• The career development of the 21st century is fast-paced, dynamic and a lot more diversified than in the previous century.

    If you’re looking to get some career inspiration, try working on your reading list to get a grasp of what is on the market today.

    You may stumble onto some big career blogs, but don’t neglect the somewhat lesser-known corners on the internet. Believe us, they warrant your attention, too.

    It’s our job here at Blog Frog to give you a list you can work with (the blogosphere our stage), we’ve sifted the blogging noise to find the real gold for you.

  • Deliberate Directions provides business and executive coaching, virtual boards of advisors, business planning workshops, a business valuation service, the Deliberate Leaders podcast, and more to help leaders reach their full potential. A leading service in the Northwest, Deliberate Directions has been featured in The Huffington Post, Clutch, and Success Magazine.

    Landing.Jobs is a candidate-driven tech careers marketplace dedicated to matchmaking great tech talent with the best opportunities. Our mission is to help you take control of your tech career from the very beginning, whether that means finding you your dream job, helping you get paid wherever you are, or assisting in your relocation. Always get feedback and support at light speed.

    This is a one-stop resource for age discrimination news, articles, original comments, case reviews, and research. Its content is created by experts in the UK and around the world.

    The ultimate careers, tech, and change management tips hub for job seekers and professionals.

    Serving over a thousand companies worldwide, Grove HR is an all-in-one HR platform for modern companies that aim at empowering employees to develop their full potential. As an HR companion of SMBs, Grove HR also provides a  go-to resource for startup founders, HR, and non-HR leaders to build, manage and retain their top talents. With more than 500+ templates, checklists, and in-depth guides, you can find everything you need to solve your HR challenges.


    Founded in 2014, The HR Gazette publishes fresh perspectives on topics connected with Human Resources and improving the ways we work. Topics covered include in the website and in the popular HRchat Podcast include HR Technology, Talent Management, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Benefits, Law, Performance, Learning, Strategy, and Leadership.

    CareerAlley provides job search and career advice to help you find the job and career of your dreams. We have experts who advise on job search, interviewing, resume writing as well as other career and business related topics. CareerAlley has thousands of articles that will help you take your career to the next level.

    The Pulse by Intiva Health features career tips, resources, and trending topics within the healthcare industry so you never miss a beat. No matter the stage in your healthcare career, keep up with the pulse of the industry and advance your career in unimaginable ways.

    HR Future has been helping companies and their people prepare for the Future of Work for the past 20 years – long before anyone else was thinking about the future!


    Fuzu is a career development platform supporting professionals with the job, learning, and growth opportunities across Africa. As a career companion, Fuzu provides career builders with a massive database of educative and inspirational content and access to career coaches. It’s an essential resource if you are looking to get ahead of the job market.


    As a key player in the HR software sphere, GoCo offers a hub for anything and everything HR-related. Our goal is to help small to medium-sized businesses spend less time on manual, painful, and complex HR tasks, so they can focus on growing happier, more productive teams. Whether you’re an HR professional/business owner looking for tips around remote employee onboarding, COVID-19 recovery strategies, employee engagement, or benefits administration, you’re sure to find a relevant resource on the blog.

    Unremot Blog is a bookmark worthy site for those building a career through remote jobs. You’ll find plenty of helpful articles on how to make it as a work from home employees.
    It’s also a great resource for those who want to understand various remote job opportunities available around the world. The platform offers a virtual office solution for distributed teams and is run a fully remote team.

    Berxi is a division of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance that offers professional liability insurance to individuals who work in the healthcare and professional services industries. Our goal is to help people grow and protect their careers, so we’ve dedicated our blog to providing readers with all the job-related tips, hacks, and advice they’ll need to do just that. So no matter whether you’re looking for interview tips, stress-management techniques, or recommendations for the best accounting software for small businesses, you’ll find it all on our blog.

    PowerToFly is the fastest growing online platform and community connecting women and underrepresented talent with companies committed to creating inclusive workplaces and each other. We help women upskill through live video programming, connections with executives at major organizations, and finding roles at peer-reviewed companies for the career you ought to have. Want to advance your career on your terms? Get started by creating a free profile today.

    Sales POP! is an online magazine initiated by Pipeliner CRM. They bring all their unique content under one hood in order to empower sales leaders/managers/pros.

