How to Make Money from Guest Blogging: A Realistic Guide for Newbies

Have you always had a passion for writing that you feel like your day isn’t complete without having written anything at all? You may have put up a blog of your own as a result. However, blogging isn’t just about writing as you also have to network with other bloggers by doing guest posting on their blogs. You can even earn a living by producing content for somebody else’s blog.

Let this practical guide for newbie bloggers like you teach you how you can make money from guest blogging.

Establishing Your Blog’s Readership

Think of guest blogging as similar to offering to clean your neighbor’s house. If you can’t sweep the floor of your living room, you shouldn’t bother asking your neighbor if you can help them clean their home. Following that analogy, you should work on attracting readers to your blog first before even entertaining the idea of doing guest blogging.

Blogging about several different topics is on its way out. Instead, focus on a specific niche that you like. For instance, if you love to write and cook meals for your family and friends at the same time, you should put up a food blog. That way, you can increase your chances of gaining a strong following by targeting fellow food enthusiasts like you instead of the reading public at large.

Remember that your readers are spending a good chunk of their time in your blog hoping that any of your posts can be of significant help to them. Note as well that your readers want something from you that they haven’t seen anywhere else before, and they can easily spot if you blatantly stole an article online. They’ll also want something from you that’s in line with current trends and tastes. Thus, publish high-quality content in your blog that’s unique, relevant, informative, and of great use to your audience.

Finding a Blog for Guest Posting with the Help of an Agency

You may think that finding blogs where you can guest post and reach out to them are solely your responsibility. You can become a successful guest blogger that way, but realistically speaking, you’re more than likely to get rejection after rejection – especially given your newbie blogger status – that you may end up frustrated and just quit writing altogether.

To avoid the flurry of rejections that are sure to come your way when you try to pitch content ideas to other blogs within your chosen niche, you should look for a third-party agency who can find blogs where you can guest post – although as discussed earlier, you should build a decent readership for your blog first.

There are several third-party agencies out there that offer guest posting services, such as NO BS Agency. Just make sure to prepare samples of your work so that they’ll know which blogs you can guest post in and how they can pay you.


As of 2011, there are more than 170 million blogs all over the world. That number has most likely increased since then. Still, it’s a testament to the popularity of writing as a human activity. However, writing alone doesn’t pay the bills. To earn a living without sacrificing your passion, you should entertain the idea of guest blogging with the help of the practical guide above on how newbie bloggers like you can make money from it. After all, why settle for merely earning a living if you can do it while pursuing your passion for writing at the same time?

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