• Shabby Chic Boho is a family-friendly lifestyle blog run by Terri Beavers located in Georgia, that focuses on informative posts in popular trending categories that touch on but are not limited to; style, fashion, beauty, health, wellness, food, recipes, parenting, kids, pets, home, gardening, camping, glamping, and travel.

    Welcome to Bullock’s Buzz! Come and find inspiration in fun and easy recipes, creative crafts, and other family-friendly content that nurtures your creative side and helps you find the escape we all need from time-to-time. I hope to inspire you to live creatively.

    All About The Lifestyle is a treasure trove of articles that meet these three goals. They are constantly on the lookout for new trends that could hold the key to transforming you into a better person.

    NSAEN, LLC, is an online magazine for every age and culture bringing not just news, but articles that cover entertainment and lifestyle while also highlighting everyday people in communities around the world. We aim to inspire and celebrate real-life humankind with stories that matter and bring positive, feel-good vibes with, perhaps, a touch of tears and smiles to the reader.

    With new content weekly, we aim to educate as well as highlight and pay tribute to individuals and groups making a difference. We are looking to also bridge the gap between writers, readers, and advertisers from around the globe.

    Journalism serves as an important tool for the future of communication between people of all nations and ideologies, and we encourage our readers to share stories and lifestyles by becoming writers, to bring us all closer to each other in the recognition that we all share the same planet.

    Tales From Home is an ever growing story about making life better. We
    are devoted to promoting lifestyles, products, and habits which help
    people achieve their dreams and live happy positive lives. Living is
    about learning, creating, experiencing and growing. When you start to
    live instead of simply exist then you start to find the messes of life
    sorting themselves out around you, sure it takes time and it’s a road my
    family and I are still traveling. But we would not mind traveling it
    with you. Here at Tales from Home I will share small adventures, tips,
    recipes and other goodies that I’ve uncovered on my journey to stop
    surviving and truly start living.

    A Bad Witch’s Blog is the number one UK witchcraft blog according to Feedspot. It is the creation of author Lucya Starza, an eclectic witch living in south east London. She posts on most days of the week about paganism, magic, folklore, London esoterica, and weirdness in general. Lucya has written several books on magic, published by Moon Books: Pagan Portals – Candle Magic; Pagan Portals – Poppets and Magical Dolls; and Pagan Portals – Guided Visualisations. A Bad Witch’s Blog has been running since 2007.

    The Joint Blog is an 11-year old Google News Certified Cannabis information site that strives to help readers keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the Cannabis and CBD industry through valuable content, recommendations and top-notch products.

    The Gift Bags is your ultimate destination for bespoke and tailor-made gift solutions for every occasion and every person. Our journey started in Birmingham, UK, where I often found myself trapped in the repetitive cycle of purchasing gifts. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or housewarming events, the challenge of selecting unique and meaningful gifts was always present. This challenge grew especially tough when searching for presents for those who seemed to have everything or were particularly difficult to shop for.

    Fed up with the endless scroll through unoriginal and standard gift options, I longed for a singular place providing unique and customised gift suggestions. An idea was ignited by this frustration and a passion to transform the gift-buying experience into something more enjoyable.

    Why not establish a haven for discovering and exchanging distinctive and customised gift ideas effortlessly? Why not create a platform that elevates the art of gifting, making it effortless, enjoyable, and intensely personal? Thus, The Gift Bags was created to embody this very ethos. 

    RxLeaf Media Inc. is a physician-vetted company that sources the latest in plant medicine research, education, and wellness products. The company began in 2016 as a key part of Dr. Mara’s vision to strengthen the medical cannabis community. It has since expanded to include other herbal medicines and psychedelics. As a practicing physician, Dr. Mara takes inspiration from her own patients, many of whom seek alternatives to multiple prescriptions with unwanted side effects. Today, RxLeaf represents a network of millions of community members, researchers, and physicians. We remain committed to providing truthful, research-backed education, and access to high-quality products that embrace the need for a more sustainable approach to wellness

    Ameyaw Kissi Debrah is a freelance journalist and blogger. He holds a degree in B.A Publishing Studies from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), where he was voted the Best Publishing Student of 2005. Debrah was introduced to the world of entertainment, arts, and culture when after university; he did his National Service at Ovation International Magazine in Accra. While at Ovation, he reported on entertainment and celebrity happenings in Ghana for the publication’s international audience.

