Top 5 Countries to Study International MBA

Be it a techie or a science graduate, MBA has always got a special value and popularity among the students and even working professionals. Many strongly believe an MBA can fetch greater career opportunities and also makes one ready to take up high level and managerial roles. We all know that there are many specializations in MBA and we can choose one depending on our interest, MBA can teach you many different things and makes you ready for the real world business challenges and helps you in career advancements.

So many students are ready to invest their money and time to get the MBA degree. Apart from MS , MBA is also one course many students wish to pursue in foreign countries. But there is always confusion in selecting the right country and university. If you are someone looking to travel to a different country to pursue MBA, here we are listed the top 5 countries you can opt to do your International MBA.


There is not just one but many reasons to list Canada on the top[s of the list. Every year thousands of students apply for top universities in Canada to pursue MBA. Apart from being the house of some of the top universities in Canada attracts students due to many reasons like its weather, culture etc. The country also allows student to takes up part time jobs when studying easily. Not only part time jobs there are good number of full time job opportunities available in the country once the student finishes the course. The top universities in Canada also provide good exposure to research, scholarship to merit students and high quality education. Canada is also a beautiful country with lot of tourist attractions and is generally warm in summers and experiences minus temperatures in winter. Most of the people her speak English and with thousands of people immigrating every year we can find different cultures in Canada.


We all know that Singapore has been and being a business hub and one of the most popular country that attracts many many tourists. Singapore stands high in terms of cleanliness, planning of the city and culture. The education standards offered by universities in Singapore are also very high and the degree you receive from those university are also accepted globally. The cost of living and tuition fee is relatively cheaper compared to the U.S and U.K. The Singapore government also has announced some policies which reduces the tuition fee for foreign students and also many universities provide scholarships for eligible candidates. As most the population in Singapore speaks English it will be easy for the foreign students.

United kingdom:

UK is one of the top destination preferred by Indian students to study MBA. The fact that out of 10 top universities in world, 3 are in UK makes us understand the education standards the universities in UK provide. UK has been providing this standard education from years , due to this students would not find it difficult to adapt to the culture as there are more than thousands of foreigners working and studying there as UK provides many part time and full time work opportunities for students who are studying or completed the course. Also the country has health policy that provides free medical benefits for the foreign students studying particular courses. The universities in UK also offer many scholarship programs for which the students can apply.


Germany is one of the best country to pursue MBA. Is offers high education standards when compared to many other countries. Germany is also ranked as one of the safest countries. Their high education standards in universities is one point that attracts many students to pursue MBA in German Universities. Most of the worldwide top ranked universities are in Germany and the degrees from these universities are highly valued worldwide. This gives the students the wider career opportunities globally. The cost of living in Germany is less compared to many other countries and also the tuition fee is also affordable compared to top universities in other countries.


Even though there are many countries that provide International education, US hold a special place when attracting the students for studies or jobs. US being the home for many world top universities is one of the reasons that attracts the students. Also US universities also provide students with research freedom and support for students. Studying in these top universities will add great value to your career path.

So, Have you been dreaming about getting an MBA degree from the top universities in these countries? Why wait, Get the list of top universities in these countries and start applying. Most of the universities also provide scholarships top the eligible candidates. Check for the eligibility and apply for the scholarship to make your dream come true.

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