Top Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. This is true for all endeavors especially web design. Though making mistakes is fine, it can be too costly and time-consuming on the part of web designers, web developers, and small business website owners. Thus, it is best to avoid them by making sure you are wary of the common mistakes in web design and if you are not professional then you can hire WordPress development company to take care of your project.

Forunately, in this article, we will be giving you the top web design mistakes you should avoid. This is to help you create a viable web design that will help you grow your business. Let’s start with the first one.

A Crowded Website

If you want to enhance user experience, you must make sure your website is not too crowded. If there is too much information placed on one page, then the users will most likely be confused. There should always be a clear hierarchy when it comes to your website’s design. It is best to provide a simple, clean layout that emphasizes the most important points of your webpage.

A Horrendous Call-To-Action (CTA)

Your call-to-action is a very important element in converting your viewers into loyal, paying customers. It is necessary to provide a clear, call-to-action, specifically defining the users what to do. Information should be provided to let the visitors know what they’re getting from taking a particular action. Plus, call-to-action buttons should be emphasized in order to catch the attention of the viewers. It is best to place them inside bold borders to stand out.

A Hard-To-Find Search Box

The web is filled with trillions, if not zillions, of information. Chances are, your website is too. Your visitors are always looking for information they can find. And if is hidden within the depths of your website, it is best to give them an easy-to-find search box. This will make your website more convenient for your users.

A Website with Poor Content

Content is necessary to provide your users with the information they need. If you provide content that is filled with fluff, typographical, and grammatical errors, then your viewers will be confused with your message. Plus, an error-filled website will make you look spammy. You won’t appear as trustworthy towards your viewers.

Thus, it is best to have a professional writer create unique content for your website. In addition, you should hire an editor and a proofreader to double check the content. This is just for perfection purposes but it won’t hurt your website design a bit.

A Website with Poor Readability

Viewers have to read through a website in order to obtain the information they want. If you use hard-to-read fonts, then the users will most likely click the back button. As a tip, you can use the Sans Serif typeface for legibility on the website.

Poor Navigation

A website should always have a seamless navigation. The viewers should find their way around the website easily. It has to be easy-to-understand for the viewers in order to avoid confusion. In addition, you should always avoid dead links inside your website. This can make you look unprofessional and untrustworthy. It is best to create a hierarchy of your website and then put this into place by providing an easy-to-understand navigation.

Low-Resolution Images

The graphical media found in your website is a very crucial part of its design. Images can provide a certain perception of your page. It is best to use high-resolution, high-quality images that are relevant to your website’s theme. Irrelevant images will provide confusion to your readers making them hard to understand what you’re trying to portray.

A Website Lacking In Contact Information and Contact Page

Lacking and missing contact information is a common mistake in web design. Once your visitor decides to make a purchase or an important conversion action, it is best to have your contact information on hand. Your “Contact” Page should always be clearly seen by visitors once they visit your site. Avoid too much hassle on the part of the viewer and you are on your way to a great web design.

Including Too Many Pop-Up Windows

A pop-up window always leads to a disorienting experience for the viewers. If you have too much pop-up windows showing in one page, your users will most likely get annoyed. Make sure your viewers are able to close the pop-up window once it appears. In addition, keep your pop-up windows to a minimum.

Non-Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design is imperative nowadays. Viewers are checking your website through various devices be it mobile or desktop. As such, your web design should cater to all these viewers in order to avoid losing them. Make sure you hire website designers that can provide you with a responsive design.

Complex Registration Forms

In our previous article, we have stated that a shorter form is best to increase the conversion rate of your webpage. This is true of web design. Providing a complicated form (or even registration process) can decrease the conversion rate of your website.

In addition, you must make sure you avoid errors in your form. We have found a lot of websites wherein people were not able to submit forms because of errors. Forms should always be double-checked to avoid a bad user experience on the part of the viewers.

Background Music

Users don’t want background music from the website. They want efficiency not additional features that might hinder their attention. It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED to avoid putting a background music on your website unless it is a very important part of your marketing efforts.

Wrong Ad Location

Advertising is very important when it comes to certain types of websites. However, it should not be exaggerated. Ads in wrong places can disrupt user experience and confuse the hell out of your viewers. You have to analyze your ads by checking your website as a visitor. If your ads annoy you, then it will most likely annoy your visitors too.

In Conclusion

Your website’s design is very important when it comes to providing your users with a great experience. In order to be deemed as professional and trustworthy, you must avoid the common mistakes found in this article. In addition, you must apply all of these by heart to increase the likelihood of your viewers converting into loyal customers. It is best to hire professional web designers to avoid the common mistakes of your business’ website or marketing designs.

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