Early Learning Kindergarten – Kindergarten Anxiety is Real – Know How to Combat it!


Kindergarten Anxiety Is Real – Know How To Combat It!

Just before preschool starts, your child complains of seeing monsters on the bed! Sometimes, the kid compares the would-be teacher to Cinderella’s wicked mother. And a few times, they seem to run away or stay silent when the topic of attending kindergarten arises. The first thing you, as a parent, should know is that this is entirely normal behavior for a child before they start going to preschool. Since it is something very new to them, they assume all sorts of things about it. Now, whether this is negative or positive depends on how they take it emotionally. But don’t worry! You can combat this stage easily if you know the right tricks to do so.

 Ø  Best steps to beat kindergarten anxiety! 

Kids are drawing at the kindergarten

 Anxiety refers to a condition where you start to assume all the negative things about any circumstances even before it commences. And there is a misconception that only adults face the situation. It can be very typical with kids as well. And most of the children, especially the toddlers, go through this stage when they know they’re going to move away from you. And believe us, you can play a significant role in erasing this feeling from your child if you know the right ways to do so.


  • Firstly, consider enrolling the kid in the best kindergarten –Your child’s anxiety mustn’t turn into a reality. Instead, it would be best to consider all the crucial aspects before enrolling your child in a preschool. The kindergarten should have only reputed teachers and staff who love and care for your child as you do. They should follow a proper schedule that includes all the necessary aspects of education like sports, art, dance, studies, etc. And lastly, they should have a secured area that keeps your child protected in the institution. One such early learning kindergarten is Kids & Co. They guarantee to provide the most secure atmosphere to your child where the kid learns with joy and enjoys the fun activities held regularly.


  • Talk positively about the kindergarten – If you are one of those parents who threaten the child in the name of kindergarten, then most probably your child faces this anxiety. You shouldn’t paint this institution in the shades of grey if you want the kid to enjoy the study time here. Make your child aware that it’s a fun place to be in! 


  •  Provide good examples – Children get motivated to certain aspects if they can relate to the situation better. So, you can show the child how the neighbor’s kid or cousin loves going to kindergarten and the activities ready for the child out there. Once the child gets this motivation from other kids, it becomes easy to erase that anxiety and instigate the kid to anticipate the kindergarten phase with excitement and pleasure.


  •  Make the goodbyes short during the first days –We know your child will be wailing and crying on the first few days of kindergarten. It is because of this anxiety. You must let go of your child. Guide the child to the staff because they know how to tackle such kids. Make the goodbyes shorter but happier. Let the kid understand that you will be going only for a few hours and return with a happy face to take them home. Once your child gets used to this schedule in the first few days, it becomes very smooth later.


Kids facing such mental health issues can be tricky for you as a parent. But with some patience and a calm mind, you can combat all such difficulties. Remember, they will be far away from you for the first time, and it is natural for them to face this fear. It will also take time to erase this fear. But you have to be there for your child to ensure their future is secured and shining bright.




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