Top tips to design the best kids’ bathroom!

Top tips to design the best kids’ bathroom!

With children having their personal space, personal bathrooms are pretty common. And often you don’t even give a dime to decorate their bathroom as compared to the stress you take upon styling their bedrooms. Remember, the kid’s bathroom is going to be theirs and you aren’t going to use it unless it is an emergency. So what’s the logic behind decorating it similar to your bathroom? We think it deserves a vibrant style to match with the theme of the bedroom. Don’t you think so too?


Ø  How to design a fun and functional kids’ bathroom?


Mostly you take your child’s preference and choices into consideration when you are designing their bedroom. We suggest you do the same even when designing their bathrooms.



o   Pick a lively colour theme — So, you are decorating a child’s bathroom. It should be livelier and happy and colourful. Just pick your child’s favourite colour and theme and get your tiles, accessories, and everything to be used in this space of that particular colour.


o   Keep safety in mind — Safety is most important when you are thinking of designing a child’s bathroom. Ensure that the tiles you are choosing are non slippery and properly levelled. Call only the best labourers for bathroom tiling in Auckland from Best Skills. They provide good quality of service and ensure that tiles on the walls and floors of your child’s bathroom are even and perfect. Also, remember to choose the faucets that aren’t too complex to use.


o   Be ready for the mess — You very well know how messy kids can be. So, when you are designing a bathroom for them, keep the mess they can create in your mind. If you are going for a too designer version of the bathroom, even cleaning it would be complex. So, pick the colour and items that don’t get dirty or stained easily and even maintenance of the same should be easy.


o   A small basin would do — Doesn’t matter if you have a lavishly vast bathroom or you are thinking of sparing the space, only invest in a small basin. Your child doesn’t need a large washbasin, won’t be able to manage using one, and opting for a bigger one would only increase your task of cleaning the mess.


o   Keep a cupboard for storage — Even when it’s a child bathroom, there are lots of things to place in the bathroom cabinets like spare towels, bathrobes, shampoo, etc. Design a medium sized cabinet and ensure that you are filling up all the shelves of this so that the empty space isn’t filled with the toys by the kids.



Apart from these essential pointers, also remember to pick up the bathtub as per the age and size of your child. Yes, remember to invest in a small stool for the convenience of the little one. After this, you can also install lots of hooks and get some exclusively vibrant looking doormats and curtains for the bathroom. We’re sure your child would love your choice of decor in his/her own bathroom.

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