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Searching for wedding reception table favors is probably the final check box on your wedding to-do list.  Your wedding guests have been carefully chosen and everyone in attendance played at least a small role in getting you to the altar.  So, these special people deserve more than just a kiss and hug as they exit your big day.  Send them off with something fun to remember your big day!
I recently came across a site that offers a wide variety of unique wedding favors.  At Forever Wedding Favors you can find an assortment of high-quality products for your reception on their easy-to-navigate website.  I got my hands on the following assortment of products that I really enjoyed, and think will help give you ideas for your wedding day.  No matter what the wedding theme, they’ve got you covered!
Forever-Wedding-Favors-11 PRODUCT REVIEW:
First up was a wine bottle opener that’s shaped like a tiny little bottle.  That’s pretty cool isn’t it?  I recently tried to open a bottle of wine and my expensive name brand opener didn’t work because the shape of the bottle was unique. Well, this wedding favor opened it right up.  So it’s cute and functional!
Forever-Wedding-Favors-9 PRODUCT REVIEW:
These hugging polar bears are actually salt and pepper shakers.  This is an adorable table top piece that sparks conversation among guests.  This useful gift will be a hit at your wedding and people will fill these up and place them right on their tables at home.
Forever-Wedding-Favors-6 PRODUCT REVIEW:
This is a rustic metal key that doubles as a bottle opener.  And yes, it works fantastically!  I’ve already used it to pop open some bottles.  This decorative piece gives your guest something they can use around their house after your wedding.
Forever-Wedding-Favors-12 PRODUCT REVIEW:
This product is super cute!  It’s magnets that look like Typewriter keys that stick to your fridge, or certain types of metals.   They spell with the letters L-O-V-E….the love you and your partner have for each other, and the love you have for all of your wedding guests.
Click here to check it out
Forever-Wedding-Favors-1 PRODUCT REVIEW:
These are nice looking playing cards, well constructed, and great for poker night.  Cards always make great gifts and are always useful.  They have personalized ones too, which are even cooler.  What better way for your guests to remember your important day?
Forever-Wedding-Favors-7 PRODUCT REVIEW:
This is a heart-shaped bottle stopper that works very well.  I’m already using it with my favorite bottles of wine.  This shiny item is a practical gift that your friends and family will love to leave your party with.
Give your wedding guests a unique gift that will remind them of your wedding for years to come. This practical slate coaster comes in your choice of two designs that will be laser engraved into the slate coaster for a gift that will last a lifetime.   The coasters will be engraved with your names and your wedding date along with the design you choose.
Vintage Inspired Kraft Fans
Let your wedding guests cool down from all that dancing! Give them these vintage-inspired kraft fans that says all that has transpired in your lovely wedding, “Eat, Drink and Be Married.” It’s designed with a black and white chalkboard print that’s perfect for your vintage-inspired wedding.
I spent about an hour surfing through’s online shop.  The products there are definitely worth a peek.   Check it out and quickly find some cool gifts.  It’ll make your life much easier and you’ll have one more thing accomplished on your way to your all important day.  From beach themes to flamingos, I’m sure they’ve got the unique items you are searching for!

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