Tips to Pack Your Suitcase like a Pro

Regardless of your reason for traveling – business or leisure – keeping your suitcase light and compact yet being prepared for any unforeseen event is crucial.

Thus, I outlined a few tips and tricks to help you pack like a pro without any need for additional suitcases or carry-on.

1.    Choosing the Right Luggage

More than packing the right outfits for your trip, you need to ensure your case is fit for your use. Hard-shelled suitcases are better than soft ones; they protect everything better.

Plus, the modern designs come with multiple sections, 360-degree wheels and more, making it easier to travel. You can get any style of luggage you need from the various stores on PennySaviour at discounted prices via coupons.

2.    Where Are You Headed

To decide what you’re going to take with you on the trip, the first thing you need is to know your destination. I don’t mean just the name of the place; you need to see the weather reports for that particular time of the year.

If it’s sunny you can pack lighter, summer clothes, however, if it is cold or rainy, you pack warmer clothes.

Wearing layers is best for traveling to any location you can take off the extra coat if it is warm or put them on if it is cold or chilly.

3.    Make a List

With your research done, it is time to raid your wardrobe and decide what to take and what not to.

Think of what you’ll be wearing on your travel every day, whether it is casual or formal, family gathering or business related. Instead of choosing what to wear after you reach your destination, it’s best to decide beforehand. Try picking outfits that you can mix up a little; it’ll give you variety without the need to pack extra items.

Write down your plan then, as you start packing, cross off all that you’ve done to keep yourself on track and to remember anything significant.

4.    Fold Your Clothes

The best way to save space and avoid wrinkles on your clothes is to fold them. Just stuffing your bags, without adequately folding your clothes, is only going to lead to less space for other essential items as well as creating more work for when you reach your destination.

5.    Before You Pack

Either line your suitcase with plastic bags or put your clothes in them before placing them in the suitcase. It will ensure your clothes don’t get wrinkled. Plus, if there is a sudden shower when your luggage is unloaded from the plane, your clothes are going to be protected from getting soaked. Moreover, you can use these bags to pack your dirty laundry on your way back.

6.    Arranging Your Suitcase

Just because your clothes are folded, doesn’t mean you can place them as you wish in your suitcase. There is a proper sequence to follow to ensure that your clothes remain wrinkle free and take up minimum space.

First place the bulky items that are your shoes, hair dryers, or any bag, on the bottom or put them on the side of the wheels. Your undergarments, jewelry or socks go inside your shoes or in the space between to utilize every free space.

When you’re shoes are in place, lay down the bulky outerwear that is your coats and jackets. Fold them up and lay them down neatly. Your toiletries and other personal care products should go in the middle, so they are buffered by the layers of clothing and protected from all the jostling.

The last to go are your lighter garments, meaning your shirts, skirts and pants. They make-up the topmost layer; alternate the sides of the waistbands to keep the stack balanced.


When you’re looking to go traveling, there is a lot that goes on in your mind; from the departure to the arrival, and the adventure or business that awaits you. With so much to look forward to, people often overlook the simple yet essential part of the planning process; packing a suitcase. Next time you take a trip, follow these tips to pack light but be ready for any event.

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