from mistakes and create their unique strategies of resolution. As a result, students gain key problem-solving and critical thinking skills necessary in today’s competitive world. They also develop grit and a strong work ethic that prepares them to grapple with the challenges in and out of the classroom.

    Senior Care Central/IRC provides educational excerpts, blog posts and resources. It also offers tailored educational programs, legal nurse and professional consulting and provides international rehabilitation consulting, through the branch of SCC, named IRC.

    Every day teachers, school leaders, researchers, organizations, and students discover new ideas and methods to make learning more effective, interesting and motivating. The European Commission launched Open Education Europa to capture these ideas and ensure that anyone from across the EU can find, discuss and learn how to bring innovation to the world of education. The site focuses primarily on the potential of digital technologies and materials to improve teaching and learning.

    LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use and reliable training solution for individuals and enterprises. A fully customizable, white-label solution to train employees and associates, educate customers, or sell online courses to a wide audience. Much more than just selling online courses, LearnWorlds comes with a built-in Social Community, an Interactive Video player, Beautiful Templates, Modular Pages Builder, Assessment Engine, Automated Certificates and Advanced Analytics for designing a holistic online learning experience.

    Attention all Educators! Larry facilitates a treasure of interactive and problem-solving activities that excite, stimulate, and challenge. Boosting morale for overworked and underpaid teachers is just the beginning. Outcomes include: – Re-charging teacher morale – Connecting and building relationships – Handling change – Building trust with new & veteran teachers – Learning & growing through professional development – Appreciating each other’s differences and strengths – Remembering why we chose this profession & boosting teacher motivation is a search engine dedicated to corporate training and further education. Our goal is to help individuals and companies find relevant courses or providers for Professional Development training in the UK and abroad.

    Learning Ally is a national non-profit dedicated to helping students with print disabilities, including blindness, visual impairment, and dyslexia. Learning Ally improves the way students learn at home and in the classroom.

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