The Advantage of Backlinks in Email Marketing


You are probably aware of the importance of your e-mail marketing campaigns for the overall success of your enterprise. The idea is to promote your offer and reach as many people as possible and entice them to engage somehow. However, this is easier said than done and there are still many people out there who fail to realize how they could boost the traffic to their website.

Creating a successful e-mail marketing campaign is a complex process and one of the vital elements that mustn’t be overlooked is backlink to the relevant source. This has been a buzzword in the world of SEO for quite a while now and it refers to links from one webpage or e-mail to another page. So, why are they so important and how can they help us?

A brief intro


You need to be aware that there are no-follow and do-follow links. The former apply to the links which have the no-follow tag, since they might be linking to an unreliable site. On the other hand, the latter help you rank your post and improve the domain authority. There are also internal links, which lead to another page with the same domain.

Advantages of backlinks

You have to understand that it’s vital that your backlinks come from relevant and authoritative sites, since it’s not just quantity that helps you. You also need to focus on the quality if you want to improve your rankings.

Faster indexing

Engine bots use backlinks to your site to crawl it more effectively. That’s why it’s vital for every site, especially a new one, to get backlinks, because they help in the faster discovery and indexing of your site.

The content of your e-mail


You want the content to be relevant, informative and attractive enough to interest your readers to find out more. If you want your backlinks to help you, they have to be organic. This means the reader should feel as if such a link will provide even more relevant info. For the best ROI, locate such backlinks at the top of your e-mail, even though you might get some traffic with those further down the text.

How can e-mails help us build links?

Google, as you know, doesn’t index e-mails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t profit in terms of SEO from your e-mail campaigns. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to publish the information from your e-mails on your blog or any other page of yours and Google will surely notice it.

Let’s start with a presumption that you have a rather extensive list of subscribers. Now, your task is to keep them interested (which is why the content of your e-mails needs to be relevant and attractive) and hopefully get them to engage and create traffic to your site. You may write a succinct summary of the content in the e-mail and advise the subscribers to read more about it on your webpage.


Another way is to send out a series of e-mails with valuable information, with a link to the full version of the post. Also, you can have direct links, well-written anchor text leading to the right page and brand links taking the subscriber to your home page. Consider sharing embeddable content in a form of badges or infographics, for example, that people might embed on their site. This can do wonders for your SEO, since you are in charge of the anchor text and where it points.

You don’t have to be a marketing or SEO wizard to appreciate the benefits of creating effective e-mail campaigns. However, there are some rules that need to be followed if you really wish to make the most of your effort (and who doesn’t?). If you feel that this is too complex for you to roll up your sleeves and work on improving your digital presence, you can always rely on experts with a proven track record, who can take care of this part of your business.

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