• Stay updated on cycling news, the latest in commuter, road, and mountain bikes and gear, cycling tips, races and other events, and bike news that interests you. These blogs, written by fellow cycling enthusiasts, will keep you informed and motivated about the sport you love.

  • Prepper’s Will helps people obtain peace of mind by becoming more self-reliant in all aspects of life. It is the place where you can learn how to become self-sufficient, how to put food on the table, and how to be prepared for anything that life may throw at you.


    Ashley Cowie is a Scottish television presenter and documentary filmmaker and his blog marries history and adventure with films and research articles. Always offering interesting perspectives on old problems this blog is great for outdoor enthusiasts who love discovery and adventure in the ancient world. And for those of you who like to get out there and experience history ‘hands on’ you can join Ashley and his teams exploring, metal detecting and filming in Scotland, North America and Colombia.

    AWE365 is all about helping you plan action sports and adventure travel all over the world. From skydiving to scuba diving, hiking to biking, skiing to surfing, camping to kitesurfing and climbing to kayaking, we cover over 60 activities in thousands of destinations. Our goal is to help people have #AdventuresEveryday. Whether adventures are big or small, daily or monthly, getting outdoors and doing something active and exciting is what motivates us and we hope to inspire you to do the same.

    Alpha Survivalist is a site created for Preppers, Survivalists, and anyone having a general interest in the great outdoors. Alpha Survivalist provides information about how best to survive in all types of environment and during all types of emergency situations and also includes comprehensive reviews of essential items of survival gear.

    Life began in a garden. Gardening is life. As the Goddess Gardener, I want to be your guide on the side providing you with garden insights, tips, trips, and inside peeks at the best of the natural world. You will also be encouraged, inspired, entertained, and motivated to be your best self . Turn your failures into fertilizer and grow a new garden. Be a Goddess in your personal Eden. Join me on my gardening adventure! For more information, visit, http://www.GoddessGardener.com. Tune into my weekly radio show at http://www.StarStyleRadio.com. Happy Gardening! Keep digging deep.

    Brown Gal Trekker is founded by a former lawyer who turned into a mountain nomad to pursue her passion for the outdoors.  BGT is an outdoors focused media site that aims to promote global trekking/traveling, diversity and women in the outdoors, and off the beaten path trekking destinations.  It strives to inspire readers to push their boundaries and trek or travel far and wide globally.

    The Helpful Hiker is an outdoor blog, aimed at getting families to spend more time outside. Lauren decided to start writing after being disappointed, and somewhat intimidated, by existing outdoor writers. They seemed to expect a certain amount of prior knowledge, plus the gear they featured seemed overly technical (and expensive!) for her needs. As a lover of spending time outdoors despite her urban setting, Lauren decided to start The Helpful Hiker to share ideas and advice.

    Bike 198 is your one stop online resource for everything cycling related. From extreme mountain biking to century road rides to urban commutes, they handle everything from bike and component reviews to riding tips and industry news.

    Joe and his wife Maggie together run Average Joe Cyclist, a blog for average people that enjoy riding a bike. They have a great community of people who are not professionals, but just regular people who are having fun on their bikes. Here, you can find best cycling nutrition advice, best routes and cycling guides, necessary gear and much more. You will also find lots of guest post articles and one of their most popular guest posts is about fun places to go on honeymoon – on a bike!

    Andrew, the founder of Cycling Europe, is a great outdoor lover and adventure seeker and he writes about travel and cycling – filling readers in with his exploits while exploring. From delivering news on events, places to visit and new initiatives, this blog has a range of posts about cycling tours and Andrew’s travelogues.

    INRNG or The Inner Ring focuses on cycling, for both amateurs and professionals, as well as focusing on things that get overlooked by mainstream media. INRNG provides fans with cycling news, general chat, comment pieces, updates on events and analysis. This blog is good for anyone seeking not only a fair round-up of news about pro cycling and the bike industry, but also balanced analysis of it that’s not influenced by advertising.

    At AVA, we specialize in creating unforgettable outdoor experiences in Colorado. In addition to world-class whitewater rafting on eight different rivers across Colorado, we also provide zip line tours at two locations, rock climbing, fly fishing, horseback riding, off-road tours, train rides, hot air balloon rides, cabins and camping.

    Active Planet Travels is an outdoor adventure travel site that base’s it’s articles on real-life experiences, reaching out to a broad range of travelers, travel bloggers, journalists, students and anyone else looking for information, tips, and products related to the travel industry. Explore with us as we explore the 7 continents and take outdoor adventure travel to the next extreme!

    At Ryno Tuff, we specialize in providing a high-quality gear for outdoors and sports. We’ve seen far too many broken sticks and bad equipment going wrong when least expected. Our bad experiences have not only taught us more than a few lessons but also inspired us to give back to the community – gear that people can rely on. With our motto For When The Tough Get Going and a clear vision, we’ve set our minds to provide with the equipment that will make people’s adventures an ever-lasting joy, awesomeness, and fulfillment. We pride ourselves in our work and are happy to know that people are proud to be using our stuff.

    Need inspiration on easy ways to get your family outdoors to play? Check out the Colorado Mountain Mom for tips on everything from tips on family outdoor recreation, to backyard play ideas for kids, to fun vacation getaways. Tami, her husband, and two kids live in Western Colorado where they get out to camp, hike, mountain bike, ski, or just go fishing every chance they get!

    This is one of the most stylish sites about cycling we’ve came across. It’s a great source of ideas and inspiration for Cyclists who first and foremost consider riding a statement—fashion and otherwise. Rapha Blog is well made, gorgeously detailed and written by an amazing group of experienced people.

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