10 Tips to Make your Flyer Stand Out

Flyers can be a great way to promote your business, and in fact be integral to your marketing strategy no matter how large or small you are as a company.  Printed flyers allow you to let your prospective clients know exactly what you are offering them. We have put together our top 10 tips that will make your flyer stand out from the crowd and lead to more conversions.

Images and Graphics

Images and graphics are likely to be one of the first things that catch the readers attention, so they are incredibly important.  It’s essential that you use high-quality graphics that complement the product or service you are looking to promote. You also should make sure they fit in with the color scheme of your company branding for consistency. Using these as part of your flyer design is essential, and the perfect way to make flyer and stand out if done correctly.

Title and Headline








A great headline will be used to get the attention of the customer.  Take some time to think about it.  What’s the main message you are looking to portray? It should be concise and to the point, to give the reader a good idea of what information the flyer contains without having to read lots of content.  The aim here is to get their interest straight away.

Highlight Main Benefits

The objective of your flyer is, of course, to promote and to inform people about your business.  You can use them to push existing products and services, upcoming events, or even a launch of a brand new product.  Why would they want to use your service over someone else? It’s important that your unique selling point is clearly highlighted in your design.

A Quality Finish

A quality finish is definitely something you will need to consider in order to make your flyer a success.  If you choose to use glossy or laminate finishes or opt for some luxury paper – this could be a great first impression. Flyer printing companies such as print24.com have lots of options available (20 different paper types in total!) when it comes to the choices of paper you can use.

Fonts that are Easy to Read

There is nothing worse than struggling to read the content of a flyer.  It can be all too easy to choose a font that looks attractive but isn’t practical.  You shouldn’t really have more than 2 fonts on your flyer.  One should be used as the main headline, and the other for the content throughout. Make sure the font that you choose is easy for the prospective client to read, otherwise you may lose their attention fairly quickly.

Keep the Content Simple

You don’t need to bombard them with every single detail of your product or service straight away.  Remember, less is more!  Be to the point, and make sure you only give them the information that is needed.  The text, images, and headlines can speak for themselves, it doesn’t need to be too wordy.

Make Sure You Proofread

Although it may seem obvious, it’s important for you to proofread the content of your flyers before sending them off to print.  If you give them out with spelling or grammar errors in them, it can make your company look unprofessional.  Get someone else to check it too, there’s no harm in the 2nd pair of eyes looking at it.

Include an Offer

In order to improve conversions, why not include an offer as part of your flyer?  This could be anything from a promotional code, to a voucher that can be used for the particular product or service you are promoting.  This also allows you to track the effectiveness of the flyer more effectively if you can see how many people used a specific code or voucher.

Align your Content and Text

Keeping the layout simple and using easy to read fonts can have a massive impact on how successful your flyer is, which we have highlighted.  Make sure that your content is also aligned properly.  Most people read from left to right and top to bottom – so bear this in mind when designing the layout.

Think about the Folds

This is the last thing you will need to take into account.  If you add something like a half fold or tri fold – this could make your flyer stand out in the crowd.  Paper folds can definitely give your flyer more impact.

Now you have gone through our top 10 tips, you should have the perfect flyer.  Some of the things may seem obvious, but they are easily missed – and others may not have even occurred to you.  Good luck with your flyer marketing strategy.

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