Some car modifications that may ruin your dream vehicle!

Some car modifications that may ruin your dream vehicle!

It is alright to dream about an ideal vehicle! But keeping on changing your vehicle’s parts constantly to make it turn into that perfect one often leaves you in a great fix! Not all vehicles are alike and you may be having one version of the automobile that isn’t bound to be that sports car you desire or the classy vehicle that you are looking for. And trying hard or using the hacks to make it change wouldn’t do any good. On the contrary, your car would be ruined badly, and you will have to bear more expenses to keep it up and about.


 Ø  When car modifications become a big flop!


In the vehicle world, no deed goes unrewarded. Not even a badly done modification! And if you are experimenting with your car, be ready to see it collapsing early or giving you huge mechanic bills in return! We suggest – don’t try the below-listed steps in your car beyond a certain limit. Because overdoing anything does have a serious drawback!


a      Tuning an engine when it’s not compatible for the same — We understand that you are looking for high speed and better performance. And dyno tuning in Melbourne from QuickBitz is the best way to achieve the same. They are very experienced professionals in this field and can actually make your engine run double faster with a proper tuning session. But to have the same, even your car and the engine should be in good condition and compatible enough! Dreaming of crossing the high speed in a worn-out old car or deteriorated engine isn’t going to work wonders for you here.


b   Overdoing the modifications — Changing of car upholstery and repainting is actually a very nice way to modify it. But no one would appreciate it if you turn your good-looking sophisticated car into a funky poster out of a comedy video and drive it on the roads! Of course, this modification is going to backfire.


c     Sacrificing performance for style — Well, a car performing well is far better than a one that just looks cool. But if you are thinking vice versa and trying styling or upgrading tips like changing the rear seats, interior panels, etc., then you are actually destroying a well-performing car. This is obviously going to give you long headaches later when you are on the roads in it.


d   Going for cheap parts — Modifying your car is a fabulous step in some ways. But only if you are using good quality parts and services. Opting for low-quality parts and accessories just because they cost you less isn’t going to modify your car — it’s going to shorten its life and even endanger your life.


 They say change is beautiful and we totally agree! But when it’s related to a serious thing like a car, it’s better that you know the limits, limitations, and results of it before you take the decision of modifying your vehicle. And when you do so, carry out the task wisely for the best results.

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