7 Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Clothes Washer

Is your clothes washer giving you a headache? Doesn’t it function according to its expected efficiency and performance? Then, worry not! If you are yet to buy a modern, energy-efficient washing machine, there are ways that you can do to boost the efficiency of this essential home appliance.

The goal is to reduce your electricity use, have faster water flow into the clothes washers to save your time, and have lesser heat loss as far as possible. For a little help, here’s a list of tips to increase the efficiency of your clothes washer. So take a read!

Run a Full Load

Even if you put less load in your washing machine, it will still use the same amount of electricity for it to function. That’s why as far as possible, it’s advisable to run your clothes washer with a full load. In this way, you don’t have to wash your clothes twice or thrice a week, and you’ll save money from your electricity bills.

Put the Machine on a Leveled Surface

It’s a must that you put your washing machine on a leveled surface so as not to create too much rumble when it’s spinning. Otherwise, it will cause an unstable spin that in turn cause the machine to use its utmost power. There’s also a possibility that the unbalanced spinning will damage the washing machine.

Install a Water Filter

If your place has a high water mineral content, it’s advisable that you install a water filter or a water softener in your washing machine. Minerals like iron can cause clogs to hoses of your clothes washer, decelerating the flow of water which makes the machine to put too much work and eats up a lot of electricity.

Clothes washers utilize two hoses that have inside screens around each end, one to the water source and the other to the machine. If your washing machine hoses are clean, it will function in quicker cycles. Faster cycles also reduce heat loss from water as the washer fills and drains.

Use Cold Water

According to studies, nearly 90 percent of the energy consumed by your clothes washer is utilized to heat the water. But if you use cold water for washing your clothes, it will save you a significant amount of electricity. You can save sufficient energy to run an average household for two weeks if you switch to using cold water.

Using cold water for washing your clothes also makes the colors of your clothes brighter, lessens stains, and reduces wrinkling.

Keep the Door Open After Use

Most washing machines, especially front-loading washers, have airtight seals to prevent water leak while it’s in use. According to Winnipeg appliance repair, this seal can confine the moisture in the machine and cause mold if you close its door immediately after using it.

So it’s a must that you leave the door open for about an hour after use to allow moisture to evaporate. Mouodours one of the leading causes of the poor performance of your washing machine.

Clean the Machine Regularly

It’s necessary that you do regular cleaning of your washing machine to prevent odor from building up, and to get rid of detergent residue inside the machine.

For you to clean your washing machine, you can put a lime-scale remover or white vinegar while you run the machine on an empty cycle. You should also get rid of the debris from the wash bucket and the detergent dispenser.

Keep the Maintenance in Check

You should make sure that your washing machine doesn’t have any damage such as in its electrical wiring or its water hoses. If there is any indication of damage in the machine, you should see to it that you call for the help of an expert.


An efficient clothes washer won’t only lessen your laundry time, but will also save you money from your electricity bills. That’s why it’s essential that you know the ways on how to improve the performance of your clothes washer.

For instance, you should install a water filter, run a full load, use cold water, do regular cleaning, and maintenance to make your clothes washer function at its utmost efficiency. If you notice any damage, you should call repair service right away.

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