    I connect cool people to cool things. Handing out lifestyle bites one blog post at a time. My blog is like that fun and trusted girlfriend who’s always sharing a deal and cheering you up. You may not get skinny and sane and smart just by reading it, but it sure can’t hurt!

    Black Beauty & Hair is the premier hair and beauty magazine for black women in the UK and Europe. Covering topics about hair, beauty fashion and style. Impressive style hub for salon pros, hair & beauty enthusiast and fashionistas. Keeping you beautiful since 1982.


    We aim to support and promote women who are creating wonderful and beautiful things. We hope to offer a trusted destination that will give you a moment's rest and a bit of laughter in our constantly on-the-go, work-driven world. Our dream is that every time you want to smile and add a little bit of delight to your day, you come to And when that smile carries over into the rest of your life and world, you share how good you feel with everyone around you. Pass it on.


    The San Diego Entertainer covers San Diego events, arts, music, nightlife, dining, and lifestyle with feature stories, reviews of local San Diego businesses, and more.

    Deliciously Ella is a resource to help you live better and make vegetables cool. Starting from a personal blog, we’ve evolved into an app, deli, collection of recipe books, series of podcasts, a range of plant-based food products and a growing social media community that sits at the heart of what we do.

    Detroit Fashion News is a lifestyle magazine exploring the intersection of fashion and culture featuring designers, models, retail brands, craftsmen and influencers. With an informational approach, Detroit Fashion News shares with its readers the very personal stories behind fashion designers and their creations. We have a unique way of offering an unparalleled inside look of the Detroit community and the fashion trends & events behind it.

    As a full-time graduate school student, I am always in need of new organizational techniques; they save my life. Elizabeth Journals is the outlet for sharing my new organizational, bullet journaling, and positive living discoveries and obsessions.

    Elizabeth Journals provides organizational tips and tricks, bullet journaling inspiration, and tools for a positive lifestyle. With the free newsletter subscription, Elizabeth Journals offers free printable planning pages, how-to’s, and workbooks. Additionally, you can find more hand-drawn printable planning pages and entire hand-drawn bullet journals and planners at the Store.

    Gleefulblogger is an exact replica of the author’s mind, you will find some quirky, funny, versatile posts here. I started this blog in early 2017 when a friend coaxed me to write for a blog challenge. I did that to bring a smile on her face and luckily won the contest too (runner up). Since then it’s no turning back.
    I like to write without any boundaries – writing on Fashion, Glamour, Social issues, Fiction, Parenting – stories, Food, etc. Though Fiction is my first Love and I am contemplating an idea to have a novella soon. You will also find many blog-hop (prompt-based) posts here, blogging also means connecting & networking.

    The founder of this award-winning site is Liz Stanley. She began her blogging adventure in 2006 with the Hoboken site, which in time became the Say Yes blog.

    Say Yes celebrates family life. This is a website devoted to lifestyle with practical advice on home, travel, and personal style.

    My UnEntitled Life is written for moms and dads who want to save money, eat great, and do fun things with their children. You’ll find recipes, crafts, travel, and money-saving tips here. My UnEntitled Life strives to be more Earth-conscious and loves to share pop culture with you.

    They are the new school gist gurus, who have dedicated their time and resources to deliver quality and yet entertaining guests and hip hop music to the world-at-large. They drop latest Hip hop trend and lots more, and they are all about hip hop and trends.

    Magnolia blog & Market is run by Chip and Joanna. They say that the entire business idea was born completely out of a dream that they didn’t know could ever come to life.’s mission is to provide the African-American community an online resource which will help promote the growth of Black-Owned businesses and community organizations and encourage the support for African-American events.

    Off-Grid Expo is a 3-day event bringing the best and most innovative products in the outdoor industry together in Denver. Join the fun to check out the newest gear, hear local bands, learn from experts and spend a great day/weekend at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. is a resource for anyone interested in outdoor adventure and getting off the grid.

    Rapid River Magazine is the oldest and most read arts and culture magazine in WNC. Rapid River Magazine was founded in 1997 with the simple goal of producing a monthly publication promoting the arts while entertaining the reader. WNC holds many cultures and offers so much for those who live there as well as for those who visit.

