Confidence In Knowing If My Dog Can Eat Cooked Fish

Confidence In Knowing If My Dog Can Eat Cooked Fish

Dinner with the family is always a big thing in our house, no matter where in the world we are (and we have lived in 3 countries already) and what we have always implemented into the routine is that our pets eat when we eat.

This way there is no side table begging, no kid is trying to slip the pup a sneaky chunk of meat or vegetables so he doesn’t have to eat as much, and all the food is prepared at the same time.

Hearing on the news and reading what some believe way too many research articles on the subject, I began looking into a more nutritious and wholesome diet for not only the family but for the dogs too.

I know that certain foods are strictly off-limits and frowned upon when we’re talking about our canine friends (see this quick article on them here,in%20your%20dog’s%20digestive%20system) hence the need to be more thorough when implementing our dietary changes.


Cooked food in general.

As a rule, I like to give our dogs a mixture of cooked and raw foods, to balance out the fiber and roughage necessary for essential bodily functions, to regulate digestion, but also to keep an interest in the meal.

We usually portion out a bit of our evening meal if it is a stew or a one-pot wonder, but only if the meat has been cooked through and there are no little bones. We have come to notice in recent weeks that, like ourselves, our dog has taken a fond liking to fish.

And before anyone puts their hand up to query this factor, yes dogs ‘are’ allowed cooked fish as part of their menu plans. If you have any concerns, take a moment to read more information here on cooked fish and the benefits it can add to your dogs’ diet.

Fish contain essential fatty oils and omega vitamins needed for the optimal running of your pets’ digestive system, but you must make sure to remove all the bones, skin, and scales before serving it to him. Unlike cats, dogs cannot soften and break up the little bones and end up swallowing them whole which gets stuck or worse and they end up choking.

3 Advantages of implementing cooked fish into your dogs’ meal.

  • A good source of protein is great for their fur, joints, and cardiovascular system. Their coats are fuller, thicker, and healthier, and passersby will surely notice.
  • Significantly reducing the build-up between muscles and joints which can cause mild to chronic pain, its anti-inflammatory properties are widely welcomed.
  • Always try to buy fresh fish that you need to clean and cook yourself, it may be more work but this way you can ensure there are no flavorings or seasoning that could pose a threat to your pet. A simple blob of butter and a quick fry till completely cooked will have your pup’s tail wagging for hours on end.


Features to check if your fish is fresh.

What may seem normal to most of us when we see fish lying on the ice in the supermarkets or outdoor food stalls could be a sign that the fish is passed its sell-by date or is on the verge of it. They may wash them and plump them to sit nicely surrounded by crushed ice and lemon slices, but look closer to see what others might miss.

Fresh fish should have a mild scent, not a strong fishy odor, their eyes should seem as if they are bulging, and a quick indication of bright red or pink gills will help set your mind at ease. These basics will immediately assist you in a more quality purchase, but to go that little bit further, click this link and read the handy tips industry professionals’ advice to consider for top quality fresh fish.

Buying the best ingredients your budget can afford is not only beneficial to you and your family but for your pet, the overall meal will be better, more flavorful, and you are more than likely to taste the difference of a lower costing ingredient.

A top tip a chef always said to me was to buy less but buy well.

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