Some whimsical tips for a fairy-tale inspired home decor

Fairy-tale Home Decor

Some stories from your childhood leave an indelible mark in your mind, no matter how grown up and mature you are. They become a part of your subconscious mind. We can say the same about the fairy-tales that we used to listen to in our childhood. We all know they didn’t exist and were just stories, but yes, they did inspire all of us during our early days.

And so much has been their impact in our minds that even after two or three decades, when we consider building or decorating our homes, we want it to look just like a fairy-tale house. Are you with us here? Do you live in this fantasy world and love the concept as well? No doubt you are searching for fairy-tale home decor ideas then!

Turn your life into a fairy-tale with the home décor ideas inspired by them

Yes, we know you are curious to know more, but remember, a fairy-tale home decoration seems more apt for a cottage or traditional homes. You can’t achieve a cohesive look in this theme when you apply these tips in your apartment or condos. You can try though. Now read about these décor tips that turn your house into your dreamland.

  • The cheesy exteriors — The exteriors of a fairy-tale house are always too cheesy to be true. But since you love this theme, why not try it? Pick up cute colour themes like pink and white, peach and purple, or simply green and yellow, and colour the house exteriors. Ensure you are even involving the roof in this shade magic. Call Total Paint for roof painting in Auckland if you want. Their job is incredible, and they can completely transfer your entire house with a nice painting job done by experts in the field. Apart from the paint, give your garden special attention. You can have colourful flowers arranged beautifully along with a nice pergola adding to the theme. Even some creepers hanging and a small swing or some seating with a breakfast table seals the outdoor styling perfectly well in a fairy-tale style.


  • Enriching interior décor — Now let’s walk inside the fairy-tale house. Just close your eyes and imagine which colours can you see in your dream home? Adorn the house in those cute shades. These can be pastels or simply neutrals. (Dark shades were always considered wicked in fairy tales, so avoid them.) You can even go for carvings on the ceilings and glossy finishes along with floral décor at some places (wallpaper or wall art may be?). Lovely décor pieces of ancient times or of fairy-tale characters would add magic to the place.


  • Luscious furnishings — We always remember luscious, satin like huge curtains and bed sheets in the fairy-tales we read about. Use similar material to cover your windows. (The more flair here, the better it looks.) Even your sofa sets should be having luxurious attractive covers over it along with lots of soft cushions on them. And don’t forget, you have to place a carpet or a rug to complete the picture perfectly.


  • Lots of wood around — We don’t know how and why, but even the poorest fairy-tale characters had lots of wood in their house. Either it was near the fireplace as a high-back chair or the bedroom furniture, the bedroom accessories, or the kitchen area or loft for that matter – wood was the hero of the décor. You definitely can’t leave it behind when designing a fairy-tale home.


With softly glowing lights and a traditional but lavish bath and a large kitchen area, you can enjoy the fairy-tale feel in your own house. So much for being matured and living a happily ever after practical life in the modern 21st century period! But what can be better than living in your own wonderland?!


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