    Disuzius is a one-stop news platform for the world's happenings. Stay updated on Lifestyle, Money, News, Showbiz, Sports, Tech, TV

    HOLR is a Millennial Media company designed to empower, educate, and provide social currency to our generation. HOLR aims to inform, enlighten, and inspire millennials and give them a voice through impactful styles, statements, and stories. HOLR predominantly focuses’ on Fashion, Lifestyle, and Culture content within both our print and digital platforms.

    Empowering highly sensitive people around the world. Sharing all the ways you are needed and valuable in the world. As a sensitivity expert, psychotherapist, and founder of the online Sensitive Empowerment community, my mission is to help you reduce the challenges of having a sensitive nervous system so you can access the many gifts of this trait and thrive to your fullest potential.

    Apex Trading helps businesses streamline operations by optimizing inventory and order management while also providing an array of sales tools that let producers own their brands and retail buyers work directly with those brands. The company is constantly listening to the needs of cannabis industry customers and adding features to the platform to make running cannabis businesses easier. Thousands of cannabis cultivators, extractors, distributors, edibles manufacturers & dispensary retailers across the US are choosing Apex Trading to streamline their cannabis company operations, make intelligent business decisions and save money.

    Myster is an innovative, high-end cannabis accessories company that focuses on

    bringing the newest tech and accessories to the common smoker from the

    groundbreaking Stashtray, as featured on VICE's Most Expensivist to the recently

    released Terp Timer. Myster also hosts a popular blog that focuses on all aspects of


    Karing Kind is Boulder, Colorado's first recreational cannabis dispensary. Since opening our doors in 2009, we’ve been passionate about providing customers with the best, cleanest cannabis products, award-winning service, and access to the latest cannabis news, education and consumer tips. 

    Whether you’re a beginner or a cannabis connoisseur, we want to help you make smart, confident decisions that support your goals as a consumer. Learn how the products you love are grown and extracted (and how that affects the flavor and effects). Keep up with the state of marijuana legalization. And find useful tips like smoking games, eliminating weed breath, coming down if you feel too high, making your own cannabutter, recycling old cannabis containers, reusing marijuana stems and more!

    Because you shouldn’t just get high; you should trust your high.


    Originating from the Kootenay region of British Columbia, our collective of growers have been at the forefront of the BC craft cannabis industry since the early 1990s. Throughout the years, our cultivars have been featured in compassion clubs and dispensaries across the country. At Kootenay Botanicals, we offer our finest genetics and flowers direct-to-consumer, as well as cannabis derivatives from BC’s best producers. We ship nation-wide and carry the most sought after cannabis products in Canada.

    Ron + Lisa, The Healthy Home Dream Team, was born in 2010 with the idea that living a healthy, toxic-free life should be simple, affordable and accessible to all. Our lives turned upside down after Lisa became severely ill from exposure to toxins in a newly remodeled home. After twelve doctors and six years of owning a healthy home retail store, we identified gaps: misinformation and green washing. We made it our goal to simplify and clarify. Today, we help people thrive, not just survive. Through our flagship digital program, The Healthy Babes Academy, we offer practical, easy, affordable & proven techniques to create a healthy environment for you, your pets, your kids, and your loved ones. Through digestible bites of actionable guidance, we hold your hand (well, virtually anyway) every. step. of. the. way. AND…we make the process well, fuuun!

    Susan Good is a cool 21st century GRANDwoman with Moxie who empowers visibility in women 50+. She is a Founder, author, blogger, boxer, and world traveler. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and girlfriend. Honey Good reflects her upbeat philosophy of celebrating a woman’s life with moxie, as we each have our own unique energy to share with the world. She always says the greatest gifts we leave our grandchildren are the lessons we share, the adventures we catalog, and the love we express!

    Founded in 2016, discoverGREY is a lifestyle brand that celebrates the leaders and entrepreneurs disrupting their industries. Through our online publication, GREY Journal, we shine the spotlight on new founders, startups, and all things buzzing to help you get hustling in your day-to-day life. Discover the entrepreneur in you.

    Since 2004, Gorgeous Getaways is a lifestyle company that connects over 35k international members from over 100 countries with top cosmetic surgeons and beauty specialists in over 25 countries. Its approach is education, safety, and transparency with a focus on high-quality, affordable treatments. Featured in hundreds of lifestyle magazines over the past 16 years, Gorgeous Getaways was also featured globally in a 10-part docu-reality show on Netflix called “Beauty and the Beach”. Pricing, consultations, and community membership is free via their mobile app or community with links available on their website

    WeMystic provides high-quality content that promotes self-awareness, spirituality, estotericism and wellness.