    The ULS blog, the Campus Commons, is THE resource for college students and recent grads applying to jobs and internships in the US and abroad. They offer advice on everything from how to write your first resume and cover letter to interview tips and more. From application to graduation and beyond, ULS is here to help!

    Want to supplement your income staying at home? No matter where you’re at, we are here to help! Hearmefolks focusses on providing resourceful guides to people looking to setup an online business, make passive income, take up a side job, or make money online. We personally find, vet, and write about the remote jobs & career opportunities included in the portal.

    Hppy is an employee engagement insights platform, providing leaders and HR managers information, data and ideas for creating better workplaces. We provide content and services that support leaders to be more efficient in designing, implementing and understanding employee engagement strategies.

    Margaret Buj specializes in helping professionals get hired, promoted and earn more. She has 15 years of experience in recruiting for global technology and eCommerce companies across Europe & the US, and in the last 13 years, She successfully coached hundreds of people to get the jobs and promotions they really wanted.

    Meridian Counseling is a group practice located in Los Angeles, CA. Their blog and their practice are focused on bringing more awareness and de-stigmatizing mental health! Their goal is to get everyone into therapy- because when we all unpack the part of our lives that are holding us back, free ourselves of our limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns- we become the best versions of ourselves and through that create better relationships, communities and slowly change the world into a better place.

    The Best Way for Connecting U.S. Military Veterans with Civilian Careers! Recognized by industry experts as a leader since 2003, they offer Employers access to resumes and job postings so they can efficiently reach their unique visitors. For U.S. Veteran job seekers, they offer the very best and relevant jobs offered by world-class companies in the USA and abroad. These job seekers are often located near employers, or if not, the military will pay most/all of the relocation expenses for transitioning service members, so it can be very economical to hire these individuals. Highly skilled, well educated, self-disciplined, with excellent experience and initiative and often having active security clearances, HV offers an efficient and very economical way to recruit from this extremely qualified candidate pool!

    Careers in Sport access leading professionals in the fields of sports business, coaching, development, media, and science to provide you with advice on the qualifications and experience required to get ahead in the industry.

    JobGet is the fastest job platform for anyone looking for a job in the retail and hospitality industry, reducing the timeline from weeks to minutes.

    They are currently working with thousands of employers in Boston on finding the right staff quickly, as well as helping thousands of job seekers find their dream jobs within minutes. JobGet is a MassChallenge startup and Gold Award Winner, as well as an MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge Global Grand Prize Winner. They are looking to reshape the employment landscape for hourly employers and professionals to be instant, accessible, and efficient.

    Unsettled is a global community for those who embrace the unknown and value meaningful human connection. Unsettled’s official blog, Into the Unknown, is a collection of weekly musings on the intersection of work, life, and adventure in the 21st century.

    What sets them apart from other estate planning attorneys and services is their years of experience and their specialized knowledge. They guarantee tailor-made, targeted solutions designed just for you. Don’t fall for “boilerplate” website solutions that don’t consider your specific needs. They offer personalized service and advice to fit your specific legal issues.

    Michael Wigge, a motivational speaker in the US, also provides his motivational work in Europe for corporate clients about change management, stress management, resilience, and leadership.

    Best Company emerged from a passion project of the founders. In 2011, the founders heard a number of companies complain that review sites kept strong-arming them into paying higher fees to keep their #1 position on the site. Appalled at what this meant for consumers who were trying to choose the best company and what this meant for companies that were trying to do business the right way, the founders investigated the review site industry further.

    Communitelligence is a consultancy and knowledge-sharing network that helps professionals make better business decisions.

    Great Work Life – Have A Great Work & Life

    The mission of Great Work Life is to help people to get that promotion, earn more, feel fulfilled & deepen their relationships with respectful ethical leadership. Packed full of long-form articles covering topics such as how to be a great team leader or manager, how to get promoted without having to ask, how to make good decisions in life or business and so much more. Barry the founder has 23 year of leadership experience in Silicon Vally corporations such as IBM, Compaq, , Hewlett Packard, HP Enterprise Services and DXC Technology.

    Upstart University is an online learning platform designed to empower you to pursue purposeful work in the growing local food economy. Upstart U offers over 30 courses on everything from farm business planning to crop science, plus tons of additional digital resources, articles, and more.

