The 5 surf essentials for a beginner

Surf Beginner Essentials

All it takes is a first try to get hooked on any hobby! And when it’s a sport like surfing, it’s easy to get attracted to this sport because of the finest feel you get while gliding on the waves and battling them! So, what if you are a beginner now? You will soon be amongst the best surfers in the country and all you need is a lot of practise and proper accessories for surfing.

The important items you’ll need to surf better

Since you’re a beginner in surfing, we would recommend you to learn this sport from a good trainer. Next, you’ll be required to get all the essentials from a good surf shop online in the  UK like Board Barn. They have all the accessories required for surfing at reasonable charges and the best quality. Once you check their website, get all the items listed below to start surfing with a bang:


  •  A soft-top surfboard — The very first essential of surfing is a surfboard. Now you have three options when choosing an ideal surfboard for you as a beginner. You can either go for the hard top surfboard, which can be a bit tricky for you and absolutely not recommended during the starting stages of surfing. You won’t be able to balance it and might fall off because of this hard surface. Then you have the second-hand surfboards, which are actually quite good to make your surfing experience easier and more economic. But the perfect one for a beginner is a soft-top board of around 8 inches, which makes surfing very comfortable and easier. You can even balance such surfboards very well and learn easily on the softer surface.


  • Wetsuit or rash guard —A wetsuit or rash guard is another important item that you should definitely have when you start to learn surfing. Rashes and scratches are quite common while you are learning to balance yourself on a surfboard. Even when you are going to practice sports during the day, the harsh rays of sun may tan your body. In both the cases, the wetsuit or rash guard will prove the greatest barrier you require.


  • A big towel — Getting wet and falling in the sea during surfing is actually very normal. Drying yourself again is important if you don’t want to catch a cold. So, carry a big towel for frequently drying yourself after a vigorous surfing session.


  • Sunscreen — Yes, you are new to surfing, but you definitely know that applying sunscreen is important when you head to the beach or are in the sea. So, don’t forget to carry it and apply it generously so that you are safe from the sun.


  • A leash — We don’t know if anyone told you about this, but since you are new to surfing, you will need a leash to keep yourself safe during this activity. But remember, the leash shouldn’t be too wide that keeps you tripping while you are on the board. Rather get the one that suits or matches the size of your surfboard perfectly.


  • Ear-plugs – Ear-plugs are important especially for new surfers as they help to protect the surfers from a condition called exostosis.  This is caused when the area around the bone surrounding your ears thickens and causes lots of pain. The main cause of this inconvenience is the extreme pressure of wind and cold air and water that attacks your ears and affects this area. The ear-plugs safeguard your ears from this severe damage — and as a new surfer, you don’t face this danger at all.


  • The surf watches – The surf watches help you count the wave height, period, speed, direction, and even tide timings. As a new surfer, you will find all the information very useful to count your surfing speed and the average performance of your surfing activity.


We know you are super excited to learn surfing and become an expert in it. But remember, proper equipment and your safety is also important in this activity. Get all these if you want to become a pro in surfing within no time. 


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