Passing a 12-Panel Drug Test in 12 Hours – is it Possible?

The test panel is made with the purpose to detect a drug substance, present in the urine

If you are an occasional drinker, passing your 12-panel drug test in 12 hours might not be a difficult task. The drug metabolites might not stay in your system for long, so you can easily pass your 12-panel drug test unless you are a heavy drinker. To be precise, it depends on the drug, the type of test, your frequency, and the amount of intake. Other factors include your age, weight, sex, and your metabolizing tendency.

This post will help you walk through a 12-panel drug test, the detection window, and how to pass your 12-panel test. 

What is a 12-panel drug test?

A 12-panel drug test looks for 12 illicit drugs in your system. A typical 12-panel urine drug test will look for amphetamines, benzos, cannabis, cocaine, barbiturates, opioids, phencyclidine, methadone, methaqualone, and propoxyphene, along with other opiates and stimulants. 

It is not a standard drug test like the 5-panel drug test, and hence it is not recommended by many organizations. Applicants or employees might be asked to submit their 12-panel drug test working on safety-sensitive positions. 

How does a 12-panel drug test work?

The test panel on different kinds of drugs

A Medical Review Officer (MRO) will administer the 12-panel drug test along with the assistance of the standing physician, who helps to verify the results of the drug test.

If you take any prescription medications on the doctor’s advice, you should indicate it to the MRO. That will help the MRO justify or ascertain the drug test findings on the legitimate use of opiates or benzodiazepines for the pre-employment or random drug screenings. 

The 12-panel drug test might probably involve urine samples for testing and adulterating the sample might lead to its dilution. It becomes even more difficult if it is a supervised drug test. You need not panic. Passing a 12-panel drug test within 12 hours is possible if you know about the detection window of the drugs and some detoxification methods.

Detection window of 12-panel drug test drugs

We cannot precisely predict the exact detection window of the 12-panel drugs. Drug retention varies based on various factors like age, gender, metabolism, etc. Below is the detection window for an average person who is not dependent or addicted to any of the drugs.

Cocaine – 2 – 3 Days

Methadone – 2 – 7 Days

Methaqualone – 10 – 15 Days

Opioids – 1 – 3 Days

Phencyclidine – 8 Days

Propoxyphene – 2 Days

Amphetamines – 2 Days

Barbiturates – 2 – 15 Days

Benzodiazepines – 2 – 10 Days

Cannabis – 1 Week – 30 Days

How to pass your 12-panel drug test?

If you are a mild or occasional drinker, you can pass your drug test effortlessly. But if you are regular or dependent or addicted to the 12-panel drugs, it may take some effort to deduce the drug traces out of your body. 

You cannot ensure the complete elimination of drug traces, but you may ward off the traces below the cut-off levels using detoxification. 

Drink enormous amounts of water 4 hours before the test. This will help you frequently urinate that can reduce the drug traces as possible. Make sure that you do not dilute your urine during the process. If the urine gets diluted, you might use vitamin B complex for coloration, but it does not add necessary urine nutrients like urea and creatinine, making it invalid for the drug test. 

You can take Gatorade and Jello fruit pectin during the detoxification process for better results. These detoxification methods might not work if you are addicted to any of the 12-panel drugs. It is best to see a doctor to recommend the best detoxification programs that can help you get out of addiction. 

Final words

It is effortless to clear your 12-panel drug test within 12 hours if you keep yourself away from illicit drugs. If you are taking anxiety medications, it is best to notify your tester or employer about it so that he can validate the results accordingly. Make sure that you join the best detoxification program if you feel you are addicted.

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