What is Managed IT Support & What are its Types?

IT Support

Managed IT support is a crucial service to keep IT equipment and other technology resources or assets active and functional.  Certainly, it’s difficult to have IT experts around you all the time, especially when you run a small-scale business or company.  There appears a gap for having no technology expert on your side. To fill up that gap, there are many third party professionals who can manage your storage, online data, software, hardware or server related problems.

In short, the managed IT support is the service provided by an IT professional for repairing network and sorting out hardware, software, server, cloud or security issues using his experience and skills. 

Why is IT support important?

With new technologies coming in place and becoming common, the corporate world needs to be ready for sorting out connectivity and privacy of network/data issues so that the opportunities can keep on coming. This need is fulfilled by this industry, which is predicted to earn US$45 billion. The IT spending in India is predicted to reach US$ 93 billion in 2021 and likely to rise to US$98.5 billion in 2022, as per Gartner. 

Why is it happening? 

Simply, it is taking the world by storm. 

  • Data and IT Security are Necessary: The regulations like GDPR and Data Privacy Act are implemented across the world to regulate legal practice of IT and data resources. The companies have to agree on what these types of legislations state. 
  • Specialisation is Must: The future is going to be entitled to those who have some special skills. It means that having or gaining some sort of expertise is going to be the need of hour. Else, it would be hard to survive in the digitally-enabled world. 
  • The Internet of Things is All Around: The Internet of Things is seen everywhere around in digital products and services. It’s more than what your smart speaker does. Almost every industry is inspired to translate typical doing into digital happening. 

The managed IT support services would help in smoothing the flow of information and communication. 

What are the types of IT managed support services?

There are many types of support services available. The internal IT capabilities help in deciding what services a business or company needs. 

However, the most common ones are following:

Data Backup

This service helps in protecting and retaining data that you might have lost due to accidental deletion. It allows you to recover it.  

Although you retrieve the entire database via data backups, which may consist of useless information also, yet it comes out as an additional layer of security. 

Help Desk Solutions

There are small-budget companies that also need managed IT services. However, they may not afford to own such resources due to budget constraints. With third party managed IT support, their business tasks and connectivity get life. They can easily access the help desk who is the matter expert to troubleshoot their problems virtually in no time. 

IT Support Services

Like help desk, these services are extremely useful in combining IT support and supervision. The expert on the other side offers proactive solutions to manage and patch devices while giving an insightful description on why your system is facing challenges and how it is going to be ok. 

Managed Network Security

As name, this service is concerned with network hacking detection and prevention. It includes rigorous monitoring of virus, spams, traffic and content, which have possibility to carry the carrier of network breaching. Their analysis prevents firewall and keeps your network safe and secure via monitoring. 

Microsoft Office365

It’s a common service that every next company opts in. With managed support, people can easily and affordably plan, design, execute and support their office 365. 

Object Storage

Object, here, is a storage capability that allows a large amount of unstructured data to get in.Some data-based companies struggle with storage capabilities, which end with this object storage. It’s an inexpensive method of data storage that comes with scalability and reliability of storage and backups. 


It is generally available IT support service that helps to come across data storage problems. It ensures finding and using online storage to optimally utilize its efficiency at a low cost. 

Systems Management

This is related to software and hardware, server, applications or cloud etc. that one has on-site. The professional support providers take care of all these while interpreting the prospective challenges, threats and trends that can proactively determine them and help in administering these issues. 

Virtual CIO

Chief Information Officer or CIO is typically needed to supervise on how the systems should be analysed or monitored as per defined strategies. He shares a proactive plan and step-by-step guide on how to manage company’s technology services. 


Managed IT support is the service that helps in proactively managing network, hardware, software, storage and other networking assets that keep the company’s processing and communication going on. It consists of virtual CIO, system management, storage, object storage, officer 365 and managed IT services etc..


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