Myths about childcare that you shouldn’t believe at all!

Childcare Myths

Welcome to parenthood where everything is topsy turvy! And you don’t have enough time even though you’re spending the entire day working. Well, the needs of a child are much more than an adult and that is why you definitely require some help in bringing up the kid nicely. But when you consider the option of childcare, there are a lot of stories that come in front of you. Of course, these are from your fellow parents who have at some point or another opted to send their child to a childcare centre. But practically, you need not believe everyone’s story. Distinguishing between the facts and the myths is very important if you want the right guidance in your life especially in your parenthood journey.

Some myths about childcare that are not to be believed!

Yes, we agree that there are good and bad childcare centres. Some of them are very good and provide the best kind of care and nurturing for your child like Blooming Buds childcare in Auckland. They have the most trained staff who care for your child like you do. And similarly, there might be some who are not so exceptional in their services. But of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to believe all the myths that you hear about them. Read about some of the common myths about childcare centres which are definitely not to be believed.


A childcare centre can be boring for kids — You are absolutely wrong to believe that a childcare centre is extremely boring and there is nothing entertaining for your child. In reality, you will find all sorts of entertaining activities and creative games for the kids which not only keep them busy and happy, but also help in their better mental and physical development.


Childcare weakens the attachment of kids — Okay, so this is an exaggerated myth that if you enrol your child in a childcare, you tend to be emotionally far away from the child. Well, this is actually not the truth. Nothing in the world has the power to weaken the bond between a parent and child. So, how can you believe that just by enrolling your child in a childcare centre for some hours will weaken that bond?


Child is served unhealthy food in a childcare facility — This is absolutely a myth. No childcare serves unhealthy and junk food to the children. Yes, occasional treats are provided by the staff. But these are only to encourage the children and as a reward or just as a break from the regular meals. If you see the daily menu of the childcare, you will only see healthy ingredients and nutritious food being served there to your child.


You’ll see behavioural problems in a child when he/she is enrolled in a childcare — There are many parents who tend to narrate a story to you that when they enrolled their child in a childcare, the kid started showing behavioural problems. This may have various reasons behind it and it may not be the complete truth. Some children take time to adjust in a new environment with new people that is why they tend to show issues in adjusting in a childcare facility. But that doesn’t mean that you can blame the childcare facility entirely for these behavioural problems.


Don’t tell us you have already heard about these myths about childcare centres, and this has impacted your decision of enrolling your child in one. Practically, you shouldn’t believe anything unless you verify it for yourself, and this includes the decision about a childcare facility as well. 

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