How To Look Like A Model Without Breaking The Bank

How To Look Like A Model Without Breaking The Bank

Looking like a model does not have to be expensive, it is just time-consuming. There are a lot of things you have to look after if you want to achieve that “fashion model look”. 

Here’s the list of the things you should pay attention to:

1. Healthy diet

Models used to be too skinny and some of them really looked unhealthy. However, since the problem of anorexia was addressed publicly, being too skinny is just not cool anymore. It is much more important to be and look healthy.

Models carefully choose what they eat and rarely visit fast food restaurants. They stay away from sugar, alcohol and they drink a lot of water every day. Staying hydrated positively affects your fitness and your skin. 

If you want to look like a model and stay fit, your diet is the most important. Eating healthy food does not have to be expensive – plan your meals weekly, so you don’t buy too much food. Visit the local market and choose fresh fruit and vegetables. 

2. Makeup

One thing models all have in common is that they always have carefully groomed eyebrows. Eyebrow makeup has been very important recently, since all started to desire Cara Delevingne bold bushy eyebrows. 

Models became huge fans of permanent makeup treatments for eyebrows. Microblading treatment, the most popular one, is similar to brow tattoo, but it gives your brows a natural look. This procedure is so sophisticated with hair strokes so genuine that no one can tell if the eyebrows are real or microbladed. Being fans of natural looks, models are crazy about this procedure. The average microblading cost is $400, but it is an investment that really pays off. Eyebrows are the most prominent feature of a person’s face and they need to look expensive. 

You may also notice that models wear very little makeup when they are photographed somewhere in the street, running errands, shopping or just having lunch in a diner. They seem like they are not wearing makeup at all, but that’s the trick. They surely put minimal amounts, just to emphasize their best features and hide those they are not satisfied with.

3. Clean and healthy hair and nails

How To Look Like A Model Without Breaking The Bank

Models put a lot of effort into keeping their hair shiny and healthy. You don’t have to go to a hairdresser for expensive treatments every month. There are a lot of affordable hair products that will keep your hair in good condition.

Besides that, DIY hair masks are very effective. Hairdressers say that olive oil is the best natural product for hair recovery. Apply it on your hair a couple of hours before you wash it and it will be silky and soft. 

Models have their nails always carefully manicured and neat. Getting a good manicure doesn’t have to be expensive – you can easily get one at home. The most important thing is to keep your nails always tidy. 

4. Clothes

You don’t have to follow the latest trends and spend a lot of money on branded clothes to look like a model. Models usually wear timeless pieces of clothes when they are off the runway. Plain jeans that fit you well combined with a cute shirt are sometimes enough. It is much more important to find your style. 

If you like wearing designers clothes, but can’t afford, second/hand shops are a good option. You can find valuable pieces of clothes for a good price. Those items are never out of style and are great refreshment for your outfits. 

Bear in mind that you mustn’t be cheap when it comes to shoes and bags. You can wear cheap shirts or pants, but if the boots and the bag need to be good quality. 

5. Confidence 

It is not only good looks that makes models so attractive. It is the way they feel about themselves. Their confidence might come from their good looks, but that’s not always the case..

Work on improving yourself until you are satisfied. If you don’t like something about yourself, think about how you can change it. The more satisfied you are, the more confident you will be at anything you do. Confidence is the most attractive quality, and without that, everything else does not count. You need to wear your new look with confidence, otherwise you will just feel self-conscious and like a fish out of the water.  

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