8 Home Decor Ideas for Small Spaces

“Live in the leading – the spaces in-between rules.” – Stefan Munaw

Designing small spaces can be a challenge. Sometimes it nearly feels impossible – especially when you are pushing your way through the clutter in the small-sized closet or stuffed toiletries inside a ‘spilling over’ medicine cupboard.  We all try decorating our small spaces at home. But it should not be frustrating, while not holding you back from creating the much-desired home of your dreams. Add on with a splash of creativity and a ‘can-do’ approach. The success recipe will be present in front of you.

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Your whole living domain may be small-sized, and you are trying your luck in transforming the same into a big one. A vast assortment of ideas is ever existing in designing for small spaces. If you are an owner of a small-sized house or room, do remember the aids that these small spaces offer. They stand to be less extravagant and more actual. As they require less light and cleaning, a small area can do wonders. Thus, they are more desireable nowadays. From wiser storage solutions to simple room-dividers, read on the tips below for experiencing a practical, easy to be implemented, and effective eight home décor creative ideas. They will help your home looking clutter-less and much more prominent in size, in just some time!

Crafty Storing shelves

Turn your small kitchen into two different rooms, with a wall divider. They are locally known as screens. Though regular kitchen cupboards act as an excellent storage place, the open and organized storage shelves are much appealing and attention-grabbing. The wall dividers separate the kitchen from the dining area but then transforms the kitchen into two separate rooms. Moreover, the ceiling-to-floor shelves are an ideal place for storing and displaying the most-wanted things and beautiful and fragile glassware.

Clever Bathroom Storage

Narrow designed wall cabinets or shelves are an excellent way to keep your bathroom basics yet in a stylish way. Purchase attractive-looking canisters for holding the cotton swabs and your daily-use body cream. Keep a vanity to store your unpleasant looking toilet items! Small-sized wicker baskets can hold many knick-knacks. Place them on the bathroom shelves as extra and secret storage.

Multi-Use Space for Home Office

There are times when you cannot avoid a multi-use space. Try clubbing your home office section with the guest bedroom. To make good usage of the same, use the adjoining walls to your benefit. A simple desk unit or study unit along with a few shelves can be designed and appropriately placed. Connect a single bed to the study table. It will act as a boon in disguise when you have sudden guests at home! During day-time store away the bed for a more creative and spacious work area. Try not to let any extra space go unexploited. The nook in-between the small closets transform into a simplified and efficient work area too. Added shelves over the study table make room for displaying and storing books. As the table is wall-mounted, it takes very little space, while leaving an open alley in your bedroom for movements.

Shelving unit below the Staircase

Any corner or edge of your house enhances with the aid of an additional storing solution. A shelving unit added directly below the staircase can do wonders. Take full advantage of the awkward-looking extra space! Situated just beside the cooking area, try transforming the place into a mini bar, storing the bar-related essentials and various other accessories. If not so, turn this place into a mini-library by displaying your book collection.

Creative usage of extra space

Innovative usage of the extra space in-between the two-floor levels is a good and unique idea. You can store all the toys, books or other display items over here. Plan to divide the space into six shelves to cater to the optical storage. Small or medium-sized canvas bins act appropriately to keep toys out of sight.

Add-on a Full-body mirror

Add a full-body mirror, which will help in expanding the space visually. It is stated as one of the best, as well as most natural tricks in the designing world! The huge or full-body mirror add-on to dimension to the whole area. Your small sized bedroom will get the ‘larger than life’ effect, owing to the same. When not required, pull the curtains to hide the mirror. It will give a warmer and hemmed-in effect.

Floor – to – ceiling window treatments with sheer curtain divider

Floor – to – ceiling window treatments help in making the living area look spacious. Apart from the small floor area, the living area featuring extra-heightened ceilings automatically draws in attention towards the walls. It reverberates with a much more substantial feeling. Sheer curtains are excellent options for dividing two spaces. Floor lamps fixed at the edges illuminate them further. Incorporate a flat extension cord to make the lights movable and easily manageable, for long-lasting use. A beautiful, designed, silk fabric sheer curtain adds to the dramatic portion. It will thus visually detach the dining area from the living one.

Go for lighter shaded walls

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Try and avoid using dark shaded hues. Lighter varieties will help in making your space look more prominent in size. For instance, paint one side of the wall with a tan – grey tone, leaving the other three in a lighter shade. Illuminate this focal wall with sonneman lighting to add punch to the whole effect! Crisp everyday white furniture and built-in units will successfully transform your small living area into a spacious one.

Live life king size

Designing a small space is a real task for any flat occupant. But then, they are a blessing in disguise for them too. Just that your living zone is small in size, it does not mean that it has to be restricted and tight. Try to make the most of any space, irrespective of them being small. You will be the owner of a place worth relaxing and comfort.  From small-sized living spaces and eating areas to insignificant bedrooms and passages, or children’s room, these smart and stylish eight home décor ideas will help in their realistic transformation. Live life king size, as décor ideas will make your small house look big!

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