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Pet Care

Pet Care

  • Hellowdog website was created for the dog lovers who care for the rights of their canine companions.

    This is the perfect place for dog lovers to come to interact with other dog owners. This is also the perfect place to find unbiased genuine reviews on the various products related to dogs, online. Here pet products can be found for bloggers who find little or no reviews elsewhere but may want more reviews from other dog owners who have used the products along with their input. This is the place to roam about and do not grope in the wilderness. Read our articles to know more about hellowdog.

  • Val Heart got her start in animal communication more than 25 years ago when an injured mare spontaneously told her why the wound on her hip wouldn’t heal. Through the conversation, Val and the owner witnessed with astonishment as the wound simply disappeared right before their eyes as the horse shared her story!
    Val is called the Real Life Dr. Doolittle and is the founder of The Heart School of Animal Communication and the Best Online Animal Talk Coaching & Mastery Club. She believes that anyone who loves animals can learn to speak their language.
    Val is a bestselling author of several books, a TEDx speaker, and has been a featured expert on ABC, NBC, and Fox News, as well as in People Magazine, My San Antonio, and Great Day San Antonio. She is an instrument for the healing of the world through the animals.
    Val is also the founder of the Heart System a 5-step process for solving problems with pets. Her work includes intuitive medical scanning, Quantum Leap therapies, and Body Talk healing for animals and people to transform health, behavior, and wellness.
    If you want better, faster results with your animals and don’t want to waste a lot of time, energy, and money chasing your tail on expensive guesswork, then Val can help! There may be LOTS of reasons why your pet needs help… but you won’t know what they are thinking until you talk to them.
    To learn more about her work and to get your free ebook Hidden Secrets to Communicating with Pets, go to
  • Acme Canine is a resource for down to earth, common sense, proven dog advice, insightful dog behavior tips, and truthful product reviews from nationally-recognized canine trainers and professionals.

  • At’s mission is to give readers the helpful dog information they need to give their furry companions the best life possible. The site is focused on providing helpful information about health, training, grooming, fun, and much, much more.

  • Catfluence is a site dedicated to changing the stigma around crazy cat people and promotes everything cat related, whether it be cats themselves, their owners, brands, products, viral videos, memes, art, and more. It began on Instagram in 2017, created by Harris Baker, who was inspired by his work with human influencers and professional athletes along with an account he had made for his own two cats several years prior. Since then, it has expanded to other social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok with a total following of over 13,000, along with a website that has a merchandise store and blog. Catfluence has made appearances on cat podcasts, has several brand and affiliate partnerships, and donates time and resources to local cat organizations.
  • Healthcare for Pets is a site dedicated to helping pet parents obtain reliable advice so that they can make informed decisions about their pet’s health and wellness. We work with passionate animal health professionals and use innovative approaches to develop our tools and resources that include Q&A’s answered by veterinary technicians and veterinarians, articles, videos, recall information, and the latest research news all available through various user-friendly formats.

  • At Emotional Pet Support they not only have a passion for animals who perform tasks for people with mental or emotional disabilities but also helping their members get through their days and nights as comfortable as possible. Fusing animals and humans together in a happy and loving home environment is why they started this business, not to mention that a lack of public knowledge and overall suppression of the truth by landlords and property management companies is why they wanted to make it a household name. They’re here to help people who are struggling with a mental illness and want a better option than medicine.

  • Pet Coupons strives to provide you with the best dog, cat and pet coupons and deals on the net.

  • Literally, Darling – Aside from gender and an age range, the only thing the Literally, Darling writers have in common are our differences. Our politics, fashion, lifestyles, values, religions, hobbies, and relationships are as dichotomous as the “Carmen Overture” and “Hit Me Baby One More Time.”
    We think differently, we act differently, and we are different; from each other, and from the niches society tries to put us in. Our personalities are often in contradiction with themselves. What do you do with a pink skirt-wearing lover of war movies and big dogs? An MMA loving academic? A sex positive feminist who loves to bake and sew? Where do you go to find these women not only talking about their lives but listening to instead of judging each other? That’s easy. Literally, Darling.

  • Ultra Modern Pet is a collection of today’s most cutting edge creations for modern pet living, offering contemporary alternatives to traditional, mundane pet furniture and products. These innovative designs were created to not only please pets but also their owners, who appreciate a high sense of style and aesthetics.

  • ThePets offers practical tips to help you care for your pet. Their library of over 100 in-depth articles covers a breadth of topics about pets. Their team of certified veterinarians and writers publish and update insightful articles full of valuable information, honed by many years of experience. Their pet experts strive to provide you with the most reliable information about keeping your animals healthy and happy.

  • Cats Fond LogoCats Fond blog is all about Cats. You can find here tips related to your cat health, cat products, toys, reviews and about accessories. The Cats Fond blog is developed in 2019 aim to provide good informative content to cat lovers.

    If you are looking for the best cat food and cat health blog to get relevant good informative content, so Cats Fond is the best choice for you. For more details you can visit the website.

  • Richard Alois blog was created out of true interest in and love as well as respect for animals.

    The team behind this blog strives to provide all the useful information in the day-to-day life of a pet owner and anyone who loves animals. Their blog is a perfect opportunity to educate and encourage people to spiritually connect with the animal kingdom.


    If you are looking to learn more about your furry companions and build a stronger, healthier bond with them, then you’ve come to the right place. The Homes Alive Pets Blog is written for pet people by pet people who know exactly what you mean when you say pets are family. Find helpful tips, tools, and advice for improving your pet’s health and becoming a more informed and educated pet parent.

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