• If you follow movies, television, music, literature, or other forms of popular entertainment, our blogs will keep you up to speed. Whether your preference is mainstream or alternative culture, we promise interesting perspectives on life and society.

  • Created with Love designs date night games to help couples laugh and connect more. Their specialty is date night kits that come with a set of games and activities you and your partner can do together for a whole night of fun and engagement! Each kit comes with four to five games, a themed playlist, movie and dinner challenges, and access to online bonus content.

    Drewography is all about 90s alternative rock. Join your guide Andrew Rosen, who shares stories that reminisce on music's finest era–the 1990s. You're guaranteed to uncover or rediscover some great tunes from the past!

    SeeThru is a site for those who are passionate about games.  SeeThru is the developer of the famous classic helicopter game. We publish reviews, previews, and gaming news for all genres and platforms. This site is dedicated to bringing you Technology, Computing, Gaming, AI, and Platform News.

    3rd-strike.com is an old-school review platform that talks about the latest indie and AAA-games, as well as board games, movies, series, and of course the latest evolutions in the tech industry. We provide daily reviews and news for the newest releases. We have a strong community behind us thanks to Geek Market and Retro Gamer’s Union and hope to meet many new readers.

    The Grable Group is an entertainment booking agency and speakers bureau that provides unique live entertainment and comedians for corporate events, parties, meetings, banquets, cruises, performing arts centers, casinos, special events, non-profit fundraisers, product launches, college events, trade shows, festivals & fairs, leadership retreats, employee events, corporate “wow”, private parties & more. Our goal is to help our clients navigate waters to meet specific individual goals.

    Ghanaguardian.com is Ghana’s No.1 news and information-related website, one of Ghana’s most trusted news brands. Since 2008 they’re providing most relevant and important news, events, and pictures from Ghana, Africa, and the rest of the world. Besides the informational role, Ghanaguardian.com has always sought to entertain its readers. Their showbusiness and television coverage is among the best in Ghana. They bring to their readers’ exclusive showbiz stories for more than a decade.

    The Jamwich is the blog for the jam band community, made “by the fans, for the fans.”  The Jamwich features music news and interviews with jam bands and related genres, as well as festival news and recaps.  The Jamwich also features blog articles about visual artists in the jam band community, fans and industry professionals, as well as articles on lifestyle, culture, self-help and wellness.

    Ginger Nuts of Horror is the UK’s premier website dedicated to reviewing horror films and fiction in all its forms. With 14 BFS nominations for nonfiction writing and a dedicated review team of award winning writers, Ginger Nuts of Horror is a driving force in the horror genre.

    Geek Vibes Nation was born from a desire to create a community rooted in individuality and self-empowerment. We all have our own interests, giddy obsessions, and fandoms – and our goal is to provide you with the latest news in movies, TV, gaming, comics, and more.

    A Pawn’s Perspective provides reviews, previews, unboxing, and more from the world of tabletop gaming. It was founded in April 2016 as a place for its founder, Rob Kalajian, to post overflow content from his contributions to Purple Pawn. In June of 2017, Rob left Purple Pawn to focus solely on A Pawn’s Perspective.

    Tantrum House is a Board Game Media Company. They play, produce, publish, podcast, review, preview, kickstarter, hand-make, and just generally love the boardgaming hobby. Their specialties are Marketing, Media, Board Games, Video production, Instructional videos, Graphic Design, Writing, Web Design, Kickstarter, Inspirational speaking, Product Reviews, Being Awesome, Having Fun, Growing the Hobby, Photography and social media.

    They want to grow the community and share their passion for board gaming with people new to the hobby and hardcore gamers. They want to create clothing that geeks like them want to wear. Their goal is to create
    T-shirts and other cool goodies for the board game community and geeks of all stripes and fandoms.