    Discover key strategies and business advice for executives and entrepreneurs. The Toptal Insights Blog shares the best management insights and ideas for business leaders.

    • Happy Melly is a global happiness association that is dedicated to helping people be happier at work. We strive to connect like-minded individuals and organizations and provide them with access to practical, insightful and tangible resources — all of which focus on what it takes to find the way to happiness, job satisfaction, professional development and to lead productive and fulfilling lives in meaningful work environments. As a professional body, we want to make job satisfaction and happy work environments the new norms!

    Gapify is a gap year and adventure travel comparison site aimed at 18 to 65 (and older) years. It’s ideal for those seeking a career break or their first gap year experience overseas for the first time. We compare gap year providers in fields such as conservation, teaching overseas, study programmes and much more.

    JGA Recruitment launched in the belief the industry needed a new approach to candidate search and selection.  Our unique, proactive and focused inbound 24/7/365 digital approach to recruitment enable us to engage passive talent not accessible to conventional methods of recruitment.  Our innovative process allows us to provide clients with the best payroll, HR and Marketing candidates available –  the top 15%.

    InteriMarket is the only hybrid solution for enterprises and contractors that not only enables sourcing new talent and assignments 70% faster but also helps create a virtual bench of contractors in real-time. We help businesses increase productivity and speed of contractor availability, and help contractors with speed of work and economic benefits with the power of AI and automation.

    Joyful Source initially started as a personal craft blog that combined the love for writing several daily living helpful guides and tips such as saving money and money-making crafts, which also grew quickly that became a lifestyle blog that tackles about life hacks and inspiration with all kinds topic about home, family, health, fitness, beauty, fashion and many more!

    CareerExperts exists to propel and support professionals on their path to career success. They use their wealth of expertise and experience to help other success-seekers achieve their career goals.

    It is the belief that each business has its own unique fingerprint.  When we recognize and work with each business’s unique strengths and weaknesses, then we see the best results.

    There is no one size fits all for leadership or business modeling.  We are all unique, so playing to our strengths yields the best outcomes.

    A.J. O’Connor (AJO) blogs on a range of topics, including career management, career transition, job search, leadership, teams, and organizations. You can browse by topic category or search by keyword (click the magnifying glass icon at the top of any page). You can also subscribe to the Blog to receive occasional updates on new and popular posts.

    We are here to help with resume writing, job search, interview tips, and starting a new job. Not all of us are lucky enough to work for Google. Most of us dislike our jobs or soon will. In fact, the average worker changes jobs every 2.5 years.

    Careers and Education News is the news channel for everyone involved in Career Guidance and Education. The site carries the latest news items that relate to the area of career selection and an extensive library of material is available for use by Guidance Counsellors or Students.

    The goal of the site is to connect teachers, administrators, students, and just about everyone else with the best technology, educational thinking and industry news available.

    The site features a regular flow of tools, tips, resources, visuals from lots of authors around the world.

    ProSky gives you the ability to innovatively evaluate candidates and develop employees through succession pathways, so you can recruit, hire, and retain the best diverse talent & culture fit.

    Career in Progress offers a wide range of consulting services under the career development umbrella. If you are a job seeker or career changer, Career In Progress can help you prepare for your job search or clarify your career goals for the next phase of your professional journey. How can you apply your talents in a workplace setting? How can your skills benefit an employer? How can you utilize your strengths in an occupation that’s right for you? These are the questions we find answers to and through that coaching process get you on a track to career fulfillment.

    Success in your career depends on being able to thrive in diverse work environments. You will encounter ethical issues and have to deal with civility in the workplace. There are restrictions on your use of social media both at the job and at home. This blog addresses those issues and more. You can also write in for specific advice on a workplace concern or dilemma.

    Lesley Pyle founded in 2007 with a strong desire to help moms find legitimate work from home. Unlike the mega career sites, focuses strictly on home-based jobs and projects that work perfectly for today’s modern mom.

    Prolific Living’s mission is to help you to unlock your truth and then have the courage to live it, breathe it, and share it with the world – and to never be afraid or ashamed of it. If you want to break free of the stagnation that has you trapped, then you should visit this place!