    Their portals share content and tools on topics such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, spiritual orientation and well-being. They offer a wide range of content specialized in the esoteric domain to bring users to self-knowledge, harmony and good living.

    With a team of dedicated professionals, they are present in 22 countries in Latin America, Europe, United States, Africa and Oceania.

    MommyTravels exists to inspire parents to create memories with their children one trip at a time. 

    Across Mommy Travels you can find incredible places to visit, activities to experience, restaurants to try, itineraries, and travel tips. We are mindful that each family’s budget is not the same and that is why you will find a trip to fit any budget, big or small.


    Like Love Do is a travel and lifestyle blog, a London blog and a curly girl blog all rolled into one. Like Love Do was founded in June 2016 and is a blog written by an Essex blogger Donna Vallance.

    Chasing a Better Life is my take on chasing more out of life. Whether it be travel, things we use on the daily, or improving the home, Chasing a Better Life hopes to encourage readers to learn, get inspiration, go, and do.  Seeking more out of life drives this blog. As a busy family raising children, we understand the daily struggle of raising children in our fast paced society. Chasing a Better Life posts are on a variety of topics such as travel, love of food, improving the home, basically anything that involves daily life.

    A magazine for those over 45 who want to live an active, healthy, and long life. is an online news and information portal for Caribbean nationals and lovers of all things Caribbean around the world. The company is owned by CaribDirect Multi-Media which also owns the Caribbean Food and Drink Conference ( and the Jus’ Caribbean brand which manages projects such as the Jus’ Caribbean Drinks Pavilion trade show, Jus’ Caribbean Festival ( and Jus’ Caribbean Marketplace (

    Create With Joy is an inspirational lifestyle blog that celebrates faith, family and creativity in all its facets! Inside you’ll find cards and crafts to inspire you; recipes to entice you, and books and resources on health, pets and home decor to enrich you! You’ll also find community-building blog parties that empower bloggers to spotlight their creative gifts.

    Art of Awakening is lead by Ona Christie, who developed her own Spirit-led Soul Visioning process.

    Combining all her gifts into one higher purpose, she uses art, Nature, and energy work to help people realize their own inner power to create a fulfilled and joyful life. Ona’s clients report feeling more grounded, spiritually aware, and connected. Many have experienced deeper connection with their spirit guides and angels; finding their soul purpose; and/or overcoming blocks in their career, health, and/or relationships.

    Their biggest goal is simple: they want to help people better navigate the internet. They want to provide quality lists for all, and to help make your life easier when it comes to finding high-quality products, companies, and resources. So feel free to use their site as much as possible, and don’t hesitate to share it with someone else that would be able to benefit from it as well.

    Avia contends the universe and all its contents is a sacred energy that uses organic symbolism as a platform for expression. She actively pursues deeper meaning in life events (individually and collectively) and employs an archetypal, gestalt use of symbolic interpretation to gain insight into these life events.

    We  have dreams. Interpreting our dreams can open up the weird and offbeat parts of ourself that are kept under wraps. Although we may be unaware of the unconscious, it is revealed in our dreams. Labex Cortex has collected lots of classical dream interpretation cases, it will help us better understand our dreams and guide us in our waking life.

    The ‘About Jewish People’ website aims to reach many people around the world, especially in India and the United States, who are very much interested in the Jewish people and the State of Israel. The site provides interesting content about the Jewish culture, the Jewish people, the State of Israel, Israeli culture, Israel technology, and traveling in Israel.

    "At Baked Bros™, our mission is to enrich the quality of life of our diverse patients by providing consistently dosed, strain-specific, high-quality medicine in the cannabis community. We will work to not only be a leader of quality medicine, but a leader in educating the community, advocating for the progressive reform of cannabis, and removing the negative notion of this beautiful alternative medicine.

    We are relentlessly committed to the constant and never-ending pursuit of becoming better every day. We love intensity and thrive under pressure, in fact, we see it as a stimulus for growth. We love being challenged, because it ignites our deeper potential, to catapult our impact to heights never thought possible. We care deeply and passionately about our work, our mission, our health, and each other.

    We are a team of experts, not only in the cannabis industry but also in confections, extraction, chemistry, sports medicine, communication, and customer service. Every one of our products is hand-made in small batches to guarantee consistent, accurate, delicious edibles.

