Essential things to consider when selecting the ideal kitchen tile!

Essential things to consider when selecting the ideal kitchen tile!

Kitchen holds a special place in your home. Most of your daily chores end and start from here. Obviously decorating it becomes inevitable as your mood during cooking impacts the meal you prepare. When the décor and ambience of the kitchen is pleasant, even your cooking skills improve because you enjoy the time you spend here (and vice versa too, of course!).  



Ø  Important things to consider when selecting the kitchen tiles!


We are sure you are super eager to choose the right tiles to adorn your kitchen. In Auckland tiler from Bathroom & Tiling could come to do an awesome tiling job in your kitchen. Yes, their work is truly spectacular, and they don’t just guarantee good results, but also have several testimonials supporting their claims. But in the end, you are one who shall select the tiles for your kitchen. So, here’s what you should consider.



o   First, decide where the tiles would be installed — Before you set out to buy the tiles, decide where the tiles would be placed. You’ll have to select separate kinds of tiles for the floors and walls, a unique design for the kitchen island, and another pattern for the backsplash, so on and so forth.


o   Fix a differentiating point between the tiles — It is very important to create a point or line of difference between the tiles if you are going to install it in more than one area in the kitchen. Otherwise the entire place  would look very monotonous and dull. You can either select a different colour for the backsplash, walls, floors, and island or coordinate them with a common factor. Or simply pick the uniform colour with a distinct design or create a pattern of alternate designs or look for borders or contrasts amongst the tiles.


o   Check your budget before getting tempted — It is very easy to get tempted with the designs and patterns you come across while you go to buy the tiles. But remember your budget before opting for any of these. We are sure you would get dozens of equally amazing tiles in the stores within your budget as well.


o   Keep your lifestyle in mind — Going only for décor and forgetting your lifestyle is a big no in selecting tiles for your kitchen. If you cook twice or thrice daily and entertain each weekend, your tiles should be tough, easy to clean, and totally charming. And if you rarely spend time in the kitchen, then you can emphasise on only decorative and great looking tiles.


o   Don’t be afraid to try new trends — If the recent trends match your lifestyle, budget, and look good in your kitchen, then never be afraid to bring them into your kitchen. You can choose bright yellow or pink shades for the kitchen, abstract designs, and even mimic a wooden look in your kitchen with these tiles. So, never be afraid of these new kitchen tiles trends.


If you are picking your kitchen tiles according to these pointers, you are sure to have the best kitchen and would certainly enjoy cooking here the most. 

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