Tips for getting the most out of any home inspection


Now, that you have finalized a buyer for your residence, and that the purchase agreement is almost signed, it is almost a done deal. And that’s why it makes sense to check out the rest of the article. Moreover, the tips contained here should come in handy, when you are planning to put any of your properties on the market and not just the one you are staying in at the moment. And keep in mind that you may want to implement these tips before even considering putting any of your properties on the market.


  • Do the prep work: When it comes to home inspection in Bettendorf, you’ll probably find that buyers generally tend to make the sales agreement, contingent on the results of an independent home inspection. And that is why it makes perfect sense, as a homeowner, to do some preparatory work. You can carry out the prep work on your own but make sure that you check out your whole property. And keep an eye out for cracks, blemishes on the wall, and other red flags. And remember that you need to rectify these issues, before the inspection.


  • Do a walkabout: When it comes to home inspection, the inspector is bound to check both the interior and exterior of your home and is bound to scope out the whole property. More than that, he is bound to pay attention to the plumbing, water pipes which is why you need to do the same before the inspection takes place. 


  • Vet your roof: You can bet that the home inspector is going to pay attention to your attic as well as the rest of your roof. And that’s enough for you to check your roof in close detail, to clean up the gutters, the rafters, and any residual leaks, broken shingles, etc. Make sure that you thoroughly vet your roof for any signs of damage or problems. Remember that cracked or torn shingles are often the indication of poor structural support and can even be an indication that your roof is falling to pieces.


  • Keep your house clean: Even though the inspector does not look for signs if your residence is clean or whether you maintain a messy house. or messy. But you mustn’t allow items to build up and only purchase and store what you need, not more than the bare essentials. This should enable you to maintain a clean residence and one that is bound to impress any home inspector.


  • Replace bulbs whose fuses are blown: If you are expecting a home inspector to pay a call soon, then you need to make sure that all the electrical bulbs are in fine working condition. Double-check all of them and make sure that they are all working – bulbs that don’t work often indicate faulty wiring or worse, to the inspector. So make sure that you run spot checks on all your rooms including the attic.


  • Fix a running toilet: If you have the problem of running toilets where the toilet runs for a very long time, then you need to get it fixed right away. Just know that if you ignore the problem, it will end up becoming far worse. And faulty plumbing is akin to waving a red flag in front of the home inspector. 


  • Make sure that the fireplace works: You need to clean the chimney and ensure that your fireplace works fine, without any issue. You need to ascertain and make sure that the chimney works has no blockage, and that the pilot light for the fireplace works just fine. And you need to make sure of all this, well before the inspector comes visiting.


These are the essential tips that you need to act on, to make your home ready for inspection.

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