    Baked Bros™ has been an authorized edible company in Arizona since January 2015. Since then we have been able to set and hold the standards for medical marijuana edibles in the state of Arizona." is an online magazine with the goal to empower your life. Through in-depth articles, focuses on both mental and physical health, talking about sensitive subjects that others often don't want to talk about. We tackle it all, including specific nutrition-related topics, food addiction, food additives, relationship issues, parenting questions, and much more.

    Founded in Arizona in 1995, Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States, now operating 32 locations across Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas, with more than 200,000 acres of nursery property. While leading the industry in professional landscape design, expert planting services, and cutting-edge nutrients and fertilizers, Moon Valley Nurseries is home to the world's best trees and plants. For more information, visit

    An uninhibited, raw exposé into the world of Luxury. Lux Exposé has stood the test of time for almost a decade as a global luxury lifestyle marketing agency. Our passion is spotlighting the best and most exclusive luxury brands, products, people, places and services in the world.

    Troytime 420 is a professional cannabis consumer and thermal extraction specialist. His dry herb vape reviews set the standard in the industry and the 420vapezone community houses the most passionate and innovative energies in the cannabis industry.

    My Life Your Way is a lifestyle blog full of informational articles about interiors, beauty, fashion, food, and travel ideas. It is a brilliant resource for the busy working woman who is interested in broadening her knowledge base and living life to the full.

    Miss MV is a lifestyle blog that features the latest trends in fashion, beauty, personal finance, home décor, and DIY. What sets us apart from other blogs is that we care about our audience and we try to build a close relationship by allowing them to express their opinion.

    We’ve worked with large and small brands and independent artists to help them set the foundation for their businesses. Our mission is to share the best information possible, help people make the most of what they have, and also support local, national and international business owners.

    Miss MV is a lifestyle blog that features the latest trends in fashion, beauty, personal finance, home décor, and DIY. What sets us apart from other blogs is that we care about our audience and we try to build a close relationship by allowing them to express their opinion.

    We’ve worked with large and small brands and independent artists to help them set the foundation for their businesses. Our mission is to share the best information possible, help people make the most of what they have, and also support local, national and international business owners.


    All things home, design, travel, lifestyle, and adventure. A digital magazine for the modern era, with awards from Luggage Hero, Executive Traveller, Foundr, and more.

    The journey of RainbowDiaries started off with a simple account on Orkut, Friendster then Facebook leading to the creation of this amazing media that now brings together more than 50000++ members, followers, subscribers, and likes on this site and associated Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp groups. I’m really proud of RainbowDiaries for being among the Top Parenting and Lifestyle Bloggers in Singapore. RainbowDiaries is a natural progression of all my social media adventures – created to explore the whole new and enchanting world of social media. In this journey, I have gathered an amazing Momtribe who will always have my back. I am a mom to my 2 wonderful kids, a wife to my very supportive hubby, a full-time IT professional, and a multitasker. This multi-tasking ability makes me write RainbowDiaries – Parenting, Lifestyle and Food blog site. Enjoy a good read here and do feel free to get in touch with me. Happy to help! Also, do check out SocialMediaMomSG – our platform to bring moms and mompreneurs under one roof.

    Discover the joy of meaningful gifting with beautiful unique gifts that give back. Enjoy choosing art-inspired home décor, lifestyle essentials, or luxurious bath and body products all of which celebrate & support Indigenous Artists with every purchase. Delightfully different, and wonderfully easy.

    For Urban Women is a lifestyle and travel experiential website based in Melbourne, Australia. Recognized as Top 20 Best Australian Women Blogs and Websites.

    The Colored Girl is a network of people and creative spaces that helps women of color attain holistic wellness. Their mission is to unite, uplift & empower women, and since 2016 they have helped over 65,000 women achieve their personal and professional goals. They serve their growing global community through immersive experiences and curated content and cover all topics that affect women of color.

    They are a collection of individuals, astute and passionate writers, and researchers committed to dishing out timely and up to date lifestyle news and tips. Hintnaija is a lifestyle information and entertainment platform. Explore lifestyle tips, how to do anything, find out about famous people, celebrity bios, places, updates, and trendy news. Their mission is to become your one-stop-shop for lifestyle news and entertainment, places, and day-to-day tips on better living.

