Pros and Cons of Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a software security measure. As the term suggests, it is a process of testing a system’s security via penetration. The tester acts as a hacker while attempting to break into the system to detect vulnerabilities and provide sufficient solutions to bolster security. Security threats are continuing to grow, putting valuable data and organizational systems at risk. While the current situation is a testament to why you should avail the services of a penetration testing company, organizations should be aware of the downsides to it as well.



  • Provides Hacker’s View

What’s the motive? Where to attack? How? Why? When? Penetration testing helps extract important insights by putting testers in the shoes of the breacher. The process provides clarity regarding these questions and helps detect vulnerabilities better.

  • Organization-specific approach

Although modern vulnerability scanners can detect countless vulnerabilities, these generic solutions often miss potential issues that are business-specific.

  • Identifies High-Risk Vulnerabilities

Automated vulnerability scanners detect tons of low-risk vulnerability scanners which appear to be insignificant but can pose a serious threat to a business if exploited. This is because these scanners lack the intelligence, skills, and experience which penetration testing companies will have. 

  • Provides Specific Advice

Unlike automated tools, the tester will provide specific suggestions in the report to remedy particular weaknesses.




  • Heavily Dependent on the Tester

Pen testing is only as good as the tester. As explained, one of the main strengths of penetration testing is the extent of human involvement. However, it can also possibly be one of its main flaws. An inexperienced tester may not be able to identify rare vulnerabilities or determine a significant risk by aligning several smaller threats.

  • Organizations’ Hesitation to Test Complete IT Environment

Organizations are often hesitant to test the entire testing environment due to the impacts it may have on their day-to-day operations, making room for some vulnerabilities to stay undetected.

  • Trusting the Tester

You’re paying someone to hack into your system and have access to anything. Doesn’t it sound dangerous? Hiring a well-reputed penetration testing company can significantly minimize the risk. However, you would’ve still have to trust a third party with your valuable data.


So, these are some of the pros and cons of penetration testing. Although there are some cons to it, there is no denying its significance in today’s world.


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