Blockchain Career Opportunities in 2021


When it comes to blockchain technology, there are exceptional opportunities for career advancement. From freelancers to content creators; many career paths are available for people who seek personal growth and professional development. Careers in blockchain range from educating consumers on how to use the technology to designing business applications that use this innovative approach. 

Blockchain is sparking the growth of a whole new profession. But regardless of your career path, there are many aspects to the emerging field – from programming to data analytics to marketing – that are worth knowing about.

This post will explore what career opportunities are available today and where we aim in the future.

Blockchain Overview

The blockchain is a public, digital and decentralized ledger. It records and permanently stores data that are easily verifiable and used as long as it’s available online. When combined with cryptography, the blockchain allows parties to securely share information without the need for central record-keepers. We use blockchains in applications, such as bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and distributed ledgers, such as Ethereum.

The technology behind blockchains could change many responsibilities within the workplace. Advantages of the technology include increased efficiency and transparency. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt business and transform the workforce.

“Private blockchains” use permission networks – networks that require authorization to join them. This lets companies control who accesses their networks – anyone who’s not authorized won’t be able to access them. In addition, private blockchains are slower and not efficient in processing as many transactions as public ones.

A blockchain is shematicly displayed

What Are Some of the Career Opportunities in Blockchain?

Since blockchain is a relatively new technology, only professionals with experience are in demand. In addition, blockchain is an emerging tech, so there aren’t many career opportunities available in the industry. However, the demand for job seekers with blockchain expertise will grow in the near future.

The most notable career opportunities in the industry are: 

  • Blockchain developers who develop software solutions for businesses that use blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain analysts who research the technology and write about it.
  • Blockchain attorneys. They help companies take advantage of blockchain while staying in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Marketing experts who use their expertise to promote blockchain to the public.

Blockchain is also in high demand with recruiters in the tech industry. According to reports, hiring for blockchain jobs has recently grown 33-fold. Jobs include software engineer, senior software engineer, junior software engineer, and more.

What Kinds of Companies Are Looking for Blockchain Professionals?

As with any new technology, the companies that are engaging in blockchain are finding their way. Some are already seeing success, but they’re also struggling to find employees who understand the technology. Many factors affect the success of a company’s projects. One of the most important is whether their employees understand blockchain technology. Without qualified individuals, it becomes difficult to stay on track with developing new solutions for problems within your business. That’s why many blockchain companies are looking for professionals. Such experts should be ready to learn, utilize, and teach the mechanics of blockchain technology.

There is a high demand for candidates in market research, consulting, and software development. Blockchain technology will most likely find its way into a variety of industries. Therefore, a variety of industries need a market research professional to gauge their interest in this emerging technology. They also need an employee with business insight to identify business opportunities that are accessible through blockchain.

A blockchain developer is capable of building software that business owners will likely need. They can help businesses develop strong security measures to protect their information. There is a need for blockchain developers in programs. Businesses are increasingly seeking out programs so they can learn how to best utilize this new technology.

Lastly, many companies are hiring blockchain marketing experts. Marketing this new technology is vital for its success. To maintain a strong reputation for credibility, employees from marketing departments need to understand blockchain.


Blockchain technology has changed the way that industries operate. It creates trust between two parties. This technology is not just for one industry but for many all around the world. It’s easy to see why there are so many career opportunities in blockchain technology. Companies are opening up new positions every day, and there is certainly a high demand for qualified professionals.

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