Points to Consider When Selecting Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

Kids need healthy snacks daily. This is to ensure that their growth cycle is normal. In general, snack selection is wrongly made by most parents. Selecting something that can only stuff your kid’s tummy is not always right.

The selection of healthy snacks can be very crucial for your kids. This will ensure that your kids get all types of nutrition during the day. For growing kids a well balanced nutritional diet is important.

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How can snacks be helpful for teens and kids?

In between-meal snacks, play is a major role in the development of your child. These types of snacks can offer your teen with the desired level of energy. This will also result in engaging him with all activities at the school. 

A healthy snack diet will also maintain the right level of alertness and presence of mind at the school. The right type of snacks will ensure that your teen gets the desired fuel to stay active for the entire day.

What do experts suggest?

As per experts, it is important that the right type of snack diet has to be selected for your teen. For the meals, it is advisable for parents to try and split it into three meal category. At least two short snack meals should be included in between for teens.

If your teen kid is not very much active with sports activities, then snack meals can be reduced to one snack per day.

What should parents be suggested?

Health experts always suggest that teens should be provided with convenience to make their selection of healthy snacks on their own. Parents should only ascertain that proper rules should be followed when teens are selecting their healthy snacks.

What to include in healthy snacks?

The moment parents are selecting a healthy snack diet; they should try and include everything that can be combined in lunch, dinner, and breakfast. All types of food snacks have to be combined including fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and much more.

This will ensure that the teen kids are getting access to a well-balanced snack diet. This is also a better option for teens who are very much selective in making their choice.

  • Include snacks that are a rich source of vegetables and carbohydrates, along with good fats and proteins.
  • Important fruits should be included like apple and banana. Parents can also include healthy fat and protein present in the nut butter
  • For snacks, try and make a selection of whole grain and wheat diet for proteins and good fats.
  • Fruit juice and yogurt can also be included in the healthy snack diet in the form of smoothies and fruit juice.

Small portions of healthy cookies and pre-packed snacks can also be included in the chart for the teens.

Being selective about the portion size

Parents have to keep in mind that the selection of healthy snacks may not be sufficient as a selection of the right size of the potion is also important. It is important that snacks should be insufficient amounts that can fill your kid’s tummy in between meals.

It is important for parents to maintain the right portion size for each snack. Making a selection of pre-packed snack bags may be the right option for parents. This is one of the best ways your teens get to enjoy a whole meal snack at one time.

What to include in a healthy snack bag?

The moment parents are preparing healthy snacks bags for the teens; it is important to try and include most of the essential food items. 

Fruits – for kids who are pre-teen age, parents can try and include one or two pieces of cooked or frozen fruits in the snack bag. If your kid is much older, then fresh fruit and canned food can be included.

Veggies – Parents should include a lot of veggies for kids of all age groups. A healthy snack is incomplete without a vegetable diet. Salads and other green vegetables are a must for teens during the growth stage.

If possible parents can try and include some portion of meat products and poultry products in the regular snack diet of the teens, this will offer them with required energy level for daily needs.

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