    Arizona Foothills Magazine is the Valley’s leading luxury lifestyle magazine and is dedicated to providing resourceful information on dining, entertainment, homes, fashion, culture, and events in Arizona. Arizona Foothills Magazine is published in both print and digital blog formats that provide useful and daily information for all things Arizona!

    Wine summons them to gather together to share the tradition of storytelling. In their family, these stories have transferred history, heritage, and technique through generations as they’ve pursued a singular desire: to create exceptional wines. They invite you to experience these stories (and create your own) in the company of good friends and family.

    Check out this amazing archive of skin routines, fashion updates, lifestyle, travel hacks, and self-care practices! Amor Magazine updates its readers multiple times per week about the latest trends.

    From farm, to roast, to brew, Jim’s Organic Coffee sources and roasts the finest quality organic coffee. Visit their coffee blog, The Coffee Scoop, for stories from coffee origin, their favorite brew methods, travel diaries, recipes, giving back in coffee communities around the world, and more!

    Their mission is to seek and cultivate the highest quality talent in modeling to provide impeccable service to our clients. Boon models are known for their sound management style and careful operation. They chaperon a catalog of quality models with great respectability and prestige in the industry. The portfolio of each Boon model is carefully repaired with industry standards in mind which include the training of teachers and mentors very successful and passionate resulting in a successful career for the individual.

    Divine Magazine is an online magazine, tailored specifically for all adult communities. A place to find a little bit of everything. News, music news, interviews, and celebrity gossip from the entertainment world. Discover delicious recipes and food inspiration to make the most of your meals. Book directory and book reviews. Lifestyle, Fashion, Health, Beauty & Fitness, Real Estate, Business, Interior & Exterior Design, and Travel Posts.

    Mike is the editor and he has written a book titled The Eye Opening to share his personal, life-changing experience of the third eye and the spiritual wisdom relating to it.

    Join the author on his quest for spiritual awakening, as he receives visions, connects ancient methods for attaining self-realization, compares advice from masters, investigates Kundalini Yoga, and shares the path he took that led to his eye-opening glimpse of enlightenment.

    The Uplifted blog is a one-stop resource for yoga practitioners and yoga teachers who are looking to deepen their practice or enhance their yoga business. Brett shares guides on how to become a yoga teacher, what to look for in a yoga teacher training, and how to practice yoga. She has a full yoga pose directory to help yogis practice yoga at home or to build yoga class plans for students. She runs the world’s first interactive online yoga teacher training and leads a yoga business school with her advanced yoga teacher training.

    An online lifestyle magazine for women. Loads of gorgeous beauty and skincare ideas, wine reviews, tasty recipes, and home/garden tips. Also, check out some wearable fashion/footwear and there’s even a lolcat/dog page for chuckles.

    This blog is all about the lessons that Mandy, owner of the blog, learned along the way – personally and professionally, the mistakes she made, and the trial and error process of life. Learning all the time! A tricky childhood and some challenging health issues along the way have given her a deeper perspective on life. Being so aware of how easily life can end, has motivated her to be more present in her life and to take life less seriously.

    Are you looking for inspiration? Hope? Do you want to learn about how women are changing the world every single day? Then you’ve come to the right place. When Women Inspire is dedicated to showcasing the efforts of women around the world to change the world in positive ways. These are women making social, economic, literary, political, or educational waves – in a great way.

    Fortune Herald is a fast-paced online news site bringing readers the latest articles about Business, Finance, Lifestyle, Property, Science, and Technology.  We have a well-established team of writers who work around the clock to keep the website updated with the news stories we know our readers want to her.

    We created Betsi’s World as a platform to share our passions – boating adventures, food, and travel. Over time Betsi’s World has evolved into a collection of articles that provide tips on luxury travel getaways on a budget, boating tips and journeys, and lifestyle articles that encompass our favorite recipes, and more.

    The Eon Times – Stay updated with the latest and breaking news, from around the world via reputed sources. Online Newspaper & Magazine.

    The blog LellaVictoria was originally started through Lella's love of creating outfits and this will undoubtedly continue to be a core part of this blog as her love of personal style and fashion has not lessoned. Though this aspect of her life still continues to be very much a part of what inspires her each and every day she has also found a strong connection to spirituality which she knows is a word that means something different to everyone.

    These days it seems we have many people claiming to be witches and spreading misinformation on the internet. Because of the false gurus out there, we here at the Otherworldly Oracle would like to be as transparent as possible and make known our knowledge and experience in the craft as well as our educational backgrounds.

