Business is Business: Tips on How to Handle Difficult Tenants Professionally

One time or another, landlords face the difficulty in having to deal with terrible tenants. Some of these renters go around getting careless while living in the property, while others pay rent weeks or a month after the due date. Because of this kind of tenants, one can consider the job of a landlord as one of the stressful jobs in the world.

Despite having strict house rules or a careful tenant screening process, landlords may encounter tenant issues in all forms, shapes, and sizes. That’s why landlords should know how to handle difficult tenants professionally. Here are some pointers for that purpose. So take a read!

Keep your Cool and be Objective

Renters that cause you a lot of trouble may be a reasonable excuse to make you angry. However, not keeping your cool will only make matters worse.

You should see to it that you don’t let your emotions take over you when you discuss with them about the issues they’re causing you. Be professional and objective. If you’re too worked up, it will do you good to allow a day or a good night’s sleep before you talk to them.

Your tenants will likely take heed of what you’ve to say if you’re more calm and tactful when dealing with them. Remember: maintain the landlord-tenant relationship in order.

Document Everything

Keeping a record of everything is essential in preventing conflict with your tenants. Even though this might add to your workload as a landlord, it’s necessary to avoid a difficult tenant who might try to argue with you unreasonably.

Document house rules and procedures for dealing tenant issues or complaint including means of communication and expected response times. It’s also advisable to keep a record of all interactions with them. Document overdue rental fees and take note of phone calls, text messages, or emails.

Know the Law

Every state or city has ordinances or laws concerning landlord rights and responsibilities and tenants rights. You should see to it that you know about these laws so that you’ll know how to handle terrible tenants.

You should hire a lawyer to help you create policies and procedures. After policies and procedures are set up, you should stick to them. Tenants are bound to these policies after they’ve have signed the lease agreement with you.

It’s Still Business

Some tenants come up with really sad stories to convince the landlord to allow him/her to pay the rent at a later time or what-not. Although you’ve to be understanding as a landlord, it’s also crucial that you think about your business.

That’s why it’s a must to stick to what’s in the lease agreement. The policies will serve as your business protection and security. After all, it’s a business relationship you ‘ve with your tenants. Don’t treat everything personally.

Keep it Confidential

As it’s just business, you should keep in mind to keep the issues only between you and the tenant. Don’t talk about it with other people like to other tenants or your neighbors. Confidentiality is essential in this kind of situation unless the problem gets worse and you’ve to report it to the authorities.

Get a Property Manager

With all the issues and problems that you may face with your tenants while running your business, it will do you good to let someone else do the landlord tasks for you. Perhaps it’s time to hire a property manager.

If you have a property manager to handle your property rental business, you can get rid of all the stress that comes with it. You’ll also save time and focus on doing other stuff (for example, creating another business).

However, you should make sure that the property manager that you’ll hire have the experience and expertise for the job. You can reach out to firms like Pyramis Company for that purpose.


Having a property business is indeed a profitable endeavor. However, landlords often faced tenant issues while managing their business. If you’re a landlord, it’s essential that you know how to deal with difficult tenants professionally. You can follow the tips mentioned above for that purpose.

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