    Jobboard Finder is the world’s largest job-board search engine. It enables you to find the most relevant international job boards for your recruitment campaigns, find valuable and verified information about job boards you don’t know yet. Jobboard Finder gives you the opportunity to search job sites by country, sector, type or name. You can use as many criteria as you want in order to get precise results. More than just the job board’s name, the results list includes key information to offer an outlook of job websites according to the research criteria selected. Jobboard Finder also offers a solution to publish your job listings directly through the web site.

    This blog was created for all women who have ever been on the fence in life, in business, in love. Erica, the founder, envisioned a hub where bright, dynamic, modern, women and moms could be inspired, empowered, educated, entertained and learn something new in their life. She started writing, and it took off immediately. Using all her coaching and entrepreneurial talent and passion, women everywhere connected with the concept of being “stuck and on the fence,” unsure of where to go.

    Military-Civilian, founded by Lucy Jensen, works to bridge the gap between companies looking to fill their open positions with military veterans and their spouses looking for civilian careers.

    Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable. The site was started in May 2008 by Kat Griffin, who was then a litigator at a Wall Street law firm. She wrote the site anonymously until April 2010, and now focuses on Corporette full time. We’ve been honored to receive numerous mentions in the press, and are proud of our respectful yet vibrant community of intelligent, professional women.

    The Remote Leadership Institute offers cutting edge tools, practical training and real-world resources for organizations and individual leaders in the remote workplace. The Remote Leadership Institute is a division of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a learning consulting company.

    This blog is a constant companion of the HR community. You will find articles about exciting trends and news around the HR world as well as interviews with well known keynote speakers of Zukunft Personal, Europe’s leading expos, events & conferences for the world of work. Of course, it is not just our views of the HR world that count and so we will be inviting selected guest authors, experts and other HR bloggers to have their say on a regular basis.

    Instant Impact is an award-winning recruitment company, specializing in placing the UK’s top talent into jobs at entrepreneurial companies, from early-stage start-ups to disruptive scale-ups & forward-thinking large businesses. Since launching in April 2011, we have grown a network of over 70,000 students and graduates as well as a portfolio of over 250 clients including Deliveroo, Funding Circle, Aston Martin, and many more.

    A platform for HR professionals in the Middle East to exchange insights and expertise. The blog features articles, insights and analysis from HR experts in the Middle East with topics ranging from leadership development to compensation and benefits. It is the first blog of its kind to launch in the Middle East.

    The HR Gazette publishes fresh perspectives on topics connected with Human Resources and improving the ways we work such as HR Technology, Wellness, Talent Management, Recruitment, Employee Engagement, Benefits, Law, Performance, Learning, Strategy, and Leadership. Supported by the HRchat Podcast, the site provides an opinion, analysis, news, and reviews from the brightest minds in HR, Talent, and Management.

    We believe that by helping learners and education practitioners keep alive their joy of learning we can contribute to the important cultural work of challenging the current status quo in results-driven education.

    Wonolo is the leading on-demand staffing platform for people who want the flexibility of choosing where and when they work. With Wonolo you’re connected instantly to hourly or daily jobs. Whether it’s working in a warehouse, delivering some packages, or working a two-hour catering event, Wonolo helps businesses and job seekers find the right match.

    PeopleGuru provides cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software to help mid-sized organizations attract, retain, and recognize their people and streamline back-office HR and Payroll functions.

    All Hands is a publication about life at work from Managed by Q, which helps readers navigate the increasingly blurred line between work and our personal lives with thoughtful and actionable career advice.

    Payroll Partners is a national cloud-based payroll, timekeeping and human resources solution provider committed to delivering value through flexible cloud technology and individualized support. Payroll Partners’ mission is to become the leading national provider of human capital management products and services to assist small and medium size businesses achieve efficiency, performance, and economic success.

    Bihog is an On-line News and Media startup. Here we provide career news and ideas about career opportunities in varied dimensions. We also create contents and explore various professions in freelance sector.

    Thinking about a career change or a better job? The Shimmering Careers blog is the place you need. Los Angeles Times award-winning writer, Paul Freiberger, provides executive quality resume and LinkedIn expertise. Paul is author of the best-selling When Can You Start? book series. His blog also provides career coaching, job interview preparation and salary negotiation help. His blog helps you with all aspects of your job search.

    Penelope has started this blog as her fourth venture with the motto: Advice at the intersection of work and life. She has been featured by a long list of media including CNN, ABC News, 20/20, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. She lives in Wisconsin and homeschools her sons.

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