3 Things To Do On Your Next Trip To Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most visited places in Italy and also one of the most popular tourist places in the world. Known as the ‘sinking city’, it lies on 117 small islands, connected by a series of bridges and separated by a network of canals. It is a place that went through great cultural and artistic development, as well as one of the top food destinations in Europe. Venice has a lot to offer, but the following things should be your must-see when you visit this romantic place.

Canale Grande

As stated above, Venice has a network of maybe hundreds of canals and the largest one is known as Canale Grande. This great canal is just like a river, passing from one side of Venice to the other and snakes through the center in a large S bend shape. There are over 170 buildings lined at the banks of the canal which you can admire while walking through the sections of the canal. There are actually only four bridges that span the Canale Grande because almost everyone travels along the canal, not over it. So, do not miss the chance to ride a Vaporetto through the Grand Canal. This is the quickest way of traveling to various islands of Venice.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is located in the heart of Venice and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Here you will get the chance to see some of the top attractions in Venice, including St Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Campanile, Doge’s Palace, The Museo Correr and Torre dell’Orologio. You can have fun here by enjoying a live band music in some of the local cafes here. Or if you want to taste some Italian food, you can try it at some of the best restaurants overlooking the Piazza San Marco.

Lido, Venice

The right place to relax and get away from the crowd in Venice is Lido, the small island in the Venice lagoon. Lido creates a barrier between Venice and the Adriatic sea, offering amazing beaches and breathtaking views of Venice. There are a lot of shops, restaurants, hotels and residential areas which gives you the chance to do all kind of things. Also, the Lido is famous for hosting the Venice Film Festival which you may love to attend too.

So, now that you are familiar with the top places to see in Venice, go on and plan your next trip to this amazing place. You will definitely fall in love with its charm and you will definitely want to go back again and again.

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