Tips to Writing a Good Guest Post

Advertising your products and services is very expensive especially when you have a small drone business that you want to scale on a budget. Though, there are several other alternatives to advertising that are available and makes it very easy for you to promote your business without spending a fortune.

Writing a guest article for your blog can really make wonders. If you have a drone business, the best thing to do is to write for drone blog or for any other blog other than your own because it can offer a perfect opportunity to speak directly to your customers.

However, writing this can be overwhelming from finding which site to approach to what to do thereafter. In his brief, we will provide you with a list of tips that you need to make it perfect.

Find the right outlets

The fact is that your guest posts can give you exposure to a wider audience but you have to do something in return. You need to start by finding websites with the below criteria.

  • Professional blog or site
  • A site that receives a lot of traffic
  • Readers of the site could be your customers

Do research

Now that you have already identified which website to pitch, the next thing is to do enough research to find out more about them. In this move, you should ask yourself about their pitching process and timeline and who is their audience. The next thing to do is to ask you if they are popular platforms.

Show your expertise

The next thing is that you have to show your authority over the subject you are writing about. Now you have to explain how your experience and the professional background qualify you to write about the same. You may as well be required to show your writing expertise in the pitch. One thing am sure about is that there’s no single website that wants to publish poorly written guest posts.

Plan your post

The topic and how you will go about it should be penned down. You need to have a clear picture of the topic and how you will present it. You also have to consider how the readers are going to responds to it. Answer all the relevant questions that are crucial before you proceed.

Create attractive headlines

I know you have been a reader and as you may have noticed, headlines are crucial. What this means is that you should try to think of a catchy title that describes your content well. One mistake that people make is to choose the first headline that comes to their mind.

Set a time limit

In this regard, time is money and hence you need to manage it and do that well. As you create the perfect blogs, you should as well have some time limit on the time to use on each blog.

Write what they want

Another mistake that bloggers make is writing what they want their readers to see rather than what the readers wants to hear. In this regard, write what they want to see because that is what will keep them intact.

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