5 Digital Marketing Innovations for 2022

Digital marketing is soaring high this year, and it’s getting bolder and more straightforward. Whether you have a small business or engaged in e-commerce, digital marketing strategies like SEO optimization, pay-per-click, internet marketing, social media marketing, and search advertising can take your business to the next level.

Gain more site traffic, conversions, leads, and sales easier than ever. The right combination of new and proven strategies make up the digital marketing innovations and trends for 2022.

Let’s explore your options.

1. Omnichannel Marketing and Customer Engagement Strategies

Omnichannel pertains to the multichannel sales approach, providing customers with an integrated shopping experience. Customers shop online from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, or in a brick-and-mortar store seamlessly.

Omnichannel marketing aims to interact with different customers on various channels, like what U-Thrive Marketing can help you with.

Here are the benefits of omnichannel marketing:

  • Inter-relates different channels to holistically engage with customers (e.g., combining offline and online engagement strategies).

  • Focuses on building stronger customer relationship (e.g., consistency on delivering positive user experience by your social media, PR, and sales teams).

  • Foster effortless shopping experience (e.g., a wide array of options provided in terms of product availability or shipping and delivery)

  • Keep track of prospects’ interactions (e.g., communication on social media, email, and through SEO rankings).

2. Artificial Intelligence Marketing Campaigns

While consumers love Echo Dot and Cortana, artificial intelligence or AI empowers marketers to profile buyers accurately. Leverage AI in your marketing intelligence and achieve endless possibilities.

AI experts can incorporate AI on: 

  • content creation,
  • push notifications,
  • targeting audience,
  • customer segmentation,
  • click tracking,
  • lead generation,
  • product demand analysis

Here are some benefits of AI to your business:

  • Personalize user experience (e.g., extract customer behavioral patterns to create highly effective marketing and sales strategies).

  • Personalize advertising insertions and design formats (e.g., algorithm-driven and automated web design).

  • Personalize headlines and optimize message targeting (e.g., extract keyword search results to create more informative and optimized web contents).

  • Enhanced shopping features (e.g., AI-powered image search for less manual search work).

3. Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality

Your prospects can now test your product before buying, eliminating the risks and problems of handling returns.

Augmented reality enables insertion of objects into a real-life setting, allowing a consumer to add an item to an environment to see how it will look like. Increase your website ranking, get more leads, and enjoy more sales with virtual reality.

Here are some examples:

  • A pink see-through curtain virtually installed in a countryside-style house.
  • A V-neck blouse virtually tried on a slim or thin body type or a virtual woman with a small bust.
  • IKEA’s augmented reality app allows homeowners to shop a piece of furniture and see how it will fit into a particular space they want to position it or put it in.

4. Chatbots Utilization

Chatbots are computer program or software designed to initiate and stimulate human-like conversations in online chat platforms. While social media plays a vital role in customer engagement, the use of Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and LinkedIn is not applicable to everyone.

Become closer to your customers by installing a chatbot on your website. By doing so, your site visitors can interact with you based on their terms. The improvement in AI allows chatbots to engage in a basic conversation with online visitors, having the ability to answer questions strictly as humans do.

Here are some facts about chatbots:

  • Chatbots don’t only communicate using only voice or text, it also allows users to interact through graphical widgets or interfaces.

  • Many chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, and WeChat allow web views so developers can create customized graphical interfaces.

  •  A chatbot is different from an app because bot interactions take place in a subsequent conversation. Chatbots are used inside an app.
  • Chatbots are available 24/7 with access to a broad array of information, outperforming humans in terms of accuracy and speed.

5. Voice Search

The improvement in voice recognition made voice searches more popular. Today, smart speakers, like Amazon Echo Dot and Apple Home pod can be used to order items online and to control smart devices in your home through verbal command.

Here are the reasons why voice search is now in-demand:

  • It’s a lot easier for people who are on-the-go to use voice command than manually typing on devices.

  • Searching online is made faster with voice search (e.g., using Cortana on Microsoft devices).

  • Mobile users enjoy a hands-free shopping experience (e.g., order while lying in bed, washing the dishes, or even when taking a bath).


Consumers and business owners have more options with the digital innovations this 2019. While many of these trends are still in their infancy period, the results are promising. E-commerce is getting brighter, louder, and innovative. Digital marketing strategies make shopping more comfortable, faster, more accessible, and more customer-friendly.

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