Top Tourist Attractions In Perth

So, you’ve recently gotten a car loan in Perth and are now a proud owner of a vehicle. Now, what? You will probably want to celebrate your good fortune with a mini road trip within the city. But where should you go?

With so many choices, you need to figure out where you should go. That’s why we’re here today. We have taken the time to list some of the places that you won’t want to miss.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

When you live in the city, being able to enjoy nature is almost impossible. But in Perth, it’s a short drive away, as the Kings Park and Botanic Garden offer the best views of the Swan River and Darling Range, all while providing a little oasis where the city’s concrete is replaced by lush green shrubbery and trees, promising a relaxing afternoon of fresh air.

Swan River

From Kings Park, let’s head over to Swan River. According to Aboriginal legends, the rainbow serpent, Waugal created the winding river. Today, Swan River is enjoyed both by locals and tourists alike.

People would have picnics along the riverside parks, go for a hike or bike along the trails, and if you like watersports, everyone is welcome to sail, swim, kayak or even fish on the river. Regular cruises are also available depending on the day and event.


There’s nothing quite like laying on the beach and working on your tan, and Perth is best known for its many beaches, and the nearest one to the city is the pine-fringed Cottesloe beach, located just 15 minutes from the town. Here, not only can you enjoy the sun, but also spend some time in one of its many cafes.

Other beaches you should consider visiting near Perth include Port Beach and City Beach that consists of a children’s playground and picnic nooks for families.

Perth Mint

If you’re looking for a short educational trip with your family, then Perth Mint is the place to go. Perth Mint is the place to go if you want to learn a little more about the history of gold in Western Australia. Its Gold Exhibition holds the world’s largest coin, along with gold nuggets and even bullion.

You can also visit the 899 melting house, where you can watch how gold bars are formed, right after you see the most extensive collection of gold nuggets in the Southern Hemisphere.

Perth Zoo

The zoo is always a fun weekend family activity and is made even more special when your children are at that age when all they want to do is to see the animals in the zoo.

With that said, remember to schedule a trip to Perth Zoo. Here, you can see some of the native Australian wildlife including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats and even Tasmanian devils.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your children about how to deal with animals properly, both in the wild and within your neighborhood.

These are just some of the many places you can come and visit in and around Perth. It’s all just a matter of figuring out where you want to go, and who you want to take with you.

Wherever you decide to go, don’t forget to enjoy the moments you spend with the people you create memories that you can all look back on fondly.

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