Exciting Vacation: 7 Most Exotic Sights in the US

Planning to spend a vacation in America, but don’t know where to go? It’s not surprising, because the country occupies almost the whole continent, which is just full of exotic natural and artificial sights. Especially for you, traveling experts have created the list of the most stunning destinations. So, take advantage of Enterprise exotic car rental USA in order to reach them and see with your own eyes!

Hamilton Pool


In Texas there’s one of the most unique water formations in the world called Hamilton Pool. Its peculiarity is that it’s both an underground and a terrestrial lake. Many thousands of years ago, the arch of the cave through which the river flowed, collapsed to form a lake, and opened to people a picturesque sight. The lake is small – only about 1 square kilometer, but is no less magnificent. One part of Hamilton Pool is open to the sun’s rays, and another part is placed under a stone shed. The waters of the lake are painted in bright green color and occupied by fish and turtles. 14-meter waterfall falling from the height of the grotto complements the beauty of the site.

Street Library


One of the most interesting places in Kansas is the street where the city library is located. The facade of the main building is designed in the form of a bookshelf with 8-meters-high books! The facade consists of 24 ‘books’ and created in such a way to include the most popular preferences among readers. The choice of books available in the building was attended by the residents of Kansas. Among the major “exhibits” are “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Tao Te Ching”, “The Lord of the Rings” and much more.

Fly Geyser


In the northwest of Nevada, you’ll find the most unique geyser. It’s interesting not only for its appearance, but also for its history. The fact is that it’s half artificial.

Once, the ranch Fly was located in these places. In 1916, a well was drilled on the territory, but the workers stumbled upon a geothermal pocket. Having not reached the desired goal, the well was closed. After several decades, groundwater began to make its way through the wells. At the same time a beautiful small fountain was formed, and its name is Fly Geyser.

The Golden Gate Bridge


This unique suspension construction connects the two banks of the Golden Gate Strait, which divides the southern part of Marin County and San Francisco. The bridge started working in 1937, and it took 4 years to build it. On the first day only pedestrians walked along it, and the next day cars drove across the bridge for the first time. Until 1964, this bridge remained the largest in the world. Still would! After all, its length is 1,970 meters, and 2 towers keep a 1,280-meters-long bridge span above the strait. The road is placed at an altitude of 67 meters above the water.

The Wave


One famous journalist said: “You’re not a good photographer in case you haven’t taken at least one or a couple of photographs of the Wave”. But don’t rush to make conclusions about yourself as a photographer, while looking at your own photos of the sea waves. This is not about the sea or the ocean waves, but about a unique rock formation in Arizona called the Wave. This picturesque place has become quite popular among travelers and photographers due to its contrast hilly forms. In order to get to the Wave, you need to overcome the difficult path through the desert off-road under the scorching sun.

Bryce Canyon


Similarly to people, nature knows how to make incredible sculptural masterpieces, so Bryce Canyon is not an exception. It’s located in an attractive place in Utah.

The sharpest rock formations are called hoodoos.  They are considered to be the main attraction of Bryce Canyon. Why do tourists go there? This is because of the magnificent panorama, where you can watch the frozen dance of stone giants. You can get a special impression of enjoying the local sunset or dawn.

Initially, this place was declared a national monument – this event occurred in 1924. It was ranked as a national treasure four years later. Currently, the park is divided into a zone of juniper forests, coniferous forests and yellow pine tree zone.

Morning Glory Pool


This unusual name is given to the beautiful lake, which is a hot spring situated in Yellowstone. The park itself is famous for its geysers and springs. Well, Morning Glory is the highlight and major attraction of Yellowstone. The pool was named after the morning glory flower. It’s incredibly similar to the pool both in the bizarre form and crystal blue color. By the way, some travelers also called the lake the Spring of Morning Glory because of its extraordinary shape.


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