    Meeple Mountain began life as a game night for a handful of people in 2014, and since then had grown into a full blown event organizer and board game media outlet. MeepleMountain, a media outlet publishing modern board game reviews, family board game reviews, board game news, articles, high quality editorial content, and tabletop gaming videos. They exist to promote online and in-person communities by providing excellent board gaming experiences to gamers and non-gamers alike. Meeple Mountain’s writing team has nearly 40 members; with authors from the USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

    Latest update about sports and everything related to famous people. Specially news, biography, affairs, dating, divorce, trending stories and more.

    The definitive voice of fashion and beauty on the web. Your online resource for fashion show highlights, runway trends, new beauty products, designer news, fashion and celebrity parties, and top fashion and beauty blogs.

    HappyNetty is a general blog where you can reach a large audience and get attention to what you have to say. It can be anything from your thoughts and views on any subject, the story of your personal, or entrepreneurial journey, words about business, brands, products, or services, or your experience in your day to day life that you think should be shared with others.

    Nairobi Wire is one of Kenya’s leading news and entertainment blogs. They provide accurate and timely news and take strong positions on issues of national interest. Established in 2012, Nairobi Wire is now visited by more than 1 million readers a month.

    Inspiresport has a mission to provide worldwide inspirational sports development tours for young players of all abilities. With unrivaled access to world-class clubs, coaches, facilities, and delivery of extraordinary sporting experiences. Underpinning their mission statement are their company values. These values are at the heart of everything they do and they stand by them being the set of behaviors that they expect all their staff to embrace to further their ambitions for their business, their people and importantly you – their valued customer.

    Since 5 years the Berlin-based team at Wingman Magazine, with the carefully selected guest contributors, help the young man from around the world to discover their potential, have successful dating adventures and a strong mind. This is all served with LOTS of humor. After all, an optimistic attitude and a happy social life are the best fundamental that will help you flourish in other spheres of life.

    SportsEpreneur is a content platform created by Eric Kasimov, CEO of KazSource. Eric believes that sports and business have a lot in common. He and his team of content creators, designers and researchers use their love of the game to support and inspire their fellow entrepreneurs.
    SportsEpreneur is where entrepreneurs with a sports fixation can come to learn about the business world in a fun and relatable way. Through SportsEpreneur, the team creates analogies between business and sports that you can use to build, improve and grow in your field.

    This blog is regularly updated with new posts & video tutorials  explaining every details about various legit ways of making decent money online, computer & internet technology , entertainment etc. There you can find hot news of bollywood actress and up to date movie and other information.

    BOTY is the perfect Bollywood blog. You can find a database of over 5000 Indian movies spanning across 8 Decades. BOTY also provides you with weekly top movies and music, a database of actors, singers, crew members and other Bollywood celebrities.

    Infornicle is an internet media company that brings creativity and culture together on a single platform.

    Boing Boring has interesting stories regarding the solar system, and various tech subjects allows the blog to respond to both a wide variety of interests as well as provide a nice balance of fact and entertainment. It’s a group’s top choice for dependable, sheer entertainment week after week, month after month.

    Focusing on uplifting stories about entertainment, pop culture, travel and health, Gayety produces LGBTQ content that entertains, educates and inspires joy.

    United By Pop is a multi-author pop culture blog uniting everything trending in the United States and the United Kingdom. Unlike other pop culture websites that report on only one country or attempt to cover the entire world, United By Pop celebrates the differences and similarities of the pop cultures scenes in the United Kingdom and the United States. Because of its two-country audience, United By Pop is a great place to promote music, projects, launches, etc. that have growth potential in both locations.

    Unfinished Man is not merely a men’s lifestyle and entertainment blog, but a site devoted to the essence of masculinity and becoming a real man. They offer practical tips, tricks, and advice, for a wide range of topics – such as dating, travel, and fashion.
    Unfinished Man started as a group of friends back in 2010 and worked hard to grow the readership to over half a million people each month.

