The times when waterproofing becomes entirely important for your home!

The times when waterproofing becomes entirely important for your home!

We have all come across the need to waterproof our houses! It’s a procedure that helps your home stay strong by stopping the water leakages and the consequent damages. But do you know when it’s the right time to waterproof your house? Obviously, it doesn’t strike you all of a sudden one fine day to waterproof your house!


Ø  The crucial times when waterproofing your home becomes absolutely necessary!


Before we discuss the most suitable or important time to waterproof your house, don’t ignore the need of getting the task done by an expert in waterproofing in Auckland, Damn Good Tiling LTD is  renowned for the exceptional waterproofing services in the city with guaranteed results. Do call them during these times.


o   Before a season-change —Seasonal repairs and renovations are very important. One such important task before the onset of rains or winters or summers is waterproofing your house. Especially before the winter and monsoon. You never know when the snow or water might enter your house through the roof, walls, or other areas and start damaging your interiors and creating other issues.


o   When you spot the signs of water damage — Prevention is always better than cure. When you start spotting minute and small signs of water leakages in your home – like – mould formation, patches on the walls, peeling of wall paint, etc., do go for waterproofing immediately. Delaying this matter would only increase the issue, and you will have to face serious consequences later.


o   Before you start a renovation work — Whether you are going for a kitchen renovation, or it is your bathroom reconstruction, or you are just renovating your exteriors –this is the best time to consider waterproofing your house. Because you are spending so much for your new interiors, it is always better to be cautious and create a firm layer of waterproofing so that your home doesn’t get damaged in the near future.


o   Before flooring and roof construction work — If you are laying a new floor in your home, then waterproofing before this step is very important. Doesn’t matter if you are opting for hardwood floors or granite or tiles, if you are waterproofing the ground, this area becomes stronger. Similarly, before you go for your ceiling formation or even constructing a new roof, do consider waterproofing to ensure the house stays strong.


o   When renting or buying a new home — It is highly advisable to carry out the waterproofing task before you move into your new rented or purchased property. You never know if the house has serious water damages, and sometimes even home inspections do miss out on this point. So, it is always better to be cautious and carry out this step before you start painting and moving into the new house.


Well, we listed almost all the crucial times when you should consider waterproofing. You shall be glad that you provided your home with this protective shield.

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