Top 4 reasons to infuse the irresistible green shade in your home!

Top 4 reasons to infuse the irresistible green shade in your home!

So, why to choose green in your home decor? Well, basically because you aren’t that pink or white person. Or maybe you are amongst the second largest population of the world who love green. Yes, you’d be surprised to find most of the people around the world are crazy about the green colour (blue being the first). Well, maybe this is the reason people imbibe the shade of green a lot in the home décor. And that is what we are talking about today!


Ø  Check the reasons to include green colour in your home décor!


A home decor having green in any part of it looks astounding. But if you are calling your house painters in Auckland from FQS Interior, try instructing them to include a beautiful shade of green in your paint. They are professional painters who carry out the best painting job at reasonable charges. But yes, if you want to know the reasons to choose green, just read on!


o   Because it’s the colour of nature — People today are going crazy about green solely because of the reason that it is the colour of nature. With the growing industrialism and modern lifestyle, more and more people crave to come closer to nature and the greens. Well, obviously this is not quite possible because of the busy schedule. That is why many people consider inducing green colour shades in their house in some form so that they can feel close to nature. And if you are among the ones who think of the environment before yourself, you will definitely feel that by including the green colour in your home you are doing something to save the environment.


o   Because it matches almost all décor style — If you are opting for chic decor, just include some shades of light green in it, it would look mesmerising. And if you are selecting a sophisticated look in your home, green shade in darker tones will enhance its beauty. For modern homes, pale green is trending; and for Victorian houses, bright green shades suit the most. So basically, what we mean to say is that green matches and fits into any kind and theme of décor and looks captivating.


o   It has positive vibes — Believe it or not, green has a sparkle of positivity in it! Green is considered as the colour of blossoming, life, and freshness — and that is why you’ll feel certain happiness when you are around it. So, with the green colour, you are bringing positivity to the house.


o   Green never goes out of trend — Another fabulous reason to opt for green in your home décor is because it never goes out of style. So, when you are picking up green shades for your home decor, rest assured that your home would always look happening and trending because green is always trending.



Didn’t we say that green is “the colour” for your home? Now how about welcoming it in some form in your home décor and see for yourself the pleasant charisma of going green? 

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