Reasons to Choose Kotlin for Your Android App Development


Java is the most generally used language for Android development, however, that doesn’t mean it is the most ideal choice all the time. Java is old, verbose, full of errors, and has been pretty slow to modernize. Kotlin is on the other hand an excellent alternative.

Assuming that you have presumably been using Java for quite a long time, you must be quite knowledgeable about it. You know the language pretty well and have achieved a few undocumented things that mainly a good and experienced developer can accomplish.

Also, if anyone suggests you switch to a different new language for your betterment, you’re probably going to be distrustful, which is very obvious. Yet, you have probably known by now how java works and can create errors.

Introduction to Kotlin :

Kotlin is a cross-platform and widely used programming language. It brings all the advantages of a contemporary language into the Android platform without showing any new limitations. These days, android application developers are using Kotlin expecting less viable, compact, and error-free features. It provides better security than the Java language. The IDE(Integrated Development Environment) plugin permits developers to put in a lot of features than Java. It also helps the application to figure quicker and smoother.

Kotlin has come up with a lot of benefits for Android app development. Due to this reason,

companies are going for Kotlin rapidly. But since it is a new language, it can be quite difficult for businesses to find the best development partners. If you need more convincing, check out android mobile app development company USA.

Moreover, here in this article, we have mentioned the top reasons why Kotlin is the best choice for Android app development over any other Language. Let us have a look at the important advantages as below.

Why You Should Choose Kotlin for Your Android App Development :

  • Simple Set-Up Process :

Since the introduction of Android Studio 3.0, the update currently offers an implicit feature to help Kotlin application development. For that, the software developer doesn’t have to use any plug-in to add in the Kotlin programming support.

  • Open Source Language:

Kotlin is an open-source language that easily diminishes the extra time spent converting over existing Java code. Being an open-source language, Kotlin upholds core developments.

  • Totally Interoperable with Java :

Interoperability is probably the greatest strength of Kotlin. It’s 100% interoperable with Java. The most important characteristic of this component is that it helps developers to utilize Java and Kotlin code one next to the other in the same task, which in fact doesn’t create any disturbance for the other variables.

This further implies that if you are interested in coordinating Kotlin in your current or next project, all you need to do is to simply add its tools and frameworks without making any


If you have old Java projects, there is nothing to worry about. All you need to do is just utilize the Java to Kotlin Conversion Plugin, and all code will be converted to Kotlin code. This will also help you to reduce your file size and code complexity.

  • A business language :

Kotlin has also been introduced back in 2011 to solve viable and genuine issues of the world for the present developers and programmers. That is why android mobile app development company USA effectively uses Kotlin for developing android apps.

This is how Kotlin became a business, also a business language. It is formed and planned in view of the business.

  • No adoption cost required :

To learn the language you might need to pay for, apart from that, there is no expense to get started with the Kotlin language.

The reason is very simple. Since Kotlin is an open-source language. It is totally free and accessible for everybody to utilize.

Assuming that you have old Java projects, you can simply utilize the Java to Kotlin Conversion Plugin, and all Java code will be changed over to Kotlin code. Thus, your file size and code length will likewise be decreased. It is that simple, you don’t have to stress over it.

  • Improves Performance :

Byte code structure plays a major role in helping Kotlin applications to run quicker. Inline

functions which are present in Kotlin, help to speed up lambda functions. It even runs quicker than a similar code written in Java.

Kotlin gives a bunch of handy features than Java, that assist everyday development tasks. Kotlin is formed of different elements like parameter values, object assertions, expansion functions, and some more. This helps Kotlin to speed up the development time, alongside keeping up with the code base efficiently.

  • Reduces Boilerplate Code :

One of the best features that Kotlin provides for Android app development is it reduces Boilerplate code. The developer will not need to compose extensive and monotonous code while programming with Kotlin. There are a few methods that diminish the length of the general code, which speed up implementation steps.

  • Easy to Learn :

It also can be said, Kotlin is a better and improved version of Java which offers a lot of improvements for the Android app developers. Developers say that Kotlin is actually much easier to learn and execute compared to Java.

  • Reliable :

Since JetBrains created Kotlin for use for their programming requirements, it makes the parent company to develop it further.

JetBrains is known to invest to make it fruitful while additionally offering the vital alterations to make it better.

  • More Secure Than Java :

When it is about safety, Kotlin is a lot more secure than Java. Kotlin helps to avoid programming errors which are usual, such as design. It allows less framework failures and application crashes.

At the point when designers write any code in Java, they’re probably going to create errors. In any case, when it includes Kotlin, it pushes developers to write down strong code.

  • Optional Semicolons :

Another important feature of Kotlin is optional semicolons as line terminators. No limitations, assuming you like to use them you can, if you don’t want, you can decide not to use them. Kotlin code will work with both.

  • Great Support :

Functional programming permits developers to do the job effectively and reliably. Although,

Java 8 has a functional programming feature, which Kotlin thinks of with great support for functional programming.

In this case, it won’t be tough, you won’t be alone in the market. You will find a lot of

resources, discussions, test projects, and so forth. Also, with the help of inlining, Kotlin further develops its job which is sadly not possible in Java.

In conclusion

Schematic view of automation of online development process

The demand for switching to Kotlin for android development is rapidly increasing. All above mentioned points are the reasons that it is simple for the companies to consistently convert to Kotlin for Android Application development.

Every language has its advantages and disadvantages, and this article does not point out that there is something wrong with Java. It is just old now. So it’s better for you to move out with the old and in with the new.

So, this is the opportunity for Java developers to stroll alongside the innovation and start

exploring Kotlin and embracing new open doors in Android mobile application development.

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