• Gardening and growing your own food, fruits and vegetables have become increasingly popular. For some people it is a hobby, some others do it for living, but what is common for all of them is love for gardening. In this list, you will find the best blogs, advice, and suggestions about this field and get many innovative ideas!

  • YardYum connects people that have garden space with people that need space to garden. Rent garden plots from local homeowners, community gardens, farms, schools, churches, and businesses. It’s 100% free to use!

    Perfect Plants is a family owned and operated mail-order plant nursery located in north Florida. Our extensive history with cultivating landscape trees and shrubs began in 1980 and eventually moved online in 2013. With over 150 unique varieties of privacy trees, fruit trees, shrubs, houseplants, and more, we have something for everyone. We hope to help every customer with their gardening endeavors by providing high-quality plants and knowledgable research via our blogs to be able to grow them properly. Check out our blogs and grow guides for the specifics and happy planting!

    Founded in Arizona in 1995, Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States, now operating 32 locations across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas, with more than 200,000 acres of nursery property. While leading the industry in professional landscape design, expert planting services, and cutting-edge nutrients and fertilizers, Moon Valley Nurseries is home to the world's best trees and plants. For more information, visit

    Ann Katelyn the founder of Sumo Gardener has dedicated most of her life to gardening. She has been a fan of flowers and plants ever since she was a kid. Ann’s Sumo Gardener Blog deep dives into the best methods for growing plants, fruits, and vegetables from seeds, grafting, and propagation. Ann hopes her advice will benefit beginners and veterans who really want to excel in gardening.

    Succulent Alley is a blog by long-time succulent lover Janie and her business/private partner Evan. In this blog, you will find lots of great ideas, advice, and inspiration about succulents. From where to buy your first succulent to understanding and caring for them, Succulent Alley has all the answers and recommendations. Janie and Evan are also friendly and helpful to respond to your succulent-related questions. Remember to follow them on Facebook too!

    Welcome to The Flower Podcast!!  We encourage, inspire, and educate floral entrepreneurs from all aspects of floral industry.  Our goal is to create content through personal, relaxed podcast interviews with today’s industry leaders, successful pioneers, and budding newcomers. Discussing design, flower farming,  business, personal successes and experiences, this podcast covers all issues shared by floral creatives, and flower growers. 

    Find us and subscribe on most podcast platforms, follow us @theflowerpodcast, Facebook, and Pinterest.  Watch episodes, tutorials, and much more on our new YouTube Channel.  We invite you to explore for beautiful images, our complete guest library, and inspiring blog.


    Home, Garden and Homestead is the online Guide to Modern Living. HG&H covers what's new, trending and awesome for homes, gardens and homesteads of all sizes. Our goal is to make the world a better place one home, one garden and one homestead at a time.

    I am Florence Grovida and I own and write for Florence Grovida Gardening. It all started when I was still studying in college, way back when blogging was still some online journal to write your rants and raves about (think it’s still that way, only more refined). I created blogs whenever I felt like and deleted them the moment I became bored.

    Florence Grovida Gardening is my personal blog so I write articles that mostly interests me, like blogging, writing, life, society and culture, books, and personal development. I’m also an opinionated person so you would definitely find me sharing my point of views here, there, and everywhere in this

    At A Green Hand, they provide a one stop shop for all your organic living, organic gardening and beauty queries. They understand the effort you put into leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body and mind, and their goal is to make everything easy for you by providing information that answers all those questions racing through your mind.

    Garden Nursery – Best site of Gardening Tips, landscaping ideas, and lawn care, they answer any question about, lawn, grass, plants, irrigation, fertilization.

    The Epic Gardening mission is to promote urban gardening, hydroponics, and aquaponics for a more sustainable future of food. Epic Gardening was created by Kevin to share his interest in hydroponic gardening and sustainable food production with anyone and everyone who wants to learn more.

    FarmFoodFamily focuses on homesteading guides and stories. This includes gardening, raising livestock animals (chickens, ducks, goats, etc.), beekeeping, survival, prepping, food preservation and recipes, foraging, farming, frugal living, off-grid alternatives, tools, woodworking, DIY, home decor, family and self-sufficiency.

    Growlink is the leading provider of data-driven automation and networking systems for greenhouse and indoor farming. By offering a personalized and blended smart farm platform to automate and control connected devices, including climate, irrigation, and feed systems, Growlink is changing the way farmers work.

    Using AI, the Internet of Things, and data, we’re making innovations easier and more accessible by creating a future in farming with more significant opportunities and sustainability.

    We are a floristry, plant, and lifestyle city resource curated by a passionate team of horticulturists, floral & plant enthusiasts, budding designers, and intrepid urban gardeners. We’re committed to showcasing the best in floral and plant design, sharing our experience and recommendations on the best blooms and greenery for every occasion, season, and living environment, and spreading our love of the enchanting world of flowers and plants.

    Let's Homestead! Join us as we employ regenerative agriculture to build our dream garden & farm…and learn how you can too! Also, grab our 40+ FREE garden & homestead printables to help you on your journey. Just check them out here–>

    Their mission is to help every gardener, beginner or expert, become a better gardener. They strive to bring the reader informative, yet entertaining, content about the gardening world.

    Garden Collage is a new type of lifestyle gardening publication. Their mission is to bring the garden into people’s lives, from the farm to the fire escape.

    Urban-style Organic Gardening blog is about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources.

    Improve your life, the life of others, and our planet by growing healthy plants & raising animals with love

    Our mission is simple, we want to improve the life of at least 1 million people.

    A close friend once told me: becoming a millionaire is not related to money, but to touch and improve the lives of a million people, and that is exactly what we set out to do with Planted Well.

    How, you ask? By taking you on our humble journey of growing healthy plants and raising animals we love, with love.

    But why? Because it is important, now more than ever, to know how to grow your own food and start to understand where your food is coming from.

    Not only will you feel mentally and physically better by doing so, but we also improve our planet along the way, for generations to come.

    Growing Family is a gardening blog sharing ideas, inspiration and tips for fitting gardening into busy family life, and getting the kids involved.  We firmly believe you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy gardening, and hope the blog inspires people to have a go and have fun in the process. posts stories of interest to everyone who wants to create an attractive and healthy environment in their homes and gardens. was named the Best Gardening Website by GardenComm, and international association of garden writers.

    Mary Kelava has spent years collecting information on how flowers make us happier and healthier. She has created ‘The Floral Prescription’ to share everything she's learned about the beautiful flower world with you.

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    Planter makes planning your veggie garden easy! With its easy drag-and-drop interface, you can plan your garden in minutes. It's great for both beginners and master gardeners alike, with all the important info quickly available at a glance, and much more detailed information for each plant. Planter has built-in companion planting, so you'll know whether the plants you've selected go well together.


    The features don’t end there. It’s got pest and disease information, a growing calendar, and a space to take notes during the gardening season. Planter is run by a small, dedicated team of gardeners who are continually improving the app!

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