Use Reverse Image Search to Detect Fraud

Today, it has become relatively easy to search on Google using keywords. By just entering a particular word, anyone can access the desired information in seconds. But, do you know what to do when it comes to search for any specific images? No doubt it might seem a bit tricky, and not everyone is fully aware of using Google for image search. And that’s where reverse image search tools come to rescue you.

Presently, the web world is overflowing with images, and the fact is most of them are fake. If you have a reverse image search tool in hand, you can easily detect fraud on the spot. Even if you want to find similar and identical pictures or need to know in-depth details about them, then these tools are also perfect for you.

Here we will learn the basics of the reverse image search technique deeply. So, don’t rush and ignore; let’s dig deeper into it!

What Exactly is Reverse Image Search?

Before moving towards the tricks and tools, everyone needs to clarify the Reverse image search technique exactly! So, reverse image search is a great way to find images using images or keywords. It is a modern search engine technology that uses a picture as a data query and pays back-related results. 

In other words, no matter in which corner of the globe you are living. By just providing an input query, you can access the world of images within instants. Reverse image search uses unique algorithms and AI Technology that makes everything perfect and accurate. It also guides you from further details such as who is the publisher of the image, when it was published, where it is currently circulating, etc. 

How to Perform Reverse Image Search?

There are tons of image search engines that provide you the options to perform RIS (reverse image search) on the go. However, the best way is to use third-party tools. These are online web tools specifically designed to offer you the cleanest and safest interface to perform RIS. The best thing about these tools is you can access and utilize them without any hassles. All you will need is an internet connection and access to your favorite browser. 

Today, thousands of tools exist, and it isn’t straightforward to choose the trustworthy one. If you don’t want to waste your time trying and testing every single device available, there is a look below! We have gathered a list of top popular search by image tools that will help you a lot!

Best Tools to Use RIS Technique: Procedure of detecting fraud using RIS!

As we have mentioned earlier, when it comes to spotting fake news or detecting any imagery fraud – the RIS technique is perfect for you. Here, we will say the tools and details that would teach you how to use the RIS tool to detect fraud. 

  • Duplichecker – Reverse Photo Search

It is one of the most popular and reliable platforms offering a complete bunch of digital tools. One of the most usable and dependable of its mechanism is a reverse image search. This online utility service is running on the latest algorithms. It is a tremendous AI-based tool that can serve you plenty of identical and similar photos. 

To utilize this reverse photo lookup, you will have three options. These options include: search by image, search by keywords, search by image URLs. Once you have provided the input data, the tool will scan it. The system will display similar and exactly matched photos in seconds. Duplichecker is an easy-to-use tool that can be utilized free of cost!

  • TinEye – Find Similar Images

It is another fantastic and trustworthy tool that is selected second-best for detecting fraud! TinEye is an old and robust website that is offering image identification technology. It is a widely used reverse search engine available today. It’s an outstanding platform for professional photographers or content creators who have to work online and need to check if their content is original or not.  

TinEye has a comprehensive collection of images in its databases. It is pretty easy to operate. Just upload an image URL in the system bar to give a kick start. The free version available of this tool will enable you to save your search history. But before using this tool, firstly, you have to get yourself registered. You can do 150 searches per week with the free version. The best thing about this, if the tool finds the best image matches, then it would be easy to click and compare and download the images. 


We hope after reading this post, you will understand how much the RIS Technique helps spot fraud by just uploading a photo that seems doubtful in the tool. You can know whether or not it’s fake or real. So, whoever you are or wherever you are, you can still take advantage of this fantastic RIS technique if you have access to your browser.

What are you thinking? Just pick a tool and start searching for images right at the moment!

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