    Sandra Soares is 28 years old Portuguese content marketer living in Malta. Her blog talks about her shape-shifting approach to life – whenever she feels like she's been in one form or way of being for too long, she tends to get tired of routine and needs to get away. Traveling is a great way to refresh her perspective on things. It’s like a “reset” button, but you always gain so much more than you lose.

    A family lifestyle blog sharing the humor, inspiration, and adventure (and photography and writing) needed to get through life with a smile.

    Big Island Coffee Roasters is an award-winning Hawaiian coffee farm and roaster, delivering authentic 100% Kona coffee, Hawaii coffee collections, Maui coffee, Ka'u coffee, and more to coffee lovers across the globe. Offering free FedEx delivery on roast to-order Hawaiian coffees.

    Kona Coffee | Maui Coffee | Ka'u Coffee | Hawaiian Coffee Blends | Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club


    Black Powder Coffee is a small batch craft coffee roaster located in Mooresville, NC.  We focus on roasting for wholesale partners and online retail.  We roast all coffee to order. Visit us at showcases the culture of Trinidad and Tobago in the categories Lifestyle, Food, Local Writings, Tech, and Finance. We at Sweet TnT Magazine have provided exciting and entertaining Articles, Albums, Digital Magazines, Videos, and Forums for you to enjoy.

    Jean Trebek (wife of Alex Trebek) and Alison Martin have created, a positive lifestyle website/brand designed to “share the good” by encouraging kinder living and revealing silver linings.

    Insidewink shares articles from our team of experts on issues ranging from College Admissions to Emotional Well Being to Living a Plastic-Free Life serves as a platform for perspectives on Social Issues and speaks with Everyday Heroes & Charitable Organizations.

    Along with Uplifting Personal stories from our diverse community of writers, Jean Trebek’s favorite family recipes, Team Picks highlighting products we use & love, Up & Coming Artists, life-affirming Affirmations, and much more!


    Expatclic is a multilingual and multicultural platform that since 2004 helps ex-pat women and their families all over the world in all phases of their relocations. It promotes respect and interest amongst different cultures, mutual support, online communication, linguistic empathy, and positive sharing.

    Madrid In English – for Spanish news, what's on, guides and information for visitors and travelers alike.

    A multi-author blog featuring more than 200 international writers and bloggers and 6000 posts, Life As A Human is a multicultural matrix for writing that moves and inspires – a venue for the authentic voice, regardless of age, nationality or perspective. It’s our hope that by sharing our stories, we can become better humans. It is also our hope that by providing authors with this venue, we can help them along their personal journeys.

    My name is Ali, the owner and blogger behind the Share to Inspire blog. I am passionate about personal growth and sharing inspiration in the aspects of productivity, relationships, and finance. I write about improving one’s relationships, how to live an inspiring life, and how to motivate others. Visit my blog for a daily dose of inspiration and motivation. I am an English teacher in Japan so I also share my experiences about Japanese life and culture. Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

    My Name is Tiffany Williams I am a model, style/lifestyle blogger from sunny San Diego, California. I have been a model for a while and have experienced a lot while working it on Runways, photo shoots, and in TV segments! I started blogging to share behind-the-scenes moments that a lot of people don't get to see in the fashion industry. I also love beauty, wellness, and fitness. I share my favorite fashion looks, favorite beauty items, my travel adventures, what I like to eat, and day-to-day life. Sharing my point of view in this world and industry I believe is important for people who look like me. I call my blog Glitz and Glam by Tiff because a lot of people think that models all have glamorous lives and don't really know how hard it is, and what it actually takes. For me, it has been an interesting journey as an independent artist and I hope to be an inspiration to others who may be in the same boat or path as I am.

    Seriah Sargenton founded and created the wellness and lifestyle blog, Riyah Speaks. Riyah Speaks is dedicated to helping people learn how to live happier and healthier lifestyles through simple self-care, self-love, and improvements to their wellness routines. Her blog discusses various topics such as self-care, self-love, wellness, mental health, personal growth, fitness, mindset, journaling prompts, affirmations, lifestyle, and more.

    Rockflowerpaper is a women’s lifestyle brand offering home décor, women’s accessories, apparel, and gifts. We have a large eco-friendly line called the blu Collection and give back to Ocean Conservancy. We are inspired by the colors, textures, and textiles we see in our travels around the globe.

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