How to Write an Attractive Description of Environmentally-Friendly Products?

How to Write an Attractive Description of Environmentally-Friendly Products?

While good packaging design can indeed help sell a product faster, producing it in massive quantities is bound to lead to sustainability issues. As we move into 2021, sustainability is slowly becoming a pressing global matter.

According to Franchise Help, 88% of US customers believe in taking care of Earth, but only 52% believe that governments should take practical action. A global report from 2014 suggested that 55% of customers across 60 countries were willing to pay more for sustainable goods from environmentally-aware brands. Additionally, Survey Monkey data indicates that more than 50% of consumers are opposed to GMO foods, with 1-in-3 preferring the eco-friendly option in 2020.

While we may be far from concrete government actions in regards to sustainable production and distribution, as small business owners, we can pitch in. Writing informative and appealing product descriptions for environmentally-friendly products can shift the tides and allow more people to get familiar with green, sustainable living. With that, how can we write attractive product descriptions in order to not only raise their sales but also make a tangible change going forward?


Play to your Strengths

The first thing you should do is simply focus on what makes your product different from mass produced goods. Environmentally-friendly products have a series of traits which make them very appealing for people who want to live a healthier, greener life. Some of the elements you can write into your product description revolve around:

  • Is your product grown without any toxic chemicals present?
  • Is your product/packaging recyclable and biodegradable?
  • Is your product/packaging sustainable and resource-efficient?
  • Does your product/packaging have a carbon or plastic footprint?


Focus on Practical Benefits

What are the benefits a certain customer may get from using your product? As we’ve mentioned, eco-friendly products generally lean toward environmental awareness, healthy living, and sustainability. These elements can be extremely helpful in your product description writing as they can engage customers and encourage them to make a purchase. Some of the benefits of environmentally-friendly products you can use to your advantage include:

  • Improved health and living for the customer and their household
  • Contribution to sustainable living through the use of eco-friendly produce
  • Miniscule waste processing due to biodegradable and recyclable materials
  • Raise eco awareness in his/her social circles through the use of your products


Rely on Simple, Informative Pictograms

While written content will help you communicate your product’s information to the customer, you can amplify its effects through pictograms. Pictograms which communicate eco-friendly living such as “recycling,” “sustainable living,” or “green production” can work wonders for your online store. Use writing platforms and ask for professional editing help with product descriptions. These pictograms can be paired with simple descriptions which offer additional context to the benefits of using your product.


Collect Data on Product’s Sustainability

A great way to entice customers who may not be aware of eco-friendly living into buying your products is through statistical data. Statistics with empiric data on how your (and similar) products help preserve the environment can work well to convince people who are unfamiliar with sustainability. Writing services such as Supreme Dissertations, Evernote, and can help in editing written descriptions with numeric data. You can conduct your own statistical research or rely on publicly-trusted eco-friendly companies and startups and use their data with permission and attribution.


Create Original Product Production Photos

Another way in which you can raise public awareness (and your website’s SEO ranking) is by including original photos of your production process. Whether you produce fruits and vegetables, vegan sweets, or eco-friendly packaging such as bottles and boxes, real-world production photos can help your cause tremendously. They give both your followers and occasional customers an insight into how you produce your goods and what goes on behind the scenes. This approach to lifting the proverbial veil from your production process will undoubtedly be seen as professional by anyone who comes across your storefront.


Implement Social Proof

The best proof of the quality, sustainability, and accuracy of your product description claims comes from customers themselves. You can attract a large number of new customers by reaching out to existing brand followers and asking for social proof content. Reviews, short testimonials, quotes, or even videos of their use and storage of your products can be a significant addition to your product description writing. A writing service can help you in editing and proofreading your social proof content. Make sure that you have the explicit permission of your customers to use their names/faces to promote your eco-friendly products, and the rest is history.


For a Greener Future (Conclusion)

The effects a single person can make on the environment by purchasing and using eco-friendly products are undeniable. While not widespread as of today, environmentally-friendly products and packaging design are slowly making their way to the forefront. Become a part of positive change and revalue the way you write product descriptions for your eco-friendly products. Once you settle into a routine of pairing practical benefits for the user and the environment, it will be easier to standardize the writing process. Subsequently, you can use social proof and statistics in your writing to drive the “green” point home for those who might still be unconvinced.

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