10 Tips for small pool design

Designing and maintaining a functional private pool can be a strenuous and tough task. But it is worth indulging into considering all the fun and joy that comes with owning a personal private pool. Therefore we have compiled some noteworthy small pool designing tips and ideas to assist you in your pool building venture. You can also order free catalogs like Pottery Barn, Country Door or Blair through the mail for more inspiration.


  • Location and type


While choosing the type and location of pool consider how you would like to utilize the pool area and opt for a type that matches your lifestyle and personality. Square shaped pools are easy to clean while other funky shaped pools are more stylish. Indoor pools can be easy to maintain while outdoor ones can need extra care with the change of seasons. For swimming, you can opt for square/rectangular pools as they provide more space and select round or fancy shaped once to have fun or unwind after a long tiring day.


  • Proportions


You need to make sure that the size of your pool is proportionate to the size of the surrounding area. Your pool should not be too small or too big when compared to the landscape around it. Try to strike balance between proportions of swimming pool and area that surrounds it.


  • Sitting Arrangements


Create a space that allows all types of fun activities along with leisure. Indulge in a variety of seating options like lounge chairs, day beds or hammocks. Make the area around the pool comfortable and cozy. If you have enough space, you can also create space for table and chairs for quick poolside breakfasts and lunches.


  • Flooring


For swimming pools always choose Life Floor flooring which is safe, slip-resistant, cushioned and natural looking, unlike ceramic or concrete tiles. Non-slip vinyl flooring is another great alternative to avoid falls and accidents while playing around the pool area. These both flooring options are slip resistant and easy to clean and maintain.


  • Incorporate  Lighting


Add lighting to your pool area to give it a stylish and sophisticated appearance. Go for in-pool lighting and landscape lighting to create perfect mood during days and nights. Illuminate water during nights or light up green pathways to create a romantic ambiance.


  • Create an escape


Including calming water, features bring tranquility to the poolside. Install water jets instead around the pool or create a small natural waterfall or fountain to soothe your mind and body with its peaceful and calming sound. Even if you aren’t at poolside these features will definitely help you to de-stress and relax after a long tiring day.


  • Go Natural


Merge natural elements of your backyard with your pool. You can plant shrubs, vines, and flowers to add aesthetics and ensure privacy to your pool area. Incorporate natural elements like stones and pebbles for fountains and waterfalls into your design.


  • Go unique


Opt for unique features like the zero-depth entry for kids which reduce risks, add beach vibes to the pool yards, incorporated bar or serving places with pool area, merge inside pools with outdoors or buy outdoor kitchen units. These are a few ways which can give your pool area stylish twist and bless it with unique characteristics. Stick to single unique feature and don’t overdo or over decorate the area as it can be overwhelming and confusing.


  • Water purification


Pools tend to dirty quickly. Managing and purifying water can be a difficult task. Therefore, automated complex ozonization system is easy to operate and requires fewer skills when compared to the manual process.



  • Bring Entertainment


Make your pool area fun filled by bringing in fun elements like diving boards, floaters and slides. You can also add elements like floating lamps and flowers to enhance the beauty of your pool.



While designing the pool you have to consider size, purpose, location, safety, budget, drainage and water management and your personal style and preferences. Sticking to a single theme or look is recommended as blending of various features or elements together can lead to overall cluttered or disorganized appearance.s

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