5 Tiny Changes You can Make for a Greener Home

5 Tiny Changes You can Make for a Greener Home

We’re all responsible for the planet we’re living in. Every little thing we do affects the way the earth responds. And it all begins at home.

When you want to make a more sustainable world for you and the generation to come, you do it now. It doesn’t mean you need to install solar panels right away to prove that you are doing something. You can do it, of course, if you have the budget for it.

You can start small. With each little step you make towards a greener home, you make the earth smile a little more. Imagine if everyone reading this started to make the shift slowly, we could be contributing to the rehabilitation of the planet.


Start recycling

Easily one of the things you can start now is to learn how to recycle. We were taught in school to reduce, reuse, recycle. There’s no harm in applying what we’ve learned inside the classroom in real life.

The beauty of recycling is that you can still find something worthy of salvaging in things that have been put in the trash. That is why it’s helpful to have a separate bin for glass, papers, and most especially plastics.

It’s one of the most harmful materials contributing to the planet’s pollution. You’ll never know what you can do with those items, so don’t give up on them just yet.


Switch to using LED bulbs

Energy consumption has long been a crisis in different places in the world. We’ve been taught to reduce energy use by switching off lights and appliances that aren’t in use or when you go out of the house.

It has become our reflex to do precisely that when we leave our houses or when we leave one room and go to the other one.

But times are changing. We now have the option to purchase energy-efficient bulbs. By switching to LEDs, you don’t just save money for electric bills; you also turn your home into a more environmentally-friendly abode.

Besides, LEDs last longer than a regular bulb. Forget about your beauty bulbs. If you’re into an eco-sensitive lifestyle, there’s nothing more compelling than purchasing these light fixtures for your home.


Grow your herbs

Don’t wait till you have enough space in your house to grow your herbs. Because when you think about it, herbs don’t take up too much space. If your kitchen has enough lighting, you can start cultivating.

The garden-to-table concept has grown over the years. It’s not too late to join the revolution of growing your food in your backyard—or kitchen, for that matter.


Reduce your chemical cleaners

You can never go wrong with organic items, especially for cleaners.

They’re made from natural ingredients, making them the more optimal choice for home cleaning products. They work the same way as the ones with chemicals, but they’re less harmful to the planet.

If you hire professional cleaners, you can ask whether they use natural cleaning products. This is also something that we do for our client at Maid Sailors Home Cleaning Services.

Non-toxic and naturally-derived safe agents can fight germs and bacteria just as much, so if you can opt for the greener option, we say go for it.


Skip the dryer when possible

We’re not saying to skip the dryer altogether. But if you can go for the more natural way to dry your clothes, by all means, do it.

It’s not always gloomy and cloudy outside, with zero chances of drying out your clothes fast. The sunny and hot days can save you a lot of energy when you decide to line-dry your newly laundered clothes.

Lack of a backyard or garden is not an excuse. You can always use a drying rack on your balcony if you’re committed to having an eco-friendly home.



Sustainability begins with us. Make the conscious step to promoting a greener lifestyle, and you’ll soon see the ripple effect it has on the planet.

It doesn’t take much to go green. Just a few little alterations in your home can positively impact the way we live here on our planet.

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