The 5 Basic but Important Sofa Cleaning Tips!

Sofa Cleaning Tips

We know how much you invest in getting the best kind of furniture for your home!  And we are not just talking about the finances that go into it. The love and dedication that you put in picking each of your furniture makes them very much special. But imagine if such good furniture gets destroyed because of wrong cleaning methods! It would be a sad incident, but it could have been easily prevented. Only if you had known the best ways or tips to clean them perfectly.

The important tips to clean your sofa perfectly well

Sofa is the most commonly used furniture that you install in your living room. So, when the usage is so high, expect a lot of debris, dirt, stains, and a lot of other things on it that can make it look ugly and dull. And we are not even forgetting the infections that can be caused because of keeping your sofa dirty. So, cleaning this regularly is imperative. But do you know the right way to do so?

  • Know your sofa material — The way you treat and clean your sofa is dependent upon its material and make. There are fabrics like velvet, cotton, linen and suede which can be washed easily once in a while to clean them thoroughly. But if your sofa is made up of leather, you dare not bring it in touch with water or too much moisture. It will get destroyed easily because of this step. Also, there are some manufacturers who put tags of XS – means basic cleaning, S meaning dry cleaning, X that says only vacuuming, and O which conveys it is an organic material and needs to be tended with care. If you are treating those sofas according to this instruction provided by the manufacturer, it tends to stay prim and proper longer and even cleaning them becomes easy.
  • Sofa cleaners — There are a lot of sofa cleaners available in the market which help you to reach the deepest corner of this furniture for better cleaning. But remember, the cleaner shouldn’t have sharp edges which might destroy the material and should be sleek that can be pushed into the corners very conveniently.
  • Surface debris — Surface debris is an issue that you have to face daily when cleaning your sofa. It might also be your pet hair and dust mites that get settled on it which leads to infections. But if you are vacuuming the sofa properly without fail each day, it will prevent the debris from getting settled and create nuisance later.
  • The sofa stains — The sofa stains can be a really big headache to bear when they occur. These can be the coffee stains, nail polish or food remnants, mud, wine stains, etc. Remember, treating them on the spot is essential if you don’t want the stains to play hide and seek with you later.
  • Deep cleaning — The deep cleaning of the sofas remains a mandatory step that you have to take once in a month or two. Only then can you be sure that it is free of germs and dust mites. Also, even the stains don’t stay permanently on it because of this step. Carpet Master provides upholstery cleaning in Auckland in a really nice way. Their deep cleaning techniques make your sofa gleam with a natural shine for longer.

Well, this is all we have to say about sofa cleaning. Ensure to follow the instructions correctly if you want your piece of furniture to stay for long and intact. 


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