What you need to know about Calgary travel

Canada is a very unique country in the world hosting some of the best tourist attractions both material and natural. Actually all its cities are endowed with very beautiful tourist attractions and very fun and interesting things to do. Calgary is her third largest municipality and it’s full of great things to see and do. In this brief, we are uncovering top best things to do in Calgary.

The Calgary Tower

You will have a chance in almost all the cities in Canada to get a bird’s eye view. As a matter of fact, getting to this tower is the best ways to orient yourself in Calgary. The tower is 1228 meters above sea level which makes it a good place for you to have an entire city on your vicinity. It won’t take a lot of your time to get at the top. Actually, you just need 62 seconds from the bottom to the top. At the top of it, you can enjoy sweeping and uninterrupted views.

The uncommon

This boutique is located in Calgary’s center and its uniquely known for its unique fashion shops. If at all you don’t want to get out of Canada without anything to remember, then you can get to the uncommon and eventually buy all what you want. Some of the shops here are also known for their artisan goods. What this means is that you can buy all you need in terms of apparel, prints, house wares and pins. It’s also a good option to surprise your loved ones with something new.

Home of the National Music Center

This music center is located in Studio Bell which makes it very accessible from the CBD. The place features some musical Artifacts, interactive exhibits and halls of fame. It’s a good place for music lovers because it gives them a chance to celebrate music from different perspectives. In the same place, there are three recording studios.

Rooftop bars at the Simmons

In Calgary, there are several rooftop bars that you can visit at any time. What this means is that you may have a hard time choosing which is the best fit for you. Some of these rooftop bars especially the one at the Simmons offers the best views of the Legendary Bow River. You will actually have mouth watering options in your menu at any time.

The Paddle station

The Bow River is another attractive natural resource that the city hosts. If you are one of those people that want to have some close connections with the River, then you should spare some time to visit the Paddle station. To visit this attraction, you don’t have to struggle much, you can just book your reservation online and you will be picked at the launch point.

Global Fest

Now you have another very involving eye catching activity that you can participate on every August. At this point in time, visitors and locals here all end to the Elliston Park.

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