    Dead-Frog is Todd’s small attempt to raise the bar in how people talk about comedy. Comedy is very binary by nature: funny or not funny. But there are shadings and, with some insight, an appreciation can be found for something that didn’t make you laugh before. Here you will also find plenty of material devoted to stand-up news, such as award shows, industry gossip, and upcoming release dates for albums and books. Whether you’re an aspiring comic looking for sources of inspiration or a would-be heckler seeking your next target, there’s plenty here to keep you amused.

    Epic Fireworks may be a relatively new name in the fireworks industry, but they have traded for over 25 years as Jimmy’s Wholesale Fireworks Ltd. The folks at Epic Fireworks may be hawking their wares, but they also provide an endless stream of news and information about how their products are used. There’s also tons of information on firework safety, amusing failures, and even the fireworks world championship.

    Insights and ideas about the latest trends in entertainment written by professional entertainers. Packed with suggestions to help weddings, parties and other events are more memorable with the blog covers different act types and helpful guides about choosing and booking the right entertainment far any event

    Nowadays, the public’s obsession with celebrity sleaze seems insatiable. The mere fact that gossip websites have been so successful is telling of a simple but unfortunate truth; we see far too little positive stories in today’s media marketplace. Good Celebrity is your best source for positive celebrity news and interviews and it aims to be the catalyst for these stories, and ultimately the ‘go to’ source for philanthropists, Hollywood public relations and good organizations alike.

    When it comes to overall sites for music, Pitchfork should meet the needs of all of you who enjoy music! Concert and festival dates are meticulously catalogued, and industry news is served up on a daily basis. Their staff lists include both the expected and the downright eclectic, and there are plenty of new tracks and videos to sample. All in all, it’s a paradise for music lovers.

    Newszii finds news that can tickle your funny bones! News that can stimulate your senses! They explore the Web to create and curate mind-blowing photos and stories for you! Read more quality and entertainment stories on their website.

    • Cracked.com is a humor website with over 300 million monthly page views. The site was founded in 2005 by Jack O’Brien and it’s filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. They offer heaps of facts smothered in humor. They are the professors you wish you had in school; they are Indiana Jones except with less adventures and more sarcasm.

    Cracked.com is a humor website with over 300 million monthly page views. The site was founded in 2005 by Jack O’Brien and it’s filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. They offer heaps of facts smothered in humor. They are the professors you wish you had in school; they are Indiana Jones except with less adventures and more sarcasm.

    9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport, food, memes, cute, fail, wtf photos on the internet! It’s a Hong Kong based online platform and social media website. Users upload and share “user-generated content” or other content from external social media websites. It’s your best source of fun!

    Enjoying Wonderful World with General niche…Travel, lifestyle, entertainment, arts, home, technology. Also with advocacy, movies, music, songs, books, publications, magazines, love, life, people, fashion, health, nature, festivals, real estate, sports, current events, international news and events!

    Are you into classic movies? You’ve just found the perfect place for you.The articles found here are well-written and thoughtful, and you’ll find serious discussions of everything from ‘30s sports films to European erotica. Streamline is the official blog of FilmStruck, a new subscription service that offers film aficionados a comprehensive library of films including an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic art house, indie, foreign and cult films.

    If you’re a movie lover, you’ve definitely heard about Man I Love Films blog. When a bunch of bloggers who run their own successful sites decide to band together, you get a smorgasbord of content dedicated to the art of cinema. The writers love to put together lists, so you can read up on everything from the “Top 5 Horror Sub-Genres” to “Top 10 Movie Car Sidekicks.” In addition to reviews of theatrical and DVD releases, the site also pays special attention to horror and foreign fare. And let’s not forget about their podcasts, weekly contests, and timely cinematic news.

    Tashify.com was initiated with a vision to share personal thoughts and recommendation on the topics. All the posts on Tashify.com are focused on easy to understand contents created for a product, service and personal experiences which helps readers to get a quick idea about the topic and useful information which might help them to reach the right decision.

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