Building Thought Leadership for Technology Business and Use of Oracle Database


Most of the technology startups now consider building thought leadership as an essential activity. Previously, it was considered to be something which comes into consideration only at a later stage once the company is grown up. However, the business administration experts now argue that thought leadership is something which has to establish from day one onwards.

Why is it so? The reason is simple. Building the right thought leadership from scratch will lay a strong foundation for the future growth of a business in terms of administration, marketing, sales, and customer/investor relationships. Building appropriate thought leadership will also help you to better your company and business administration properly from the first day.

Importance of thought leadership

Here are some major reasons why it is essential to build thought leadership for technology startups.

  • Angel investors, as well as business loan providers, are always looking for the founder directors with technical knowledge and expertise. Most of the investors who are considering the early-stage businesses don’t actually invest on to the product, but to the team which runs the company. They look forward to knowing better about the founders and their industry experience and insight. Having a thought leadership to consider will allow the investors to understand your market knowledge and industry expert when they do due diligence on your business.
  • Many of the founders at their early stage of entrepreneurs tend to be busy with building their products or services and tend to keep marketing on the backburner. By setting up effective thought leadership, you can effectively set up your marketing efforts too. Having a solid thought leadership and good content strategy will allow the business owners to have some good marketing material also in hand without any overhead in terms of digital marketing and advertising etc.
  • Sales also need some tools to build customer trust. No single prospect is going to close a deal early just because you have a good strategy for thought leadership. They rather look at the content which you generate as a part of their research on your company and your heads. When you first establish a business, you may have first to build a small referable customer base, in which leadership will serve as a tool to build trust and help the initial customers to feel comfortable to deal with you and the products you offer.

Identifying business thought leaders

Now as you know thought leadership is vital, how can one identify ideal thought leaders? The beginner thought leader team should have deeper experiences in technology and also an insightful business-centric approach to building you strong. Here is the list of thought leaders you need to consider.

  • Founder/CEO: This is the visionary for your business, the one who pulls out big ideas. They oversee the opportunities in the market and find out ways to tap it. Leveraging this market knowledge and insight, this leader stands in front and build solid content around his or her knowledge.
  • Technologist/CTO: If you are building new technologies or something to expand the capabilities of the existing technology stand, it is essential to look for technical expertise with a vision. You can sour such experts for practical insights which allow you to create content with a product focus and delineating its usage in the market conditions.
  • Sales leaders: They are another category of thought leaders a startup can ideally have. Even though they are not considered to be the front-end spokespeople, sales leaders are ideal to consider as they can effectively build your thought-leading strategy. They are frontline people who may deal with the acceptance and rejections of the customers. They can also see and understand what’s happening in the marketplace and what kind of solutions buyers are looking forward to.

With all these requirements to be fulfilled, building an ideal thought leadership may seem to be a daunting task; however, once if you put a bit of effort and serious consideration into building it properly, rest assured is that the thought leadership can further lead your business to success.

Advantages of Oracle DB in business administration

Once if there is good thought leadership in place, administering the business database to derive actionable insight is the next big challenge for the business owners and administrators. The support of a provider as will be of help in this. Experts now suggest Oracle as a reliable business database management system, which has many built-in features which makes it so popular lately. A newer version of Oracle DBMS is now released with improved features for corporate of all sizes.

What does Oracle offer?

  • Customer satisfaction

One major advantage of Oracle databases is its ability to ensure customer satisfaction when used properly. Oracle databases have backward compatibility. This will let the businesses to upgrade the systems without a stoppage or overhaul of the database systems. Oracle also puts forth low-cost and efficient updates. In addition to these features, Oracle also puts forth many customer-centric functions which make it more functional and cost-effective.

  • More functionality

Oracle is used at corporation-level business applications. So, Oracle DBMS now dominate in many sophisticated sectors like the banking industry. We can see that ten top banks in the world now use Oracle databases to run business. This is more owed to the functionality and security of Oracle. The right balance of high-end technology and business-oriented solutions make Oracle the No.1 choice of businesses all sizes.

  • Reliability

Reliability, as seen above, is one of the major advantages of Oracle databases. It can handle many demanding tasks also with ease. ACID test which is used to ensure the data integrity passed easily on Oracle databases. Reliable data is the major objective of modern-day databases, and Oracle is fully capable of meeting up this challenge.

  • Flashback technology

Flashback technology is a unique advantage of Oracle, which will avoid data loss in case of any application outrage or other disruption. Flashback technology will help remove any human errors in database management and increase data recovery time. Altogether, this feature allows simplified database management and more effective administrative procedures.

To conclude, Oracle DBMS features all four major properties which an ideal database system should have as atomicity, isolation, consistency, and durability. This makes Oracle one of the most competent and reliable database systems for businesses.

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